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   Chapter 41 A Tool On Call

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"That, that's my phone. Why did you break it?" Looking at her broken phone, Leona shouted angrily. It was her salary for half a month! Why did he break it?

"Why? I'm your man, and you shameless woman dared to cheat on me and seduce another man. Haven't you forgotten that York yet? Or did you hook up with some other man? I didn't expect you to enjoy it so much. Do you want to be embraced by another man when you leave my place? It seems that I still don't work hard enough. Let's continue... " As Greg spoke, he pounced on her again.

When Greg was full again, it was more than an hour later. Leona fainted again.

When Greg came out of the bathroom again, Leona was still asleep with tears on her face and a deep frown on her face.

On the other hand, Greg didn't leave at once. He called Wayne and Wayne walked in with two boxes. Then, Wayne put the boxes on the table and sneaked out again.

Leona still didn't wake up at the moment. Sitting in his room, Greg dragged her out of the quilt and said coldly, "get up! Don't play dead! Leona, get up!"

In a daze, Leona felt being pulled up by a man and her quit slipped down. When she saw Greg's face, she recalled what she had experienced.

In an instant, Leona retreated to the bed quickly, grabbed a quilt and covered herself with it, looking warily at her, "what else do you want to do?"

Curling his lips scornfully, Greg threw a small drug bottle in front of Leona and said, "where else haven't I see? Don't you think it's hypocritical of you to cover it up now? It's not a big deal to deceive a fool like York. It won't work on me!"

Hearing what Greg said, Leona's face turned red. She felt both shy and angry. What

nd the phone into the trash can. Since she couldn't be together with York anymore, she decided to cut off all contact with him. York is so sunny that he deserves a girl who is 100 times better than her to love. And she doesn't have the qualification, maybe she should never be so naive.

But Leona picked up her T-shirt and jeans after she washed herself in the bathroom, and she didn't even take a look at the expensive clothes that was sent from Greg, let alone wear them.

Last time, Leona had no choice but to wear the clothes given by him. If she had other clothes, she would never wear the clothes given by him, which would make her feel that she was no different from those women who sold themselves for money. And that was the last thing she could bear.

After cleaning himself up, Leona walked out of the Emgrand Hotel. In the face of the dazzling sunlight outside, Leona took a deep breath of fresh air, telling herself that she couldn't exhaust herself. She wouldn't be like this forever.

As long as she could save enough money and leave the city that she hated most, she would be able to start a new life.

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