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   Chapter 21 Conflict

Money Darling By WANDA FITZGERALD Characters: 7398

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York knew about the Mu Company. Although it was smaller compared to their Zhao Company, it was also one of the biggest companies in the city. In fact, when he celebrated his eighteenth birthday, Jonson, who was the president of the Mu Company, was one of their invited guests.

He even remembered that Jonson had a daughter named Jasmine. Although York didn't personally know her, he recalled that she wore luxurious and famous brands of clothing and accessories.

It didn't make sense at all. If Leona was the second daughter of the Ling family, why did the gap between her and Jasmine seem to be so big? It was impossible. York couldn't believe it. Perhaps Greg was only trying to stir trouble. He wouldn't fall for Greg's trap. York turned to look at Leona, hoping that she would deny everything that Greg had said.

Leona's face was deathly pale. Her whole body was uncontrollably shaking. She could tell that Greg was trying to ruin her in York's eyes. However, Leona couldn't find a word to counter him. After all, everything he had said was true.

"Leona, tell me that he's lying!" Leona's silence made York fidgety. He already had a feeling that Greg was telling the truth. But still, he wanted to hear Leona out. And he would believe whatever she said.

"What? Have you swallowed your tongue? Or you just don't have the courage to tell him the truth? Maybe you want to be on the headline tomorrow. I'm sure that your father will become a laughingstock in the whole city. Don't you care about his reputation at all?" Greg didn't hesitate to aggravate Leona's situation.

"Stop talking nonsense! Yes, Leona's surname is Ling. But, is it enough to assume that she is the second daughter of that wealthy Ling family who owns the Mu Company? As far as I know, Jonson has only one daughter. Even if you ask other people in the business world, they will also say the same thing. The Ling family doesn't have a second daughter. Stop slinging mud at her." York still did his best to defend Leona.

He thought that no one else in this world should stand and speak for her but him. She was the love of his life. Even if Leona was really the second daughter of the Ling family, he still had to protect her from Greg. The first thing he must do now was to drive Greg away. The truth about Leona's identity could wait. He could confirm it to her later.

Besides, York had known Leona to be kind and innocent. She couldn't possibly deceive him. He was sure that Greg just wanted to provoke them.

"Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. I don't know if you're just a spoony or you are really stupid. If I am lying, why doesn't she defend herself? Or maybe I should call the Ling family and ask them to come over. At least, they can identify Leona in front of you," Greg said to York, but he was looking at Leona with a smirk on his face.

"No, please don't do that. I admit I am a member of the Ling family. But things are not what you think they are. I am..." Leona was afraid that York would misunderstand her. But she was also scared that Greg would really call the Ling family to come over.

She would feel more embarrassed in front of the Ling family. She would only prove that Cynthia had always been right in calling her a bitch who was good at seducing men. Leona could already imagine the scene that would humiliate her even more.

"What? Are you really the second daughter of the Ling family? Then why did you have to hide it from me?" York looked at Leona in disbelief. Although he had already known the answer, it still hurt to prove that she had lied to him all along.

If Leona didn't conceal her identity from everyone, things might have happened differently. Although Barbara was haughty

, she wouldn't have stopped York from dating Leona if she had known that Leona was the second daughter of the Ling family. And his parents wouldn't force him to marry Joyce. He and Leona could get married like a normal couple after their graduation. But why did she have to lie to him?

"York, I... I also have my own difficulties. As much as I want to... I can't explain everything to you in just a short time. Things are more complicated than you can imagine," Leona anxiously stammered. The last thing she wanted to talk about was her family background. It would only give her so much embarrassment and humiliation.

But if she didn't tell York the truth now, he might misunderstand her even more. However, she didn't know how to clearly explain the situation to him. She needed more time. Leona raised her head and glared at Greg. "Are you satisfied now? Why do you always want me miserable? What makes you hold a grudge against me? Have I offended you before? Why do you have to do this to me?"

Seeing the result of what he did, Greg's mood obviously lightened. Especially when his eyes caught sight of Arthur, who was coming over to them from a distance. He reached out and pulled Leona to his side.

Leona didn't see it coming, so she was caught off guard and almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Greg was fast enough to support her. His arms felt cold on her. It was completely different from the warmth that York's embrace gave her. And the fiery look in his eyes made her heart shiver.

Before Leona could say a word, Greg spoke in a devilish tone, "Wild little kitten, are you surprised that I have seen through your trick? Do you feel disappointed and angry? Unfortunately, your boyfriend won't believe you anymore. Now he knows that you just look innocent on the outside. But deep inside you, you are a bad woman who only cares about money."

Leona felt like she was burning with rage upon hearing his words. She tried to break free from him, but he was too strong for her. Tears streamed down her face as she met his eyes. She then turned to York and said, "York, believe me. Things are not what this man thinks. He doesn't know me. I really have my own reasons. I will explain them to you later."

York was only slightly exasperated after confirming that Leona had indeed lied to him. But his anger on Greg aggravated when he saw that Leona was already standing beside Greg. He believed that Leona had her reasons why she chose to hide her real identity from him. He shouldn't have doubted her.

All of a sudden, York stood up and grabbed Leona's arm, trying to drag her away from Greg. As a man, if he could not even protect his woman, he would rather die.

However, Greg had obviously no plans of letting York win. He held Leona tightly in his arms, with no intention of letting her go.

As York held and pulled Leona's wrist, she suddenly felt a sharp pain. The wrist that was yanked by York was the same one tugged by Greg just now. Greg had exerted so much strength on it that her wrist got bruised all over. Now that York had touched it, she couldn't help crying in pain.

"Ouch! It hurts," she complained meekly. Tears stained her face, and beads of sweat appeared on her forehead.

"I'm sorry," York immediately apologized. Despite his anger, he still cared about Leona so much. So when he noticed that she seemed to be in pain, he released her arm in an instant. His heart ached when he saw the bruises around her fair and slender wrist. He felt guilty thinking that he made them black and blue.

As soon as York let go of Leona's wrist and saw the bruises around it, he quickly threw a punch towards Greg's handsome face with all his might.

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