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   Chapter 42 Forget About Me

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When York arrived in America, he had been calling Leona all the time. But ever since Leona answered his phone last time, she hung it up before he could finish speaking. Her phone had been turned off ever since.

York wanted to come back to the United States, but he couldn't get rid of the bodyguards around him. Besides, York had changed his phone number ever since he came to America. He was afraid that even if Leona wanted to call him, she couldn't find him.

Left with no choice, York called his best friend, Samuel, and asked him to help find Leona and give Leona York's his phone number.

Samuel agreed at the request of his friend. Samuel and Leona were in the same school, so it was not difficult to find her.

However, when Samuel found Leona and told her the phone number of York who was in America, Leona was not very happy and even smiled reluctantly.

Although Samuel was confused, it was not good to ask too much. He just looked at Leona and said: "York really miss you in America. Last night, he called me and asked me to find you and tell you his phone number. Would you call him?"

Samuel was even a little uncertain about the answer, although he didn't know much about Leona. But according to his experience in dealing with women, he felt that Leona seemed to be in a dilemma.

Although Samuel did not think highly of Leona and York's relationship from the bottom of his heart. After all, as the children of a wealthy family, they may look gorgeous but deep inside there was a lot of loneliness.

No matter how much fun they used to play when they were young, the woman who eventually stepped on the red carpet with them was not the one they liked. Therefore, Samuel did his best to be a playboy before marriage.

As far as they were concerned, if they really wanted to take control of their marriage, they had to be in charge of their family. That would be too difficult. Their marriage was made up even before that d

-known in the business circle of C City. Everyone knew that Greg could eat people to death?

In the past few years, Greg had developed the Wei Group, which was only a small company in the United States. Then he had expanded it a lot to the Wei International Trade Company. In the United States, Greg had swallowed up more than a dozen small companies, which was why he had gained the current company.

In the past few years, there were lots of companies swallowed up by Greg. Those companies targeted by him would go bankrupt in a few months and become part of his properties in the end.

Although Leona learned all these news from the newspaper, she believed that there must be a reason behind it.

When that time came, not to mention York, even the entire Zhao Company would be ruined because of her, and then she would really become a sinner. She couldn't do that, and she couldn't ruin York's life.

Even if York didn't hate her, what about the Zhao family? Besides, she couldn't convince herself to forgive herself. After all, she didn't deserve York's love at all.

"I'm sorry. I'm just an ordinary girl. York has a better choice than me. Please tell him that nothing had happened between us. Just stay there and study hard and forget about me!" Said Leona indifferently to Samuel.

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