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   Chapter 23 A Threat

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Arthur didn't expect York's behavior, and he felt a little embarrassed in front of Greg. And as soon as he saw that Greg's face darkened because of York's stubbornness, a sense of fear welled up in his heart. He knew that their family and their business would be doomed.

To appease Greg, he immediately raised his hand and slapped York in the face. York was taken aback by what Arthur did. But before he could react, Arthur shot him a warning glance and shouted to his men, "Take the young master back home! He still needs to prepare for the engagement party. His fiancee and the Shen family are waiting for him."

In an instant, several men came over and dragged York out of the airport. He tried to resist, but his strength was nothing compared to his father's bodyguards.

"I'd rather die than be engaged to Joyce. Leona, wait for me! I will come and rescue you," he shouted.

Arthur was trembling with anger. He pointed at York and said, "You are such an unfilial son! If you refuse to marry Joyce, you won't get even a single penny from me."

"I don't care about your money. I am willing to live a poor life as long as I am with Leona. I don't like Joyce!" York continued to argue with Arthur even though the bodyguards were still dragging him.

"You are really infuriating me to death, aren't you?" Arthur said through clenched teeth. He then turned to Greg and said apologetically, "I'm really sorry, Mr. Wei. I'll make sure to teach this foolish son of mine a lesson. Please excuse us. We'll go ahead now."

"Take your son to his fiancee now," Greg replied flatly. Actually, he didn't want to waste his time talking to Arthur anymore.

Watching York going away with Arthur and the bodyguards, Leona's heart throbbed with pain. Why did she have to be this hapless? Was she really a jinx?

Even her own father had told her many times that the Mu Company wouldn't face any crisis if she wasn't born. It was as if she had caused nothing to the Ling family but misfortune.

Leona jolted a bit when she suddenly heard Greg's cold voice, "Your little boyfriend is gone now. No matter what you do, you will never see him again."

A realization dawned on Leona, and it sent a chill down her spine. Greg must be the one who informed Arthur that York was here. If not for his interference, she and York had already landed in another city.

She didn't need to confirm it with Greg. No one knew that they were here except him. Besides, he had clearly said just now that he didn't want her to be happy. Whatever Greg's reason was for hating her this much, she didn't know. She couldn't remember a time she had offended him. And even if she asked him, she knew that she couldn't get any sensible answer from him. She had tried it many times, and the results were all the same.

"Wild little kitten, are you mad because I ruined your plan? Forget about your little boyfriend. Now that he's gone, it's time for us to talk about us. It seems that you have lived a good life with that boy while I was abroad in the past few months," Greg said frivolously.

Greg's assistant, Wayne Zhang, had already hidden in one corner when Greg went to the airport lounge, so he had witnessed everything. He felt that something was wrong. He had been working with Greg for several years now and seldom saw Greg smiling. And it was a creepy smile. It made him feel like he wanted to stay away from Greg at the moment.

Although he felt sorry for the young woman beside Greg, there was nothing he could do. After all, he was just Greg's assistant, and he couldn't meddle in his boss's affairs. Thus, he had no other choice but to ignore Leona's pleading look.

Greg furiously dragged Leona to his car outside. He was only gone for a few months, and yet, she had already turned to another man. He had to make her know her place now.

"Where are you taking me? I won't go with you. Let go of me. Or else, I'll ca

ll for help." Leona struggled intensely. She badly wanted to stay away from a devil like Greg. Fear overwhelmed her heart, thinking about what he might do to her.

"I will take you to a hotel, and I will do whatever I want to do with you," Greg blurted out. Humiliating Leona made him feel extremely happy.

"What?! Are you out of your mind? You are my sister's boyfriend. How can you take me to that kind of place? No, I won't go with you. Just leave me alone!" Leona didn't expect that Greg would say those words in a public place. Her face flushed, burning with embarrassment as she continued to struggle.

She couldn't believe that Greg was like this. The way Jonson spoke about and regarded him, he seemed to be so noble. She could even tell that Jonson looked up on him like an elder than a future son-in-law. Although Leona didn't know Greg that much, she knew that he was not an ordinary man. He was definitely not someone she could mess up with.

She must be a simple girl, but she was not foolish. People like Greg were dangerous. She must run away from him before they could even get in the car. Otherwise, no one could tell what would happen to her.

But unfortunately, Greg seemed to have read Leona's mind. He knew what she wanted to do, but he didn't bother himself to think about it. She was like a rabbit to him, weak and easy to deal with. Needless to say, he was an expert when it came to handling people like her.

While walking, Greg whispered in Leona's ear, "If you don't want to be on the headlines tomorrow, behave and go with me. If you continue to piss me off, I can't guarantee what kind of news will be published about you on the Internet tomorrow."

As expected, Leona stopped struggling upon hearing what he said. Although Jonson had never liked her, he was still her father, and she cared for him. She didn't want to cause him any trouble. But she was also worried about Jasmine. If Jasmine found out about her and Greg, Jasmine would be hurt and would probably hate her. Jasmine was her only sister and the only person who had treated her kindly in the Ling family. She couldn't break Jasmine's heart.

Eventually, Leona decided that she had to run. When she looked around, she noticed a restroom not so far away from them. All of a sudden, she anxiously said, "Can I go to the restroom first? I can't hold it any longer." Although she was only making an excuse, she still couldn't help blushing. Her face was as red as a tomato. She felt like the humiliation and embarrassment she had experienced from Greg were way too much for her to bear.

Greg had already seen through Leona's plan, so a mischievous smile appeared on his face. He then slightly nodded and whispered to her, "Don't you dare run away from me. I have men all over this place and even in front and at the back of the restroom. If you try to escape, you will learn the consequences later."

Leona sneered and said defiantly, "Where else do you think will I go? If you don't trust me, why don't you come with me inside?"

Greg's eyes darkened at once. His jaw tightened as he glared at Leona. She really had the nerve to talk to him this way. "It seems that it's not that urgent at all. Maybe you can use the bathroom in the hotel," he said in a cold voice. He would never fall into her tricks. 'No matter what she does, I will never let her go,' he thought inwardly.

Leona was a little taken aback upon seeing the look on Greg's face. She didn't know that he had such a bad temper. Somehow, she felt a bit regretful for her sharp tongue. Sometimes, she could say something at the wrong timing. She'd better shut up and think of the possible way to escape.

Leona put on an aggrieved look and begged, "Please, I must really use the toilet now. Do you want me to mess up your luxurious car?" If she could, she would bury herself under the ground in embarrassment after saying those words.

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