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   Chapter 27 Being Suspected

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Leona was so scared but there was nothing she could do.

It was still cold in summer night. Some of Leona's skin exposed to the air made her slightly flesh creep, which made her more charming. On seeing that, Greg thought of something and his face darkened.

Leona cried again, being pressed against the wall and unable to move. Leona had to continue with sobs, "I'm sorry. I won't do it again. Could you please let me go first?"

"Hi, where are you?" Jasmine's voice came from afar. Hearing that, Leona was so scared that she covered her mouth in order not to be heard by Jasmine.

Of course Greg heard it, but he didn't care at all. He didn't worry that Jasmine would see it.

"Please, let go of me first. I will promise you whatever conditions!" But on the other hand, hearing the voice of Jasmine coming closer and closer, Leona became more anxious and urged Greg to release her. Leona voice trembled as she spoke.

Finally, Greg wanted more. Looking up at Leona with an evil smile, she looked like a frightened little rabbit. He took out a gold card from his pocket and handed it to Leona, saying, "Take this card. Tomorrow night at nine o'clock, we'll arrive at room 8008 on the top floor of Glory Hotel. If you dare to stand me up again, I won't let you go easily next time!"

"I, I know, please get out of here!" Leona grabbed the gold card from his hand and yanked at her messed clothes, rushing Greg nervously.

"Are you driving me away?" Said Greg raising his eyebrows. He hated it the most when others spoke to him in a commanding tone, especially this woman, who was not qualified to do so. She was just like a toy to him.

Hearing that, Leona was frightened and saw the angry expression on Greg's face. She immediately shook her head and stammered, "No, I didn't mean that. I, I'm going back first!" When Leona heard the footsteps from afar and closer, she ran to her room!

At this time, Jasmine was approaching to Greg. A figure flashed in the distance, but she didn't see it clearly. It was late in the night, and there was only a short while when the lights in Leona's room were on. A suspicion rose in Jasmine's heart. 'Was Leona with Greg just now?'

This was what Jasmine worried most and she had always been jealous of Leona. Leona was popular among boys. Many boys had fallen in love with her since she went to the kindergarten. There had been an endless stream of pursuers for these years.

Although Jasmine disliked Lola from the bottom of her heart, she also knew that men liked Leona's watery eyes. What Jasmine worried most was that Greg might fall in love with Leona.

Then Jasmine tried to ask, "who were you talking to just now?"

"No one. Wayne was reporting to me about the work in the company. It's late. There's an early meeting tomorrow in the company. I'm going home now!" Greg didn't tell Jasmine that he had met with Leona but turned and walked outside.

Looking at Greg's back, Jasmine bit her lower lip tightly. Greg hadn't touched her since they decided to be together. But as a girl, how could she take the initiative on this kind of thing?

But Jasmine always lacked a sense of security. She always felt t

hat she was far away from Greg, and she couldn't win his heart. That night, Jasmine saw Greg at home as soon as he got off the plane, which surprised her a lot.

In particular, her mother Cynthia had always told Jasmine to keep an eye on Greg. She wanted to make a child of his as soon as possible. That was the only way she could think of to get Greg. Once she made it, she would marry Greg, and eventually became the wife of the CEO of the Wei International Trade Company.

Thinking of that, Jasmine's heart raced uncontrollably. She blushed and followed behind Greg nervously. "Hi, Greg"

Greg turned around and asked, "Anything else?"

"No, I'm fine. It's over one o'clock. If you go back, it'll be dawn. How about staying here There are many empty rooms at home!" Jasmine stammered, not knowing what to say. When she realized that it was too initiative to do so, she blushed and added that there were other rooms.

It was obvious that she wanted to see through it. Greg wore a smile on his face, but it didn't reach the bottom of his eyes. Greg was extremely disgusted with her, but he still spoke, "No, I want to keep all the best things on our wedding day! Well, it's late now. I should go back!"

Looking at his back, Jasmine felt very happy because of what he said. But they hadn't been engaged, and it would still be a long way to get married. Even if they were engaged, the gossip about Greg continued to spread all over the country. Jasmine wanted to meddle in it, but she didn't dare, and she was in no position to do so.

Leona rushed back to her room and rushed directly to the shower head without changing her clothes. The cold water poured down her head and wet her clothes. Leona sobbed and struggled to clean herself up.

A series of blows today made her on the verge of collapse. She soaked under the shower head with cold water for a long time until she had a sneeze and adjusted it to the hot water. In the mirror, Leona saw her eyes red and her lips red and swollen.

On the other side of her neck, there were red marks. These were left by Greg. Leona kept rubbing until there was blood stains on the skin. Leona had already thrown the gold card Greg gave her into the trash can. She was not stupid to listen to him in the hotel.

Leona knew that she would suffer losses sooner or later, and she must make money as soon as possible. Leona calculated carefully in her mind that she could rent a small house this month, using her savings and this month's salary. She could only be safe by keeping herself away from the Ling family and from that devil.

The next day was weekend. Jasmine knew that it would be difficult to see Leona even on weekends. Jasmine knew that Leona had been working outside all these years. So Jasmine came to the backyard early in the morning. She stayed up all night last night and kept thinking whether there was a secret between Leona and Greg.

Although Greg said she didn't see Leona last night, Jasmine was still worried and decided to see Leona. Of course, Jasmine was well prepared to handle that silly woman. Besides, she also wanted to remind Leona not to have any improper feelings towards Greg.

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