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   Chapter 35 I Don't Want Your Child Either

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Although Greg was unwilling to admit it, he knew that he was deeply attracted to Leona's body, which had never happened before. However, this thought made Greg angry for no reason. How could he be interested in such a woman?

While speaking, a big foot stepped on Leona's jeans, which she was about to pick up, and said, "you bastard..." Just as Leona was about to burst into anger and looked up at him, Greg threw the towel he had used to dry his hair on his head with one hand.

Then Greg sat on the edge of the bed and said to Leona in a commanding tone, "I thought you would get up very late last night as you enjoyed it so much. It seems that you have been used to this kind of life. Now that you have got up, wipe my hair dry!"

Leona looked at this bastard in front of her with her eyes wide open. Didn't he have his own hands? Why did he ask her to dry his hair? Leona didn't want to do it. He could do it himself, and she had no time to serve him.

However, as soon as Leona saw Greg, Leona threw the white towel to him as hard as she could, and scolded him, "You asshole! Don't you think you've bullied me enough? Clean your body by yourself. I don't have time for you. Get your dirty feet off my jeans. I need to go to school."

Greg's face darkened at Leona's words. He gritted her teeth in anger as he stared at this shameless woman in front of him. Of course, as for the towel that Leona had thrown on his face, it had been grabbed tightly by Greg.

Looking at this wretched woman, Greg suddenly laughed out in an evil way. He lifted up Leona who was kneeling on the ground and said, "It seems that I didn't sell my strength well last night, and you are still full of energy now. Since then, let's continue!" While saying that, his head was still dripping.

Leona clearly knew what he meant, so she stared at him

rk on me!" Greg was very satisfied to see Leona take the medicine.

Only a fool wants a child of yours. I wish I had never met you and stayed away from you.

Of course, this was just the thought in Leona's mind. She knew the temper of the man in front of her was uncertain. If she said it out, the beast might punish her as before.

Greg nodded and walked aside smartly. He threw a box that he didn't know when it was put there to Leona and said, "You can sleep here. This is for you. Come here on Monday, Friday night at 8 pm every week!" After saying that, Greg strode out of the room, ignoring Leona.

As soon as the door was closed, Leona finally fainted out and fell on the bed. She didn't take it to heart the last sentence that Greg said to her.

She didn't want to be tormented by him once more, and it was impossible for her to make love with him once in a while!

When Leona woke up again, it was already in the evening. Her stomach was growling. She then remembered that she hadn't had dinner for twenty-four hours. No wonder she was so hungry!

The T-shirt that Leona wore before couldn't be worn anymore, so she could only open the box that Greg had given to her and saw a dress of Chanel inside.

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