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Leona had been restless for the whole day. Finally, she came to the bar and changed into working clothes of a bunny girl. Then someone asked her to send a bottle of wine to the table at the corner.

Suddenly, Leona stumbled as she was walking towards the door with a silver plate in her hand, together with the bottle of wine, she fell down to the person next to her.



As Leona threw her wine to the ground, she also sprinkled the golden liquid to the men, women and herself beside her. Then, pieces of glass broke all over the floor, and her calves were scratched, and blood flowed out.

At this time, the upper half of Leona's body fell into the man next to her, and the other hand was leaning on the ground. Countless pieces of glass pierced her palm, and blood flowed out.

The man was also startled by the sudden situation, but he was immediately attracted Leon who was lying on his body. He pretended to raise Leona up with his two hands.

"Are you okay, miss?" The man said, but his hand suddenly exerted, feeling the tenderness between his palms.

"I Sorry, i... " Leona hurriedly struggled to stand up, and at the same time she felt that the man was taking advantage of her. But after all, it was her fault. Regardless of the pain in her hands, Leona pushed the man away.

However, her hands were now stained with blood, which made the man's suit full of blood at once. The pain from her shin made her lose her balance and instantly fell on the man's body.

"Oh my God What's wrong with your club? Ah, my feet were scratched. Look, honey, she did it on purpose!" A sharp voice of a woman came through. It was exactly the woman who had sat with that man before. Wearing a heavy make-up, she was screaming with her red mouth wide open.

The woman clearly saw the sparkling light in the man's eyes when he looked at Leona, and what he did with his hand, the woman was filled with dissatisfaction. 'He is such a lucky guy that I finally won his heart. I can't let the woman in this bar take him away from me.' Thought the woman.

The woman pushed Leona away with great force and pouted her mouth to make the man look at her injured ankle. When the woman saw the blood on the man's clothes, she couldn't help but scream out again, "oh my God! My God! There's blood all over your clothes. Did you get hurt somewhere?"

Finally, Leona struggled to get up from the ground. With a frightened look, Leona lowered her head, kept apologizing to the man and the woman opposite, and repeatedly said, "Sorry, sorry, I really didn't mean it. I just didn't know what was wrong, please forgive me..."

Before the man said anything, the woman next to him reached out her hand with polished fingernails and slapped on Leona's face, "forgive you? You have cut my foot? Besides, our clothes are all dirty. Even if you have worked here for several years, you can't afford one of our clothes. How are you going to pay for this? If you don't compensate for it, this isn't over! Call your foreman here. I want to know how you manage this bar."

As the woman slapped Leona hard across the face again, Leona's face twisted in pain and she fell to the ground again. Leona knew that she was in a bad condition. She should have asked for leave after she came out of the restaurant.

But now, things were different. Leona could tell that the clothes on this couple were expensive. Her salary for a month was not enough to pay for one button on them. What's more, Leona injured that woman's foot. If that woman insisted on asking

her to pay for it, she could do nothing about it.

But all her savings were only a few thousand dollars. How could Leona get more money to compensate them. Leona felt a dull pain in her hands and legs, and her nose ached all of a sudden. Grievance from the whole stomach welled up in her heart. How could she be so unlucky?

The woman cursed in anger. At this moment, a pair of shining leather shoes came into Leona's view. Then a big hand suddenly grabbed Leona's arm and lifted her up from the ground.

It was Greg. Why every time I would meet him when I am unlucky? 'Why is he here again?'

Just as Leona was suspicious of this, Greg said beside her, "what on earth happened?"

As Greg had seen from the private room that Leona was slapped by a woman and then fell to the ground, a fire of nameless rose in his heart. How could this woman be so useless? She didn't even fight back when she was punched?

'This bitch does need a lesson, but only I can teach her and bully her. No one else can!' Greg thought! As soon as Greg said that, he strode towards that direction, and Wayne and the foreman also followed closely.

"What happened? She knocked over the wine on purpose to seduce my boyfriend. She even stained our clothes and scratched my feet. She must pay for it! If you can help her pay the money, give us the money. Otherwise you'd better get lost!" Although the woman was still aggressive, she lowered her voice as soon as she saw Greg, frightened by his cold aura.

Greg didn't want to talk to the woman anymore and asked directly, "How much is it?"

"What?" The woman asked again as if she didn't understand what Greg was talking about.

"How much money do you want?" Greg continued in an impatient tone. He had seen many women like this. The woman just wanted to extort as much money as she could.

The woman looked at the man beside her and didn't know how much money she should say. Obviously, the man opposite was very rich. But when the woman felt Greg's imposing manner, she couldn't help but feel her legs weak and had no courage to continue talking.

At this moment, the man next to him asked, "Are you very rich? That's easy. The suit I am wearing is the latest version of Armani, which is tailored abroad. The most important thing is that my girlfriend was injured, she was terrified, and the coat on her was also from abroad... "

As the man was talking endlessly, Claire Wei took out a cheques and signed on it. She wrote a cheque worth five hundred thousand and handed it to the man. She said, "this is enough to pay you. Take the money and leave here quickly. You are not welcome here. And don't let me see you again in the future. Otherwise, the consequences are not something you can bear!"

Of course she knew it was a trick of the man and the woman, because their clothes worth at most 30000 bucks together. And although the woman was injured, Leona was hurt more seriously. But after all, it was Leona's fault.

Greg didn't want to have a quarrel with them here. More importantly, he wanted to make Leona owe him a sum of money that she was not able to pay back at present. In this way, Leona couldn't escape from his palm. 500000 dollar was nothing to Greg, so he didn't care about it at all.

Greg threw the cheque on the table and grabbed Leona by the arm and dashed towards the door. Of course the foreman didn't dare to mess with him since he was her boss now.

However, Leona was caught by the arm all of a sudden. She got a fright and screamed out, "where are you taking me?"

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