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   Chapter 20 Trouble

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Greg was about to go back to the company with his secretary. He hadn't been back for a long time and there must be a lot of documents piled up in the company waiting for his review. He was not a person who slowed his work. All of a sudden, he saw that York, in a suit, ran to Leona's side, and held two tickets in his hands suspiciously.

As an insensitive person, Greg knew exactly what they were going to do. They were actually going to elope. Greg still remembered that York was the guy who saved Leona last time in the bar.

After that, Greg asked his assistant to investigate the boy's background and knew that he was the successor of the Zhao Company. From the flustered look of the two, they must have carried it on their back. Then Greg turned to his secretary and asked, "is there anything urgent in Zhao Company today?"

The Secretary didn't understand Greg at the moment and said, "Boss, do you refer to the Zhao Company? We don't have any business with them!"

"I'm asking if Zhao Company is going to have a banquet today." Greg said impatiently.

"Oh, yes, the Zhao Company..." The Secretary tried hard to think about the news about the Zhao Company today. He remembered that there was a dinner party in the Zhao family today, and they also sent an invitation card to the Wei International Trade Company.

"There will be a dinner party in the Zhao family today. The young master of the Zhao family will be engaged to the only daughter of the Shen family!" The secretary told Greg what he had heard.

Greg finally understood what the two were doing. Greg didn't know that York loved that Leona so much, but Greg thought that it was their misfortune to come across him.

Then Greg told the secretary with a playful smile on his face, "Tell Arthur immediately that his son, who is going to get engaged, is now at the airport with a girl. It seems that he is going to elope!"

The secretary was confused, but he didn't ask. Greg's thoughts was beyond his imagination. He just needed to do as he was told.

On the other hand, Greg wasn't in a hurry to go back to her office. He turned around and walked towards the resting area, where Leona and York were whispering to each other. York hold Leona's hand tightly and looked at her fondly.

Greg's face darkened at once. He thought, 'Leona is really a troublemaker. It seems that I haven't taught her enough lessons last time.' But it didn't matter. Greg had plenty of time to play with her. He wanted to let her know her identity.

"May I tell you one more joke? There used to be a hunting house... " Seeing that Leona could not stop herself from laughing crazily because of his jokes, York thought she was very lovely. He had never seen her like this.

In the past, she always looked indifferent to anything, except for going to school and working. The heavy burden of life almost made her forget how long she had not laughed. But it didn't matter. He would make her happy every day and let her live in happiness.

Just when York was about to tell her a joke again, a pair of shiny black leather shoes suddenly appeared in front of him. York raised his

head as he saw it, and his heart suddenly missed a beat. How could he meet Greg here?

Leona was about to listen to York's next joke. Although she was always very uneasy, she saw his ingratiating face. In order to make her happy, York racked his brains to think of various jokes. So at the same time, Leona he forced herself to smile a smile. Leona also tried her best not to think about the uneasiness in her heart.

Seeing the expression on York face, Leona looked in the direction of his gaze and her heart skipped a beat. Leona remembered this man even if he turned into ash. It was Jasmine's boyfriend. That scum, Greg. Why was he here?

Leona couldn't forget about the last few meetings with him, and he always bullied her. 'No wonder I always feel uneasy. It's probably because of this guy.'

Leona couldn't forget Greg's face, as her hands were gripping so hard that their knuckles turned white. She clutched York's big hands and her body was trembling.

As well as York, he also saw Greg. It was this villain who tried to bully Leona in the bar. If he hadn't come to her in time, he really couldn't imagine what would have happened.

York then put an arm around Leona's thin shoulder and pulled her closer to himself, looking at Greg firmly. York wanted to make it clear with actions that he would protect his woman, no matter what happened.

Looking at the couple sitting close to each other, Greg got angry for no reason and a flicker of light flashed through his eyes. The second daughter of the Ling family, who could only lie to a man with a pitiful look, really knew how to control the mind of a man. Such a good for nothing boy of Zhao Family was fooled by her.

Then Greg smiled playfully and said slowly, "Isn't this the second daughter of the Ling Group? Is the Ling Group going bankrupt? Why do you wear such shabby clothes and sit here? It seemed that you was going to elope with the future master of Zhao Company. If this news could be found on the Internet, it would surely make the public surprised. I guess that Jonson will also feel humiliated. I don't see how uneasy you are. How many playboys have you hooked up with? Do you have a sense of accomplishment?"

What Greg said had pointed out the identity of Leona and implied that York was just a playboy. If Greg was right, York may don't know who Leona was.

As Greg expected, he saw that the facial expression on York's face changed. It seemed that Greg had made a right decision. Greg smiled and looked at Leona and York, who were bewildered and didn't know what to do.

As expected, York was quite shocked by the news. In the past two years since Leona was admitted into the University, he had done a lot of background research on her. But York didn't get any information about Leona's family background from her file and classmates.

As Leona was a part-time worker, and from her dressing, one could see that she was from a poor family. It was because of her unyielding character that York deeply fell in love with her. But all of a sudden, York was shocked to learn that Leona was not Cinderella but from a rich family like him?

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