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   Chapter 36 The Suspicious Disk

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Looking at the pink sleeveless Chanel, Leona burst into tears again in an instant. It was in return for her innocence.

It should be said that Greg was quite generous to woman, because the tag of the coat was still not torn off, and the number on it was horrific to see. It was a nearly two-year salary of Leona's.

But Leona would not appreciate it. She took it out and put it on. Then she walked out of the room and quickly left the hotel. After returning home, she turned on the shower head and washed her body hard.

She looked at herself in the mirror and almost couldn't recognize herself.

Leona was covered with black and blue all over. The bandage on her hand and shin had already been wet. Leona tore it off angrily.

The next day, Leona didn't get up until it was already noon. She felt pain all over her body. When she finally got out of bed, she felt that her legs were numb and it was inconvenient for her to walk.

When Leona just came out of her room and was about to go to school, she happened to meet Cynthia who also came to the backyard. Leona immediately lowered her head, pretending that she didn't see Cynthia, and wanted to go over to her.

"Stop! You're really a shameless bitch without family education. Don't you know to greet the elderly?" Cynthia said sarcastically. She got angry as soon as she saw Leona.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Mu. I was so worried about the road that I didn't notice you." Leona didn't want to have a quarrel with Cynthia. She just wanted to leave here and go to school as soon as possible. Although Leona was distressed, she tried her best to suppress her anger and pretended to be gentle!

With sharp eyes, Cynthia found that there was something wrong with Leona and saw the red mark on the side of Leona's neck. As a maid, Cynthia immediately sensed something.

Cynthia twisted a little and came to Leona. Her hand, which was in good condition, plucked and tore off Leona's clothes.

"Oh my God Madam, what are you going to do?" Leona hadn't expected that Cynthia would rip off her clothes. Although they were both women, Leona stil

dn't have the chance to read the disk she had received.

Although the wound on her hand and leg hadn't completely healed, Leona still insisted on working in the restaurant and the bar.

In addition to making enough living expenses and tuition fees as soon as possible, Leona also wanted to paralyze herself by busy work so as not to think of what she had experienced on herself these days.

At 8:30 p.m., Greg was angrily sitting in his own presidential suite of Emgrand hotel. This woman dared to stand him up again. She seemed to have not learned her lesson.

Greg narrowed his eyes slightly, reached for the phone next to him, and sent a set of videos to a set of numbers.

Then he poured himself a glass of vodka. Greg crossed one of his legs with the other, tasting the wine while waiting for the message to be responded.

Just as Leona arrived at the bar, she suddenly heard a message from her mobile phone in the bag. She immediately took out her mobile phone and looked at the message.

The old-fashioned cellphone couldn't receive any bride information, so all Leona saw was an unreadable message.

Leona put her phone away and continued to work.

Greg waited in the hotel for more than ten minutes, but his phone still didn't ring and he frowned.

He then dialed a familiar number and said, "Wayne, come to Emgrand Hotel right away!" Then he hung up the phone angrily

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