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   Chapter 28 He Was Stood Up Again

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With dark circles around her eyes, Leona also had barely slept last night. Yesterday, she put the bicycle outside the fast food restaurant. Therefore, she had to go out early today.

As soon as Leona came out, she saw her mother-in-law Jasmine walking towards her. Leona was stunned and instantly placed her hands on the silk scarf around her neck. There was the trace that was left by Greg last night. Although it had been covered by a silk scarf, Leona still felt a little guilty. After all, Jasmine was his girlfriend.

With a guilty conscience, Leona lowered her head and unconsciously touched the silk scarf on her neck, fearing that Jasmine would see the trace of a kiss on her neck. With an unnatural look on her face, Leona asked, "Sister, why are you here?"

Although Leona tried her best to cover the hickey on her neck, it was still not hidden under her ear. It was a red mark that was just seen by Jasmine. Looking at the slightly swollen mouth of Leona, Jasmine's heart sank. Was there really something happened between Leona and Greg?

Scenes of last night constantly flashed through Jasmine's mind, but Jasmine did not see clearly whether it was Leona last night or not. Therefore, Jasmine decided to test it. Taking a step forward, Jasmine grabbed Leona's hand and asked, "Leona, how have you been recently? Do you have a boyfriend? "

As Jasmine spoke, she kept an eye on Leona to see how Leona would react.

Upon hearing her words, Leona blushed and instantly thought of York. Although she had not officially agreed to be in a relationship with him, it was still quite normal for her to say that he was her boyfriend.

Looking at Leona's blushing face, Jasmine knew her guess was right. She asked tentatively again, "is it from your school?" After getting along with Leona for so many years, Jasmine had a pretty good understanding of Leona. She could feel if Leona was telling a lie.

Of course, Leona didn't know what was on Jasmine mind. Leona thought that her sister was just simply concerned about her. Thinking about what happened between herself and Greg, Leona felt even more guilty to Jasmine and nodded slightly.

Seeing that, Jasmine could not help but feel relieved. Jasmine knew that Leona would not lie to her. It seemed that she had thought too much. Jasmine exhaled lightly. Since things had been clear, she did not want to continue to stay here.

Looking at Leona who was looking down at the table, Jasmine felt disgusted. Yet she still said with concern, "if so, do you want to go out? If you have something to deal with, you can leave now!"

With a nod, Leona left the Ling family's residence and came to a fast food restaurant working. Leona had already forgotten the threat that Greg posed to her before. She had finished the work in the fast food restaurant and returned to the bar. When she finally finished the work in the bar, it was already 12 o'clock in the midnight. Wearing a tired body, Leona rode a bicycle to home.

It was late night when the businesses finally came to an end. Greg loosened his tie and looked at Judith on his wrist. Then he remembered that he had asked Leona to go to the Emgrand Hotel at nine o'clock.

Emgrand Hotel was also an property of Wei International Trade Company. As for 888 room, it was a presidential suite that has been prepared for Greg. He could live in it at any time. Greg seldom went there. He had many houses in C City, so

he didn't have to live there at night.

The reason why he asked Leona to wait at the hotel was to humiliate her. He picked up the car key and drove to the Emgrand Hotel. As a matter of fact, Greg thought that after being through what happened the last two times, Leona didn't dare to disobey him, so she must have been waiting for him in the Emgrand Hotel.

Maybe this was how she played cat and mouse. She just pretended to be innocent and doesn't like him at all. In fact, Leona just wanted to use it to attract his attention. He couldn't help but sneer in his heart. He had seen too much of this kind of tricks, so he wouldn't fall into her trap.

At the thought of this, Greg hated Leona even more. His knuckles turned white. He was determined to humiliate her and torture her slowly. Soon Greg arrived at Emgrand Hotel. He went straight to his exclusive suite.

Greg entered the room and found it was dark. Didn't she turn on the light? With a bang, Greg turned on the light on the wall. The big presidential suite was bright at that moment, and Leona was not in it.

Greg walked to his bedroom again and wondered, 'Did she go to bed because I didn't come? Greg was annoyed that she dared to sleep before he arrived?

After he looked around the bedroom, bathroom and living room one by one, Greg finally confirmed that Leona was not here. Two flames were dancing in his dark eyes. How dare she stand me up again! '

After calling the hotel manager over, Greg asked him if there was a girl in the room before?

The manager didn't expect that his boss summoned him in the middle of the night. Flustered, he immediately asked his assistant to check it out and shook his head. "Boss, no one comes!"

Finally, Greg was sure that he was fooled by Leona again. He was totally pissed off, and he swore to himself that no one could stop whatever he wanted to do.

On the next day, Greg was in his Lamborghini and it was just the time when the school was over. It was a famous school, where there were some children from rich families. In addition, there were expensive sports cars on the school gate.

On the other hand, Greg was leaning against the car door in an expensive Armani suit. His face was covered by a pair of sunglasses with a cigarette in his hand. His handsome appearance and cold temperament attracted the attention of many girls.

A lot of female students walked past Greg on purpose to attract his attention, but he just ignored them as if he had a sign on him saying "keep away from me".

However, the more he did so, the more attention he was attracted. His eyes were shining with anger. Leona dared to stand him up last night. Today he deliberately came out of the company in advance to block her at the school gate. Greg wanted to see where she could go?

However, as more and more students came out of the school, Greg still didn't see Leona. 'Does this bitch know I'm here and didn't come to school?' There were more than ten cigarette butts on the ground. Greg put the last one in his hand on the ground and put it out hard with one foot. Then he turned around and sped away.

On the way, Greg drove at 180 miles per hour. He called his secretary Wayne and ordered, "find all the information about Leona for me right now!"

Greg remembered that he had met Leona in the bar. In a fit of anger, Greg slammed the brake, turned direction in a charming angle and flashed towards the bar.

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