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   Chapter 22 The Dispute

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"You bastard! Let Leona go! She is my girlfriend. Don't let your dirty hands touch her!" York was so enraged that he clenched his fist and swung it to punch Greg in the face.

But Greg seemed not to care at all and dodged his fist easily. Still holding Leona in his arms, he suddenly kicked York with his right leg and said, "Humph! Don't overestimate your strength, young man. Do you really think you can stand up for yourself now?" As he was good at martial arts, beating York was definitely a no-sweat job for Greg.

Although York was good at Taekwondo, he was obviously no match for Greg. So as soon as Greg's right leg landed on his stomach, he bent over and twisted in pain.

The impact of Greg's kick was too strong that he couldn't stand up again.

"York!" Leona yelled in panic while still struggling to break free from Greg. She wanted to see how York was. But how could her strength, which was even weaker than York's, win against Greg's ironlike hands?

"Let me tell you this. Leona is my woman. Don't you dare show up in front of her again. If I find out that you are still bothering her, I will wipe out not only you but also the Zhao Company," Greg said lightly, but his voice was full of warning.

"Let go of me! I'd rather die than be with you! Stop dreaming!" Leona was so angry. She didn't expect that Greg was so despicable to even claim her as his woman.

"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You're such a greedy woman, my dear. Is my money not enough for you? But you are the second daughter of the Ling family. You are not lacking money at all. Or, have I not satisfied you in bed? Perhaps you just want more of my time. I'm sorry, my dear. I should have spent more time with you. But I am always busy making money for you. No wonder you've hooked up with this playboy. Look at him. He's such a coward and weak guy. He can't even protect you. Can he even satisfy you?" Greg said and smiled slyly.

His satisfaction surged up when Leona's face turned red with rage, and York's face turned pale with shock. He deliberately said those lies to provoke them more, and it was effective. For him, seeing Leona in pain was much better than anything else. To add fuel to the fire, Greg squatted down and said to York, "I know that she has a beautiful face and a nice body. But they are only for my eyes. I don't allow other men to look at her or even fantasize about her."

"You bastard! I have nothing to do with you. You have no right to insult me!" Leona yelled at Greg again. She was so annoyed that he kept on humiliating her in front of York. What if York believed in him? Would York think of her as a lowly woman?

"I won't believe in anything you say. I know that Leona is a good girl. Stop destroying her with your lies," York said, glaring at Greg. Despite the sharp pain in his stomach, he tried to stand up and attacked Greg again.

But before his fist could even touch Greg's face, Greg kicked him once more. This time, he fell to the floor a few meters away. With blazing eyes, Greg said to him, "I'll tell you this for the last time. She is my woman!" Greg then turned to Leona, lowered his head, and was about to kiss her.

"No! Get off me! I hate you!

" Leona shook her head vigorously to dodge Greg's kiss. Her body trembled with fear as the scene in the bar that night flashed back in her mind.

She couldn't do anything but weep. Until now, she was still trying to understand why Greg was always treating her like this. When Greg harassed her in their house and in the bar, they were alone. But now, they were in the airport lounge. Since they had caused a commotion, a lot of people were now staring at them. She felt so frustrated, especially that York was there.

York's heart was also filled with fury. He couldn't do anything to protect the woman he loved. Seeing her being mistreated in front of him was a huge blow to him.

"You're a son of a bitch! I will kill you!" York felt like his body suddenly became numb from the pain. Leona's miserable look gave him a massive adrenalin rush.

He was about to get up and rush towards Greg again when he heard some heavy footsteps coming towards them. Then a familiar voice shouted, "Stop! What do you think you're doing?" It was Arthur, York's father.

Arthur and Barbara had been busy preparing for the engagement party. Then all of a sudden, York disappeared. They looked for him everywhere but failed to find him. When they were on the verge of giving up, Arthur received a call from someone. The caller told him of York's whereabouts, so he hurriedly rushed to the airport with some of his men to look for York. But he didn't expect to see York in a situation like this.

He was even surprised to see Greg standing not too far away from him. Everyone in the business circle in C City knew Greg. Greg came back from the United States two years ago. Since then, he had shown his talent in the entire C City. In two years, he had managed to annex several companies. Many companies were even driven out of business because of Greg's aggressive behavior. Arthur would never wish York to offend him. Otherwise, the Zhao Company would also be in danger.

Arthur glared at York while pulling him up from the floor. He then turned to look at Leona, who was still beside Greg. He remembered that she was the girl who sent York to the hospital last time.

As a smart businessman, Arthur immediately understood what was going on, and he felt like his heart tightened. He held York, walked over to Greg, and said with a smile, "Hello, Mr. Wei. I didn't expect to see you here. What a coincidence. I have sent you an invitation to my son's engagement party, but I was told that you were out of the country. Did you arrive just now?"

Greg looked at York coldly and said meaningfully, "Yes. And fortunately, I came back on time. Otherwise, my woman would have been taken away. It seems that your son is interested in her."

"What? How can that be possible? My son will be engaged to the daughter of the Shen family today. There must be some misunderstanding here. Please don't take it seriously. York, please explain to Mr. Wei." Arthur dragged York in front and urged him to explain to Greg.

But instead of explaining, York glared at Greg and said, "I have nothing to explain. Leona is not his woman. Leona and I love each other. She will never like someone like him."

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