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   Chapter 32 Contempt

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"I... I... that's just what you said. I didn't promise to go. So it can't be called as my disobedience. You can't force me! You are breaking the law by doing so!" Said Leona in a panic. She tried so hard to push Greg away but failed.

As Leona saw that Greg was getting closer and closer to her, she could even see the sweat on his face and smell the Cologne from him, which made Leona even more flustered.

Greg glanced at Leona scornfully and thought, 'She's a whore, yet she's still playing hard to get? Greg had seen this many times. But if Leona was willing to play a trick on him, he could play along. Then what trick could she play?

"Then how are you going to pay me back the money you owe me? Do you think you don't need to pay me back?" Greg said again in a hoarse voice, and pressed himself against Leona, who was cornered. Greg could smell the fragrance from Leona, which made him want her more.

The car had arrived at the gate of Emgrand Hotel. Greg forcibly dragged Leona out of the car and told Wayne to go back by himself. Then Greg forcibly took Leona into the elevator of the hotel.

Leona's heart was beating fast. She was not an innocent girl. She knew exactly what it meant to go to the hotel with a man late at night. Leona struggled again frantically, but the last bit of strength was so ridiculous to Greg.

Leona knew that it was not a good idea to argue with Greg, so she had to take a humble attitude and tried to reason with him. "Thank you for helping me out just now. When I was in the hospital, I have already said that I will pay you back as soon as possible. And I'm injured now. Please let me go

ile, "It doesn't matter as long as I'm not hurt."

Leona's heart was broken into pieces. Tears filled her eyes, and everything around her blurred.

Greg was like a wild horse coming out of its rein. In his eyes, these were just her playing hard to get. Thinking of everything that had happened in the past, Greg was even more furious.

Leona closed her eyes, knowing that there was no way she could escape. She clearly heard the sound of her heart breaking. Endless grievance engulfed her and Leona wondered what she had done wrong and why she was punished like this by the God?

'I'm sorry, York. I don't deserve you anymore. Just forget me. Find a good girl and live a good life in the future!' Thinking of York, Leona cried out, "York, I'm sorry for you..."

As soon as Greg heard what Leona said, anger burnt in his eyes. He stretched out his hand and forced her to face him. With a ferocious look, Greg said to Leona, "Look at me carefully. From now on, you are mine. Both your body and your heart belong to me. You will never be able to get out of my control unless I die. "

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