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   Chapter 31 To The Hospital

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"Hospital!" Greg just said it coldly and pulled Leona out of the office. Wayne, his secretary, caught up with him immediately and drove the car out.

"But I haven't asked for leave..." Leona really didn't want to stay with Greg, because that would put a lot of pressure on her. Besides, Greg didn't have to pay that much.

'Now I'm in debt. What if he does something bad to me?'

"It doesn't matter, Leona. You should go to the hospital with Mr. Wei to treat your wound now. Others will help you deal with the rest things here." The foreman replied immediately. Just now, her secretary, Wayne, told him not to tell Leona that Greg had bought the bar. Of course, she would keep it a secret from her.

At the same time, she saw that Greg was willing to stand up for Leona. Although Greg looked cold on the face, she had worked in this field for many years and could see that from Greg's eyes, Greg was possessive of Leona. Maybe he would be nice to Leona.

The foreman had promised Leona a leave, and she was dragged out of the bar by Greg. She had no choice but to get on the car with him. Wayne was driving in the front seat, and Leona was pushed into the back seat by Greg. Then he pushed into the car too.

As the car driving, Leona quickly leaned over to the car window on the other side. She didn't want to be so close to this crazy man as that she even felt difficult to breathe. Blood was still dripping from her hands and legs, which stained the expensive car.

Leona mumbled to Wayne who was driving the car, "Could you please give me some tissue?"

Wayne took a look at Greg who said nothing. So he handed a tissue box to Leona. There were still many pieces of glass on Leona's wound. After she pressed the paper towel on her wound, the pieces of glass instantly hurt her again. "Hiss!" Leona screamed. Leona frowned as she bore the pain.

Greg ignored her pain and continued to stare at her clothes. To tell

ould send Leona home.

"Emgrand Hotel!" Greg said without any emotional ups and downs. Since Leona stood him up last night, he decided to make it up tonight!

On hearing that, Leona sprang up out of instinct and her shanks hit the chair out of instinct. Although there was a thick cushion on the leather chair, it still hurt her.

But Leona didn't have time to think about that and hastily said to Greg, "No, I want to go home, please drive me home!"

Greg saw the eyes of Leona and started to get close to her. Sitting next to Greg, Leona tried to keep herself away from him as far as possible.

But Leona had already arrived at the door of the car, with her back tightly against it. Seeing that Greg was still approaching, she felt a powerful aura around him and quickly lifted both hands wrapped with bandages to hold Greg.

"Stay away from me. You can sit over there and say what you want to say!" Meanwhile, Leona fixed her eyes on Wayne who was driving, hoping that Greg would not do anything worse than a beast for the sake of other's existence.

"Do you forget what I said the night before yesterday? What I hate most is people who does not abide by the promise. It's time for you to keep the promise!" Greg said in a sexy voice, which sounded like a demon to Leona

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