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   Chapter 33 Until The Day I Kick You Out

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Updated: 2020-01-29 00:32

Leona looked at Greg sarcastically. Although Leona couldn't escape from her fate, she had to keep her last hope. Leona said sarcastically, "That's so greedy of you, Greg. You can have me, but you're still dreaming of getting my heart? Stop dreaming! I'll tell you it will never happen! "

At this moment, Leona's heart was full of hatred. She did not know why things had become like this? Leona hated Greg more. She was just a poor woman adopted by the Ling family. She just wanted to live a peaceful life without any ambitions.

However, he didn't even give her such little hope. He would do whatever he liked. She had already lost York, so what was the meaning of her life in the future?

The night was incomparably quiet, and the breeze blew the curtain from time to time. The moon became shy and hid into the clouds, while only the sleepless neon lights were still shining, as if they were telling the story of what was happening in a certain corner of the city.

In despair, Leona closed her eyes. Tears ran down her cheeks, and the sound of her heart breaking could be clearly heard!

Greg's face softened a little, and he was satisfied with this result. The hard lines on his face also softened.

However, a lump came into Leona's throat as she thought of the past. She felt so sorry for York. Even if she could never see him again, they would never be able to go back to the past.


in his furious eyes, Greg said maliciously, "Dare you say it again? Maybe I should kill you directly. Take back what you've said, and tell me that you'll only belong to me from now on, until the day I kick you out of my life! "

Leona's words infuriated Greg. He got goose bumps all over his head. Although he knew Leona was just trying to provoke him, he couldn't help but tighten his grip on her when he recalled she had been with another man before.

As Leona couldn't breathe under Greg's massive hand, her face grew paler and paler. However, Leona still showed an enchanting smile. She coughed and stammered, "Eh hem Yes, you are right Kill me. Do you think that you can threaten me with this excuse? No way Ahem ahem ahem ahem... "

"Damn it! Do you really think I dare not to strangle you?" Greg tightened his hands. Leona tried to struggle, but failed to free herself from Greg's hands. She gradually sank into darkness.

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