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   Chapter 40 The Phone Call From York

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"Are you sure you can walk on your own?" As Greg said in a low voice, he walked towards the bedroom's bed at the same time.

"I, I can really..." But before Leona could finish her words, she felt dizzy as if the sky and earth were spinning round. And Greg threw her on the soft big bed.

Although the bed sheet was not hard, Leona was still beaten by the fall. Before she woke up, a shadow fell over her.

Closing her eyes and turning her head, a drop of tear fell down Leona's cheek. She turned her head aside to take it as a dream. Everything would be the same when she woke up!

However, Greg didn't want to let her off easily. He grabbed her chin, turned her head over and ordered, "Look at me! Tell me, who's that man in front of you?"

Leona was forced to open her eyes and looked at this demon-like man. She bit her lips and didn't say anything. How could he be so cruel?

'Just do what you want. Why do you have to force me to tell you who you are? Wasn't it enough for her to silently think of him as somebody else?

It made Greg even angrier to see that Leona didn't give in.

"Ouch, it hurts..." Leona frowned and cried out in pain. This man must have done it on purpose.

"Who do you think I am?" Greg asked and fixed his eyes on Leona whose face wrinkled in pain.

As for Leona, she felt so painful that the sweat spread all over her body. She kept nodding and shouted, full of humiliation, "Greg, you are Greg..."

Finally Greg got the answer he wanted and released his grip on Leona's jaw.

This night, Leona fainted for many times, and woke up in pain several times. Didn't this ma know that it

m to talk.

"Well, you should take good care of yourself there, and don't think about me here. Everything will be fine. I..." Before Leona could finish her words, she felt that her mobile phone had gone.

Leona immediately looked back in surprise and saw the face of Greg. She shivered with fear.

Then she comforted herself in her heart, 'even if he saw me talking with York on the phone, so what?

She had promised him that she would stay with him for a month, but he hadn't forbidden her from contacting anyone else. Besides, he didn't know the man was exactly York.

Leona tried to get her phone back, "give it back to me!"

"Leona... Leona, are you still there? York said anxiously. What's wrong? My father's man is here. I have to hang up now. I'll call you later when I arrive in America!" Then York hung up the phone.

"You're getting bolder and bolder. You even dared to hook up with another man when you were with me. It seems that I have been too good to you!" Greg blinked dangerously and threw Leona's cell phone to the wall, and then it broke it into pieces.

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