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   Chapter 38 Negotiation With A Devil

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Leona thought she had misheard him because in her impression, Greg was a demon. What's wrong with him today? Otherwise, he wouldn't have said yes so easily.

Leona was so excited to hear the good news that she could not hold back her excitement. She asked anxiously, "really? Are you really willing to return the horror film to me? Where is the photographic film?"

Greg took out a small U disk from his pocket, shook it in front of Leona and said, "all of it is here!" However, when Leona intended to save the U disk, Greg stopped immediately.

On the other side, sitting on the bed with a confused look on her face, Leona was confused as she had never expected this to happen. What on earth was this man plotting? Leona pulled a long face and said, "Just tell me what you want me to do. I will try my best to do anything I can!"

Although Leona hadn't known Greg for a long time, she had already figured out that he was a demon and wouldn't let her get away with it.

Moreover, Greg once said that he was a businessman and would not make a deal without a reason. Now he took the U disk and was going to threaten her again.

Greg nodded with satisfaction, a sly smile on his face, and said, "Good, you're smart, and I like to deal with smart people! My request is very simple. I will give you this one as long as you come at request at any time. You must be here as soon as I want. I'm not a patient person. Once I'm waiting for a long time, I will send this U disk to the magazine to publish it."

"What's the point of doing this? I promised you that I would pay you back the money as soon as possible. Besides, you A lot of women want to be with you. Why do you have to be with me?" But Leona knew she couldn't bring it up through a tough battle, so she had to swallow her anger and tried to reason with Greg.

There was another magazine on Leona's

siness. You should make the decision! Don't blame me for not reminding you. You only have five minutes to consider. After five minutes, it's useless for you to kneel down! " Greg said scornfully.

For Greg, this was still a cat and mouse game of Leona. Greg wouldn't easily be fooled like others.

Greg had seen too many hypocritical women like Leona. Although Leona acted as if she was a pure and innocent girl in front of him, Greg was not sure whether she would charge him more money in her mind now!

But even if Leona was playing this trick, Greg would not let her go so easily after he got tired of her.

Greg would let that woman know the consequence of offending him, and let her kneel and beg him at last.

Leona was speechless at her words. That's right. She had nothing else to say. Besides, her body was not as clean as before. In that case, she had been bullied by him once, and he wouldn't care for another month.

Maybe just as Greg said, he would get tired of her within a month, then she would be free again.

After struggling in her mind, Leona said resolutely and firmly as if she were a mighty warrior: "Okay, I will accept your request, but you must also promise me to return the copy to me after a month!"

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