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   Chapter 34 You're The Worst One

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But Leona had lost all her strength in her sweat, and she couldn't see Greg's face clearly. Leona thought that maybe she was really going to die. It's okay. Anyway, I have suffered a lot during my life. I might as well die early and be free.

Seeing that Leona didn't struggle anymore and put down her hands feebly, Greg finally realized what he had done. Greg let go of her immediately, and there was a blue and purple mark on her neck, a sign of excessive force. One could imagine how angry he was just now.

As soon as Leona recovered her breath, she coughed violently with her face red. However, on the contrary, Greg didn't delay his movement because of her discomfort. He wanted it again and again.

Greg didn't have any sympathy on this poor woman, but scornfully looked at her. "I won't let you die so easily. I'll keep torturing you!"

Leona felt that she was going to die soon. She was so angry that she could not care about the consequences anymore. "I won't die so easily. I want to see the day you are punished by God!" she said.

On hearing that, Greg got even angrier.

Leona's consciousness was getting confused, and she didn't know why there were two Greg? Finally, she passed out.

The first ray of sunshine shone in the morning. As the sunlight shone through the window, Greg long eyelashes moved a little, a


Leona was stunned. How could she get out of here? Leona suddenly saw that it was Greg's shirt that was thrown aside. She tried hard to move to it again and put on his high-end Armani shirt.

On the contrary, Leona was less than 5 feet tall. She looked more petite in Greg's shirt.

Leona walked to the bathroom with jeans on the other side. As a sound came from the bathroom door, Greg was wrapped in a white bath towel and wiped his wet hair with the towel. He then walked out of the bathroom.

His hair was a little messy as water kept dripping from his hair. Greg looked more attractive. However, Leona was not in the mood to look at him at all. All she could see was her jeans. She just wanted to leave here as soon as possible.

As soon as Greg finished his shower, he saw Leona standing on the floor in his shirt. Wearing a large shirt, she looked quite sexy in it.

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