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   Chapter 23 Threat

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Seeing that his son was still so stubborn, especially when Arthur saw Greg's face darkened, he knew it was bad.

Then Arthur raised his hand and slapped York across the face. York was taken aback by his father's words. He shot a warning glance at York and shouted, "Bastard! Guards! Take your master back. He must be engaged to Joyce. The Shen Family should still be there."

Several men came over and pulled York out of the airport.

"I won't be engaged to Joyce, nor will I die. Leona, if you wait for me, I will come to rescue you," York shouted.

Arthur pointed at York, trembling with anger, and scolded, "you unfilial son! If you didn't get engaged to Joyce today, you wouldn't get a penny from me!"

"I would rather give up Zhao Company's right of inheritance than her!" The voice of York came from afar.

"You unfilial son! Are you trying to infuriate me to death? I'm really sorry. Please excuse me. I have to go now. " Arthur said.

"Go, please!" Greg didn't want to talk to Arthur anymore.

Seeing that all the people of Zhao family left quickly, Leona's heart throbbed painfully. She might have met some malicious guys, otherwise everything would be fine as long as she met them?

Her father, Jonson Ling, had told her more than once that the Ling Group would not go bankrupt in the crisis if she were not born. Everything was caused by her.

"Your little boyfriend has gone far. No matter how hard you try, you can't see him!" Greg said coldly.

It sent a shiver down Leona's spine as if she had been hit by a ghost. Then it occurred to Leona that there was this demon next to her. It must be him that had informed York's father by the call, or they wouldn't have appeared here.

But it's no use asking it now. Greg said it clearly that he didn't want her to have a good time. She really didn't know how she had offended him? Leona didn't ask these stupid questions, because she knew that even if she asked, she still couldn't get any answer. Leona had asked Greg for many times, but the result was the same.

"Wild pussycat, are you mad because I messed up your plan? Now that your little boyfriend has left, it's time for us to talk about our relationship. It seems that you have lived a good life in the past few months after I went abroad! " Greg said as he raised his chin frivolously.

Wayne Zhang, the Secretary of Greg, had already hided himself aside. It seemed that something was wrong with the president. Wayne had worked with the president for several years and seldom saw him smiling. However, that smile was creepy. He'd better stay away from it.

Although Wayne felt sorry for the girl who was standing by the side of Mr. Wei, he was just a secretary and couldn't meddle in the affairs of his boss. Therefore, he chose to ignore the looking of Leona for help.

Greg was about to get on his car parked outside the airport with Leona. Greg had just left for a few months, but Leona called on another man. It seemed that it was necessary to make her know who she was.

"Where are you taking me to? I won't go with you. Let go of me, or I'll call someone!" Leona s

truggled intensely. She didn't want to stay with this devil. God knew what he would do to her.

"Go to the hotel and do what you want to do!" Greg blurted out directly. He just wanted to humiliate Leona, which made him feel extremely happy.

"What? Are you out of your mind? You are my sister's boyfriend. How, how could you take me to that kind of place? I don't want to go with you! " Leona didn't expect that this guy would dare to say such words in public. She suddenly blushed and struggled more intensely.

She believed that what Greg said definitely made sense. From the way her father Jonson spoke and the way he behaved as if Greg were an elder to him, Leona knew that Greg was not an ordinary man. Although Leona didn't know what a big deal he was, he was definitely not someone she could mess with.

Although Leona was simple, it didn't mean that she was foolish. She knew that she must leave him before getting on the car. Otherwise, she couldn't imagine what he would do to her.

Of course Greg knew what was on Leona's mind, but he didn't give it much thought. She was like a rabbit in front of him, weak and easy to deal with. As a veteran, Greg could easily handle different kinds of people.

But Greg still kept saying beside her ear, "If you don't want to be headline tomorrow, you'd better leave with me, or I can't guarantee what news will be published on the Internet tomorrow!"

As expected, Leona stopped struggling as she heard what Greg said. Although she didn't like Jonson, he was still her father. And what worried her most was that if Jasmine saw it, Leona would lose her only sister, who was kind to her. In that case, Leona could not hurt her sister's heart.

So Leona had to run. She looked around and saw the toilet which was far away. She said anxiously, "excuse me, can I go to the toilet first? I, I can't hold it... " Her face was as red as a tomato. It was worse for her to tell a man about it than killing her.

Greg knew that Leona was thinking about something, but he just glanced at her and said nothing. Greg just slightly nodded and whispered to her, "Don't try to escape. My men are waiting outside the bathroom. If you dare to escape, I don't know what the consequences will be!"

Leona sneered with anger and said defiantly, "where else can I go? You can come with us if you don't trust me."

Greg looked at Leona with his dark eyes. She really had the nerve to talk to him like that. "I don't think you are in a hurry at all. How about we go to the hotel first?" A cold voice was heard. Greg never fall into such a trick. No matter what Leona does, I will never let her go, let alone she is just a little wild cat.

Leona was surprised to see Greg's look. How could he change his face so fast? Leona was kind of regretful that she made a sharp tongue at the wrong time. Now the most important thing was to run away, and it was not the time to be satisfied with herself.

Then Leona put on an aggrieved look and begged, "I'm really in a hurry. What if I get your car dirty on the way?" After saying this, Leona almost bit her tongue out of shame.

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