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   Chapter 29 He Bought The Bar

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As usual, Leona went to school by bicycle today. Everything went normal, except for the feeling of uneasiness all throughout the day, which she couldn't understand why. Even when she was at the restaurant, she seemed absent-minded. For several times, she served the customers' orders to the wrong tables. Her boss was already eyeing her disapprovingly.

Leona's work at the restaurant ended at eight o'clock. She then rushed to the bar for her second job. After changing into a bunny suit, she walked into the hall and started serving the customers. Although she still felt uneasy, she did her best to cheer up while serving wine to every table.

At the moment, Greg was sitting alone in a private room. He was holding a glass of whiskey in one hand while a stick of cigarette was between his fingers in the other. He had been staring at the liquid in his glass for a while now. Then he heard two gentle knocks on the door. He said in a low voice, "Come in."

Wayne quickly walked in with a pile of documents in his hand. He then said, "Mr. Wei, I have all the information about Miss Ling in this file. She goes to school at six o'clock every morning. After school, she works at a restaurant from five o'clock in the afternoon until eight o'clock in the evening. Then she goes to the bar for her second job until twelve midnight. Besides, she always passes through the back gate of their school every time she goes to school or leave..."

"Just bring that file to my office," Greg suddenly interrupted before Wayne could finish his report. He then added, "Call the manager of this bar and ask her to come over."

Wayne shut his mouth in an instant. But at the back of his mind, he couldn't help thinking, 'Miss Ling has a very pitiful life.' He had read all the information about Leona, and he felt sorry for her. He felt worried too. Although he didn't know why Greg told him to investigate her background, he had surmised that it had something to do with what happened at the airport last time. And looking at Greg's darkened expression right now, he just wished that Leona wouldn't go to work today. He was merely Greg's assistant. He couldn't possibly meddle in his boss's affairs.

Wayne went out of the private room to call the manager. He also told her to let Leona go there as soon as Leona arrived. When the manager entered the private room, she didn't know what to do. She clearly remembered that Greg was the man who had also asked for Leona to personally serve them last time. And he ended up bullying Leona.

If Leona's boyfriend didn't come in time, she would have been in great danger. Because of what happened, the manager assured Leona that she would never let Leona serve the customers in private rooms ever again.

After all, she was Leona's superior. She was responsible for Leona's safety. The manager had known Leona to be a timid and quiet girl. That was why she hesitated when Greg had requested for Leona again. This time, she said, "Mr. Wei, I'm so sorry. Leona is only responsible for serving customers in the hall. She is not allowed to serve customers in private rooms. Do you mind if we arrange for someone else to serve you? I will assign the youngest and the most beautiful girl to you."

Knowing that the manager was refusing his request, Greg pulled a long face and said, "Call your boss here."

The manager obediently went out with no objections at all. After a while, the bar owner knocked on Greg's private room. He was a man in his forties with a bald head. As soon as the bar owner came in and clapped eyes on Greg, he immediately felt a sense of familiarity. With a perplexed look on his face, he said, "I'm Mr. Qian, and I'm the owner of this bar. Is there anything I can do for you?"

Greg poured whiskey on his empty glass and said, "I'm Greg Wei. Name the price of your bar."

Upon hearing Greg's introduction, Mr. Qian immediately recognized him as the CEO of the Wei International Trade Company, who often appeared on the cover of the business magazines. No wonder he looked so familiar. Mr. Qian put on a big smile and said, "I didn't expect that Mr. Wei would ta

ke a fancy to my little bar. I don't know what's your reason is, but I have to tell you frankly that I'm not selling it. I've built this bar myself, and I've exerted so much effort to run it. Please..."

Greg frowned and raised his hand to stop Mr. Qian from talking. He had been in the business world for a long time. With his experience, he knew that Mr. Qian was only bluffing. So Greg pretended to be unconcerned and said, "The empty lot across your bar is actually a good spot too. I've already bought it earlier, and I'm also planning to open a night club there. I believe that it will draw a crowd."

As he spoke, Greg lifted his glass to his lips and took a gentle sip of his whiskey. He then gave Mr. Qian a meaningful look, knowing that the latter had already gotten his point.

Mr. Qian broke out in a cold sweat. Greg was obviously threatening him. If Greg really opened a night club right across his bar, his business would become unprosperous. It might not even survive in the competition.

Greg was famous for his unscrupulous way of doing business. As an owner of a small bar, Mr. Qian was very much aware that he was no match for Greg. With his wealth and power, Greg could totally destroy his bar with ease. If that happened, he would lose all the money he spent in establishing this small business of his. Moreover, a lot of employees would also lose their jobs.

But if he accepted Greg's offer, he could use the money to open a new bar somewhere else. After all, Greg had told him to name his price. So why did he have to mess up with Greg? Mr. Qian wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead with the back of his hand and said, "If Mr. Wei really takes a fancy to this little bar, then I'll sell it for five million dollars."

"You are indeed a straightforward man, Mr. Qian. I like that. But I think you're asking for too much. This bar isn't even worth four million dollars, right? I have already prepared a four million dollars check for you. If you agree, we can sign the deed of sale now." Greg took out the check and showed it to Mr. Qian.

Money didn't matter that much to Greg, actually. But as a businessman, he must be wise and think of his own benefits all the time.

Beads of sweat once again streamed down Mr. Qian's forehead as he looked at the check. The price was too low for him. But thinking about the consequences once he offended Greg, he thought that Greg's offer was good enough. In just a short while, the deed of sale was prepared, and both parties signed it.

After shaking Greg's hands, Mr. Qian turned around and left with the check. The manager, who had been standing behind him, could only sigh and think, 'Indeed, money can do anything.'

Greg shook the document in the air and said to the manager, "From now on, I own this bar, and I am your boss. You know what to do next, don't you?"

After witnessing everything that happened inside the private room, the manager had a new impression of Greg. Although he always wore a smile on his face, she realized that he was not an easy person to deal with. She should be more careful not to offend him next time.

In the end, the manager put on a smile and said, "I understand, sir. I think Leona is here now. I'll go ahead and tell her to serve your wine right away."

The manager then turned around to leave. But as soon as she opened the door of the private room, she saw a group of people gathered not so far away. Their voices were even louder than the noisy music of the bar, so the manager could tell that a fight was going on.

Greg also heard the commotion, so he stood up and followed the manager. Standing behind her, he saw a familiar young woman in the middle of the group of customers. The young woman seemed panic-stricken, apologizing to them. The young woman was none other than Leona. Then all of a sudden, one of them in the group slapped her across the face. It was too strong that she immediately lost her balance and fell to the floor.

The music in the bar was too loud, so Greg couldn't hear what they were talking about. But as soon as he saw what happened, he strode towards them.

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