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   Chapter 25 Samuel

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Greg ignored the screams from behind and rushed into the bathroom, followed by his secretary Wayne, lowering his head. At this moment, he did not have the time to care about the cry of the two middle-aged women beside him. After all, Greg in front of him was the one who decided his own fate.

When they entered the ladies' room, there was really no one in it. And the air window and the shoe print beside it were all exposed. Smart as Greg was, he immediately guessed that Leona had escaped from here. He immediately became furious. No one had dared to play tricks on him like this before. Good for you, Leona.

Greg looked at the sky outside the window and thought, "It's getting dark. Just wait and see!" In the end, you still have to go back to the Ling family. At that time, we will deal with all the things together.

Sitting in Samuel's car, Leona was very nervous. She glanced at the rear view mirror from time to time for fear that Greg might catch up.

Samuel also found that she was in a panic. He looked at her up and down. Her hair and clothes were in a mess. Samuel knew that it was a lie that Leona came here to see her friend off, but he was not willing to tell her about it, and it was not good to inquire about it in detail.

Time passed slowly. When they arrived at the downtown, Samuel asked Leona where to go next, only to find that she was asleep. Looking at her sleepy face like a kitten, Samuel carefully looked at her delicate features. He had to admit that Leona was indeed a beauty.

She was so beautiful, pure and innocent. Leona was not like the girls he knew before. Although they looked pure and lovely, the dust in their eyes had already revealed their hearts.

No wonder York was so infatuated with her. Samuel sighed and thought that York might not have a big chance of being together with her. Samuel had been playing with York since childhood and knew his family very well. Moreover, as a son of a rich and powerful family, York could do nothing to it.

Even Samuel himself was no exception. Their marriage was destined to be associated with business, so he took advantage of the current opportunity to have fun. Many rich couples had their own love affairs and would not interfere with each other.

After Samuel took off his coat and covered Leona, he rolled down the window and lit a cigarette. He didn't know where she lived now, but he didn't want to wake her up.

It was already midnight. Leona suddenly woke up as if she was having a dream. She looked at the strange place and looked out of the car. Did she fall asleep in the car?

At the same time, Samuel, who was sitting aside, also heard the slap. He turned to Leona and said with a smile, "you're awake?"

Hearing his words, Leona blushed and scolded herself for falling asleep in the car? It must be the reason that she hadn't slept well these days. "I'm sorry. Why didn't you wake me up?" Leona asked.

"Do you think it's a gentleman to interrupting a beauty's sweet dream? All right, I won't make fun of you anymore. Where is your address? I'll drive you back right now!" Seeing Leona's blushing face, Samuel stopped making fun of her and asked her the address.

Leona did not want him to know that she was a member

of the Ling family, but it was already one o'clock in the morning. She was not familiar with this place. And the Ling family lived in a villa area where rich people lived, and the bus which led to there had long gone, so Leona could only tell the address.

Samuel opened his eyes wide in surprise: "You lived there? That's a rich area!" No wonder Samuel was so surprised. He did know something about Leona from the investigation done by York. He knew that Leona worked two jobs. Her family background should be poor, but why did she live in such a luxurious house?

At last, Leona made up a story that she was the daughter of a servant and lived in the servant's room with her mother. Thus, Samuel reassured her. Samuel directly escorted Leona to the back door of the Ling family, and then drove away.

Leona took out her key from her bag and opened the back door. It was her daily routine. Therefore, she was very familiar with the place. Her bicycle was still in a fast food restaurant, and she could only get it tomorrow.

On the way out of the airport, Greg hurled the car at 180 miles per hour. The driver and Secretary Wayne were far left behind. Greg knew that Leona would eventually go back to the Ling family, so he rushed all the way there.

It was already ten o'clock in the evening when Greg arrived at the Ling family's house. A servant told Jonson that Greg was here. Jonson didn't want to sleep immediately, and got out of the bed to welcome Greg.

The three of the Ling family sat in front of Greg scrupulously. Jasmine knew that Greg was coming. She deliberately wore a translucent pajamas and a coat, which made her very partly hidden and partly visible.

"Why are you here so late? Why didn't you give me a call before you came here? I could have asked Jasmine to get ready." It was obvious that Greg had just gotten off the plane. So Jonson was really happy to see that Greg cared a lot about their daughter, which meant they would soon get married.

"He just got off the plane, and the food on the plane is not as good as that at home. Wait a moment, I'll ask someone to cook it now." Cynthia was busy with preparing the dinner. She told the servants to prepare the dinner as soon as possible and all of the servants were busy with preparing the dinner.

On the other hand, Jasmine looked at Greg shyly. She wore the dress on purpose to make Greg notice her perfect figure.

Jasmine sat down next to him, as beautiful as possible. Then she picked up a cup of tea from a servant and handed it to Greg, and said, "You just got off the plane. Why don't you have a rest first?" Jasmine pretended to be annoyed, but her heart was already full of joy.

Sitting next to Jasmine, Greg frowned slightly at her words. He could smell the perfume that was constantly blowing on Greg, which irritated him. To be honest, he hated women's perfume the most. But Greg said nothing. Instead, he took the tea from Jasmine and sipped slowly while his eyes floated in the direction of the backyard.

The wild cat came in from the back door and it seemed that her room was there too. When Greg was full, he stood up and said that he wanted to make a phone call in the garden. Then he stood up and walked over there.

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