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   Chapter 39 A Compromise

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Greg nodded impatiently. He didn't want to repeat what he had said, nor did he like anyone to question his decision.

As the soft lamplight in the room shone on Leona, Greg immediately felt nervous.

Then his eyes turned deep, which made people unable to see through.

The little woman in front of him locked tightly. She was still wearing the T-shirt that she bought from the cheap street stall, and a pair of white washed jeans and a pair of cheap canvas shoes.

Greg thought with a gloomy face. Why didn't she see the coat he had given her?

Soon it occurred to Greg that this woman must have been playing pitiful in front of him so that she could have more compensation after breaking up.

Greg didn't expect that Leona looked like a fool with a lot of knowledge. But those experiences were useless to him.

But at the same time, Leona looked different. Unlike those women who used to hang out with Greg, Leona wore a strong French perfume and a strong smell of milk bath cream.

On the other hand, Greg couldn't restrain his desire anymore. He raised his glass and gulped it down, with a drop of wine remained on his lips, which made him look more seductive. Greg said coldly, "take it off!"

"What? What? " But Leona didn't hear it clearly. Her heart was beating so fast as if it was about to break out. Thinking of what she was going to face tonight, she was too nervous to breathe and didn't care what on earth Greg was talking about?

Greg repeated impatiently, "I said take it off! I don't like to repeat what I said. When you are with me, you must not be absent-minded!"

"Take off what?" Leona was frightened by his sudden anger, and her brain got blank in an instant. She asked Greg questioningly.

It was not until she repeated that she realized what it meant to Greg. Leona blushed and became furious instantly. Who did

moment, eager to rush over immediately.

Greg was also trying to control himself, and at the same time, he told himself that he was just like this because he had never met such a girl.

The women who had been with him before were enchanting and sexy. He was just interested in these pickles just because he was tired of eating big fish and meat.

"I... I want to go to the bathroom..." But Leona couldn't keep on like this. If she continued to face Greg like this, she was likely to pass out next second.

All she wanted was to escape this suffocating and embarrassing scene while she was still conscious, even if only for a while.

Greg was extremely nervous. He didn't want to restrain himself.

Since he was interested in Leona, why should he refrain himself?

Greg believed that as long as a few days later, he would not even bother to take a look at her.

As soon as Greg figured it out, he darted to Leona and said with a pair of deep eyes, "go to the bathroom? Let's go together! " Then Greg walked towards the bathroom.

Hearing this, Leona was so frightened that she screamed. Her face turned red and she screamed in panic, "No, no, I don't want to go there. You, let me down quickly. I can walk by myself!"

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