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   Chapter 28 He Was Stood Up Again

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Leona also barely slept last night, so she had dark circles around her eyes when she woke up in the morning. It was Saturday, and she wasn't supposed to get up early. But since she had left her bicycle in the restaurant last night, she had to go out early today.

As soon as she went out of her room, she saw Jasmine walking towards her. She was stunned and subconsciously fixed the scarf around her neck. Leona felt a pang of guilt when she remembered everything that happened yesterday. Jasmine was Greg's girlfriend. And Greg had left some marks on her skin last night. Although she was able to hide them under the scarf, the truth remained that Greg was cheating on Jasmine.

Leona lowered her head while Jasmine was getting closer to her. Her hand was still holding the scarf on her neck. She was afraid that Jasmine might see the hickeys left by Greg in there. Looking nervous, she then asked, "Jasmine... why are you here?"

Unfortunately, although Leona tried her best to cover the hickeys on her neck, the red marks under her ear still didn't escape Jasmine's eyes. Besides, Leona's lips were also slightly swollen. Jasmine's heart sank when she noticed all of those. Her hunch intensified that there was really something going on between Greg and Leona.

Then she remembered the shadow she saw last night. She didn't see it clearly, so she wasn't sure if it was Leona. Thus, she tried to test Leona. Jasmine took a step forward and held Leona's hand. She then asked, "Leona, how have you been recently? Do you have a boyfriend now?"

While asking, Jasmine's eyes never left Leona's face. She wanted to see how Leona would react to her questions.

Leona instantly blushed as she suddenly remembered York. Although she didn't verbally confirm to him that she had accepted him as her boyfriend, their mutual feeling automatically made them a couple. They had even tried to run away to live together in another city.

Looking at Leona's flushed face, Jasmine got more convinced that what she thought was right. But then, she tentatively asked again, "Is he from your school?" Since they grew up together, Jasmine knew Leona very well. She could tell if Leona was lying.

Leona never doubted Jasmine's intention. She even thought that Jasmine was only concerned about her. So when she remembered what happened between her and Greg again last night, she was overwhelmed by guilt. Without saying a word, she nodded her head slightly to answer Jasmine's last question.

With Leona's confirmation that her boyfriend was from her school, Jasmine felt relieved. Jasmine knew that Leona would not lie to her. Perhaps she was just overthinking. Jasmine lightly breathed a sigh of relief. Since Leona had made things clear to her, she didn't have any reason to stay there any longer.

Actually, she felt a little disgusted to see Leona. But still, she pretended to be concerned as she said, "Well, I wish you good luck in your love life. Are you going out today? If so, you'd better leave now. Sorry for delaying you."

Leona nodded at Jasmine and strode towards the small gate in the backyard without looking back. Somehow, she felt relieved that Jasmine believed in her. With hurrying footsteps, she left the Ling family residence and went to the restaurant to work. After finishing her work in the restaurant, she went directly to the bar for her second job. It was already midnight when Leona went out of the bar. Dead tired, she rode on her bicycle and directly went home. All she wanted right now was a warm bath and a good sleep. She had totally forgotten Greg's threat last night. Since she threw the gold card he gave her, it now slipped her mind.

It was already late when Greg finally finished reviewing and signing the last document on his desk. He was too busy that he lost track of the time. With his back pressed against his chair, he loosened his tie and checked his watch. It was only then that he remembered that he told Leona to go to Emgrand Hotel at nine o'clock.

That hotel was one of the properties owned by his company. Room 8008 was a presidential suite that was only for Greg. He could go and stay there anytime he wanted. But actually, he seldom went

there. After all, he had many houses in C City. He could sleep anywhere he wanted.

The only reason why he asked Leona to go there was to humiliate her more. He enjoyed bullying her. After resting for a few minutes, he picked up his car keys and drove to Emgrand Hotel. Greg was confident that after what happened during his previous two encounters with Leona, she wouldn't dare to disobey him again. So he was sure that she was already waiting for him in the hotel.

Maybe this was Leona's way of hooking up with men. She was only pretending that she was innocent, and she didn't like him at all. But the truth was, she was trying to attract his attention. Greg couldn't help but sneer. He had seen so much of this kind of trick, so he would never fall into her trap.

Thinking about it, Greg's hatred towards Leona aggravated. His knuckles turned white as his grip on the steering wheel tightened. This time, he was more determined to humiliate and torture her slowly. When Greg arrived at the hotel, he went straight to his presidential suite.

As soon as he entered the room, he found out that it was pitch-dark. 'Didn't she turn on the light?' he thought to himself. Greg switched on the lights in the living room. When it became bright, he discovered that Leona was not there.

Thinking that she might have fallen asleep while waiting for him, he went to the bedroom to check. But unfortunately, there was no one there.

Even in the bathroom and in the kitchen, there was no sign of Leona. Apparently, nobody entered the room before him. Greg's face darkened at once as his eyes were burning with rage. He couldn't accept the fact that Leona had stood him up again.

To make sure, he called the hotel manager to come over and asked if a young woman had come to the hotel to use the presidential suite.

The manager didn't expect that Greg would look for him in the middle of the night. Flustered, he immediately called the front desk and asked. After talking to the receptionist on the phone, he turned to Greg and shook his head. "Mr. Wei, no one came here earlier to use your room."

It was confirmed that Leona had once again fooled him. Greg was totally pissed off. 'Just wait and see, Leona! No one can stop me from doing whatever I want to do,' he thought angrily.

The next day, Greg's Lamborghini was parked outside Leona's school. It was just in time for her last class to finish. Since it was a famous school, most of the students were from affluent families. So it was not anymore surprising that a lot of expensive and luxurious vehicles were waiting at the school gate.

Wearing his favorite expensive Armani suit, Greg leaned against the car door. He was wearing a pair of black sunglasses and holding a cigarette in his hand. His handsome face and cold temperament attracted the attention of many female students.

Many of them deliberately walked in front of him to catch his attention. But he just ignored all of them. It was as if there was a placard in front of him that said, "Stay away from me."

However, his indifferent attitude made him even more charming in some female students' eyes. Since he was wearing dark sunglasses, they didn't see the flame of anger in his eyes. Leona dared to stand him up last night, so he deliberately left the company very early to wait for her outside the school. He wanted to see if she could still escape from him this time.

After a long while, Greg noticed that almost all of the students had already gotten out of the campus. But he still didn't see Leona. 'Did she anticipate that I'll look for her here, so she intentionally skipped school today?' He had smoked more than ten sticks of cigarettes, but still, he didn't see Leona coming out of the gate. Pissed off, he threw the last cigarette butt on the ground and stomped on it before he got in the car and sped away.

Greg drove at one hundred eighty kilometers per hour. He then took out his phone, called Wayne, and ordered, "Find all information about Leona and send it to me right away."

All of a sudden, he remembered that he had once met Leona at the bar. In a fit of rage, he slammed the brake, made a U-turn, and headed for that bar.

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