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   Chapter 19 An Encounter At The Airport

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Leona took York to the Ling's house through the back door. She had always been here before. At this time, Leona came into her room from the corner door and quickly cleaned up her things.

In fact, Leona had nothing else to pack up except for some simple clothes for change and some identification. There was only a little deposit in her savings. Leona turned back and took a last look at the room where she had lived for 19 years. She had always been neglected in this family, and maybe no one would notice her if she left. They would be happier if they found out that she was gone.

Be ready to go, Leona turned around and walked fast towards the door. Soon she left the Ling family's residence and got on the taxi. When they was about to drive away, York took Leona's bag and said, "You don't need these clothes. We can buy them after we leave here."

Hearing that, Leona blushed. The cotton shirt in front of York's hand was hers. She picked up her handbag and said, "These still can be worn. Before we settle down, we need to cut down on the expense." Leona was completely different from York because she had been used to living a hard life.

The two of them took a taxi to the airport. When they arrived, York said, "what about your passport? We should go and buy the air ticket now. No matter which country we are going to, the most important thing is to leave here as soon as possible. We will talk about the rest at that time! "

At this moment, it occurred to Leona that she did not have a passport. In the Ling family, she was just a mistress like a servant. She had never come out of the country, so how would she has a passport? She murmured, "I... I don't have my passport!"

Suddenly, York slapped his forehead and scolded himself for being such a fool. Leona had to work two jobs a day. How could she possibly have the chance to go abroad? York was thinking quickly. Since he was unable to go abroad at present, he had to go to another city at least. He simply couldn't stay in H City anymore. "It doesn't matter. We can go to another city first. Wait for me here. We will leave after buying the air ticket," York added

An airplane from America landed at the airport. Greg was carrying a briefcase and wearing an Armani suit. Greg was so tall that he stood out among the crowd. He was handsome and cool that everybody would notice him.

In the past few months, he had been travelling between H City and America for two contracts. He didn't need to go there in person, but there were some problems with the construction site in America, and the workers were all on strike. He had no choice but to fly to America in his hundreds of busy hours.

After all things were over, and then they came back from the United States. When they were in America, Jasmine called him almost every day. Greg said these words perfunctorily and hung up the phone. That woman was already under his control, so he didn't have much energy to comfort her.

Greg didn't tell Jasmine that he had come back today, because he didn't want her to bother him. Greg's secretary was waiting for Greg at the exit, and rushed out as soon as he saw Greg and said, "Mr. Wei, you're back. Are you going back to the villa for a rest..."

"Go to the company first!" Greg interrupted the Secretary and walked out of the office. Greg didn't like to ask others to help him with his work because he wanted to

do it himself.

"But you just got off the plane..." The Secretary paused as soon as he caught sight of the boss's eyes. He knew very well about Greg's temper, so he'd better shut up at this moment. And the driver had already parked his car outside the airport.

On the way out, Greg suddenly saw a familiar figure. The girl carrying a little shabby bag in her hand and anxiously looking at the passers-by was exactly the second daughter of the Ling family. The wild cat? Why was she here?

Then Greg looked at the bag in Leona's hand and wondered who the little wild cat wanted to run away with? That thought flashed through Greg's mind.

At this moment, York, who had just bought their air tickets, rushed here. He was wearing a high-end evening dress, which didn't fit in with Leona's T-shirt and jeans.

"Leona, I bought two air tickets to the W City. We will go there first and then I will help you apply for the passport. After that, we can go abroad!" York was really glad that Leona agreed to go with him.

In his heart, he had already regarded Leona as the best choice for his future wife. Originally, York had planned to treat her as a normal couple step by step, so that Leona would be loyal to him.

But now it seemed that it was not bad either. He could feel that Leona hasn't love him to the degree to be willing to die with him. But it didn't matter. They could take their time.

York didn't expect that his family's trouble made things between him and Leona progressed so fast. The thought that he would live with Leona from now on and see her every day sent a shiver down his spine.

Leona still felt unreal until now. Looking at the two air tickets in York's hands, she had to go far away from him in the future. Although there was no special feeling in this city, Leona still felt reluctant to leave.

Especially York, who was different from her, had a glorious family and would be the successor of the Zhao Company in the future. When he moved out of town, York couldn't rely on his family anymore. He had to earn money on his own. Would young master, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, get used to the life there?

For the last time, Leona wanted to make sure that York really has make up his mind. If York hadn't considered the problems he would have to face in the future, they might as well not leave now. Leona gently bit her lips and said, "York, are you sure you want to leave here? If we get out of here, we can't still live a life without worrying about food and clothing like we do now. We need to do everything by ourselves!"

With a serious look on his face, York held Leona's hand tighter and said sincerely, "if you can rest assured, I am not a rich second generation who can only live on my family. From now on, I will use my own hands to make money, so that you can live a rich life. Trust me, I can make it!"

Looking at York's glittering eyes, Leona finally dispelled the last doubt in her heart and nodded heavily. "Okay, then we'll go!"

Before they boarded the plane, York took Leona to the rest area and waited to board the plane. They chatted and laughed from time to time. York tried his best to tell a joke to Leona, making her relieved from the burden in her heart.

Although Leona was chatting with York all the time, she still felt uneasy in her heart for no reason, as if something bad was about to happen.

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