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   Chapter 24 Run Away

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"I don't mind. I have many cars. I can just change another one if you don't bother."

Leona really regretted what she had said in a fit of pique. She could not fight with such a man. For her own safety, she would do anything. Leona then blushed and said, "please, I really can't stand it any more. I know you have a lot of money, but I can't waste your money like this. I just need to spend a little while for it. I won't let you wait too long!"

Looking at the girl's pitiful face, Greg nodded slightly. One should always be tough to women. Otherwise, they would never recognize their identities in the future. Greg snorted as a promise.

Leona ran to the lady's room in the distance as fast as she could, even faster than when she studied in college and went to the college for sports. In the blink of an eye, Leona ran into the lady's room and disappeared.

Sitting next to his secretary, Greg caught a glimpse of Wayne and said, "Go to keep an eye on her. If she runs away, you don't need to come back."

Wayne wore a grimace on his face. 'How can a man be at the outside of lady's room.' 'Mr. Wei asked me to wait outside the lady's room. And other people must think me as a perv Wayne thought. Wayne made his way to the bathroom after seeing that Greg's face.

Leona rushed into the washroom and quickly looked around to find a place to escape. There was no back door, but there was a air window in the toilet. It was not a large window, but Leona could jump out of it according to her figure.

At the moment, she stepped on the wash basin beside and tried to climb up. The air window was so high that it was really difficult to climb up. Leona slipped and fell to the ground, suffering a sharp pain. But Leona had no time to care about it. This was her only chance. If she was seized, she would be doomed.

Then Leona continued climbing up hurriedly. After falling three or four more times, she finally climbed up successfully. Regardless of the severe pain on her body, Leona rolled over and jumped down from the air window. Fortunately, they were only on the first floor, otherwise she really couldn't run away.

As soon as her feet fell on the ground, Leona finally breathed a sigh of relief. She stood up and rushed out. It was already eight o'clock in the evening. It was difficult to call a taxi even outside the airport.

But all these were not difficult for Leona. Since there was no car, she would rather walk to the downtown. With no other transportation tools, Leona finally reached the road, which made her extremely embarrassed. At the same time, she was worried that Greg's car might pass by.

At this moment, a car came from behind. Leona instinctively moved to the side. Suddenly, the car stopped beside her. The car window rolled down, revealing a good-looking face. He shouted at Leona, "Hey, beauty, why are you walking here alone at this late hour? It's dangerous. Where else can I send you?"

By instinct, Leona waved her hand. It was dangerous for her to walk here alone, but this man made her feel more dangerous. She refused at once, "no, thanks. I can do it myself."

The man whistled. It was the first time he had seen such a stubborn girl. She was dozens o

f miles away from the city, and she wouldn't be able to make it even if she had walked to dawn.

As the car light went forward, a familiar face came into view. It was Leona. Suddenly, a figure flashed through his mind and the ma said in surprise, "are you Leona?"

Leona looked at him doubtfully. She did not know him, how could he know her name? "Who are you?" Leona asked in confusion.

"My name is Samuel, a close friend of York. I know you. Get in the car. Where are you going? I'll drive you there. Let's talk about it later!" Samuel then opened the car door for Leona.

Seeing that he was a friend of York, Leona got into the car without any doubt.

Samuel stepped on the gas and drove away in a fast speed. He chattered on the road, "I don't know what's wrong with York. Today is her engagement day, but he's gone. Have you seen him? These days uncle Zhao has men watch him, and even I couldn't see him. I haven't seen him for a long time. I really don't know how he is now!"

Biting her lower lip, listening to Samuel's chattering, Leona did not tell him about the fact that she was about to elope with York and was caught by someone. Perhaps this was why she was doomed not to be with York, and even if she told Simon about it, it would not solve the problem.

"By the way, why are you here at this time? If I didn't go to the airport with something to deal with, would you keep walking back?" Then Samuel remembered to ask Leona.

"Nothing. A classmate of mine is going abroad. I'm here to send her." Leona gave a random answer, but her mind had already wandered far away. How was York now?

Wayne stood at the door and looked into the restroom from time to time. The women walking out all gave him a contemptuous look when they saw him. Two middle-aged women whispered, "This man is so disgusting. He even looks in the ladies' room. Shall we call the police to arrest him?"

Wayne felt embarrassed when he heard what the two women said. "I'm sorry. My girlfriend didn't feel well and I was afraid that she would faint inside. So I was a little worried. I didn't mean to stand here!"

After the two middle-aged women heard Wayne Zhang's words, they looked suspiciously at the inner part of the room, and said with contempt, "There's no one inside. Why didn't you think about it before you lie? You were peeking inside. I'm calling the police!"

"What did you say? No one was inside? How could it be possible? I saw her go inside. How did she disappear?" Cold sweat streamed down Wayne's face. If the CEO knew that he had lost Leona, he would definitely skin him alive?

At this time, Greg sitting far away also felt that time passed, and he saw Wayne arguing with two middle-aged women here. He walked over at once and asked, "Wayne, what happened?"

"Sir, Miss Ling is lost. I saw her enter the operating room. But somehow, she is gone." Wayne stammered, looking at Greg with the piercing eyes.

"That's impossible. She is a living man. How could she get lost so easily?" Greg darted into the ladies' room and heard the two middle-aged women's screaming at the door.

"Someone is getting into the lady's room!" The shrill voice immediately attracted a lot of attention.

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