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   Chapter 30 Greg's Help

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Leona had been restless the whole day. She couldn't understand why she seemed to feel so nervous. Even when she worked at the restaurant, she was absentminded. She had even made some mistakes that made her boss dissatisfied. But Leona did her best to finish her work in the restaurant. Now, she had already changed into her pink bunny suit and was ready to start her duty in the bar. As soon as she arrived at the hall, the bartender told her to serve the bottle of wine. It was for the table at the corner.

As she walked towards the table with the silver tray in her hand, Leona suddenly tripped over.

There was nothing she could hold on to, so her body fell freely together with the tray in her hand.

Leona fell to the customer next to her while the bottle of wine flew into the air.

But before the bottle could touch the floor, the wine inside it spilled over to the customers on that table. Then the bottle shattered into pieces while the remaining liquid spread all over the floor.

When Leona fell to the man at the table, only half of her upper body leaned on him. So she accidentally pressed one of hers hand on the floor. As a result, broken pieces of the bottle pierced through her palm and blood gushed out from it.

The man was startled by the suddenness of the event. But when he set eyes on Leona, he immediately got attracted to her. He pretended to lift her up with his two hands, but the truth was, he had the desire to touch her.

"Miss, are you okay?" His hands were still on Leona's back, feeling the softness of her skin on his palms.

"I... I'm sorry... I..." Leona stammered as she hurriedly struggled to stand up. She felt that the man was already taking advantage of her. But since it was her fault, she still apologized and pushed the man away despite the pain in her hand.

Her hands were now stained with blood, so the man's suit was smeared with blood too. It was only then that Leona felt the pain in her shin. She suddenly lost her balance and fell to the man's body again.

"Oh, my God! What's wrong with this bar? Look, honey, my feet were scratched. This woman did it on purpose!" A woman's shrill voice resounded through the hall. She was the woman who was sitting beside the man. She was wearing heavy make-up, and her red-stained mouth pouted in annoyance.

The woman clearly saw how the man's eyes sparkled while looking at Leona. She also noticed the way he touched Leona's skin. A trace of jealousy flashed through her eyes. She felt so dissatisfied. 'I've exerted so much effort to win this man. I can't just let a woman from the bar steal him from me,' she thought to herself.

The woman pushed Leona away with all her might and pretended to be in pain, urging the man to check her injured ankle. And when she saw the blood on the man's suit, she screamed again, "Oh my, God! There's blood all over your suit. Are you hurt somewhere?"

Leona tried her best to get up from the floor. Looking terrified, she lowered her head and apologized to the man and the woman in front of her. She repeatedly said, "Sorry, I'm really, really sorry. I didn't mean it. It was an accident. Please forgive me."

Before the man could say anything, the woman reached out her hand and slapped Leona across the face. "Forgive you? My ankle is bleeding now because of you. Look at us. You spilled the wine all over our clothes. Even if you work in this bar for years, you can't afford even one of these clothes. How are you going to pay us? If you don't compensate us, I won't let you go. Call your manager now. I want to know why this bar hires people like you."

The woman slapped Leona in the face again. This time, it was so hard that Leona fell to the floor once more. A trace of bitterness flashed across Leona's face. If she had known that this would happen, she should have asked for a day off today. Knowing that she was not herself the whole day, she shouldn't have forced herself to work.

But it was too late for regret. Things had happened, so she had

to face it. Looking at the expensive clothes that the couple was wearing, she felt weak all over. Her salary for a month was not even enough to pay for one button of their clothes. Worse was, she injured the woman. If the woman insisted on going to the hospital, she couldn't do anything about it.

Leona had only a few thousand dollars in her savings. Where would she get the money to compensate this couple? As she felt a dull pain in her hands and legs, grievance filled her heart. Deep inside her, she couldn't help complaining about why she seemed to be born so unfortunate.

The woman was still cursing in anger. This time, a pair of shining leather shoes came into Leona's view. Then a big hand suddenly grabbed her arm and lifted her up from the floor.

Leona looked up and found it was Greg. 'Here he is again. Every time I cross paths with this man, unpleasant things always happen to me,' she thought to herself.

Leona's train of thought was interrupted by Greg's deep voice, "What is going on here?"

When Greg saw from the door of the private room that Leona was slapped by a woman, fury surged up in his heart. He was angry not only with the woman but also with Leona. He couldn't believe that Leona just let other people bully her so easily. She didn't even fight back when she was slapped.

'She definitely deserves a lesson. But no one else is allowed to bully her except me,' he thought. He then strode towards the commotion, followed by Wayne and the manager.

"What's going on? This waitress spilled wine on us purposely and seduced my boyfriend. She even stained our clothes and scratched my feet. She must compensate for everything. If you can help her pay, then give us the money. Otherwise, you'd better get lost." The woman was still aggressive, but she lowered her voice when she looked at Greg's face. Of course, she was frightened by his cold aura.

Greg didn't want to waste his time with the woman anymore, so he directly asked, "How much is it?"

"What?" This time, the woman was stunned. She wasn't sure what Greg meant.

"How much do you need?" Greg asked again in an impatient tone. He had already seen many women like this, who only wanted to extort as much money as they could.

The woman looked at the man beside her as if asking for help. She actually didn't know how much she should demand. Obviously, Greg was a rich man. But his imposing manner made the woman's legs feel weak, and she lost the courage to continue talking.

Finally, the man beside the woman spoke up. "Are you rich? If so, then that's easy. The suit I am wearing is the latest edition of Armani, which was tailored abroad. My girlfriend's coat is also imported. But the most important thing is, she is injured and terrified. You have to pay for her..."

Greg suddenly raised his hand to stop the man from blabbering. He then took out his checkbook, wrote five hundred thousand dollars, and signed it. He handed it to the man and said, "This is enough to pay you. Take the money and leave here quickly. You are not welcome here anymore. And don't let me see you again in the future. Otherwise, I'll make sure that you won't bear the consequences."

He knew that the man was only playing tricks on him. Their clothes were only worth thirty thousand dollars at most. And although the woman was injured, it wasn't as bad as Leona's injuries.

But Greg didn't want to argue with them. After all, it was Leona's fault in the first place. More importantly, he wanted Leona to owe him a sum of money that she couldn't currently pay. In this way, she wouldn't be able to escape from him. Five hundred thousand dollars was nothing to Greg, so he didn't care about it at all.

Greg threw the check on the table, grabbed Leona's arm, and dashed towards the door. Since he was the new owner of the bar now, the manager didn't dare to stop him anymore.

As soon as Leona felt Greg's tight grip on her arm, fear overwhelmed her. She couldn't help whimpering, "Where are you taking me?"

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