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   Chapter 18 Be Ready To Run Away

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Hearing the familiar voice on the phone, Leona almost thought it was her illusion. Why did York suddenly call her after disappearing for half a month?

"Hello..." Looking at the phone that had been hung up, Leona frowned. It seemed that this guy was very anxious. What on earth happened?

She dialed the number but nobody answered. It was a public phone number. Leona could only wait at the restaurant's door. Within twenty minutes, York showed up.

The man in front of him was dressed in an expensive Italian handmade suit. His white suit and tall figure made him even more handsome. Leona was even more confused. York didn't even drive his fancy sports car, but took a taxi here.

Before Leona said anything, she saw York get off the taxi. When York saw her, he shouted anxiously, "Leona, get on the car!"

"But my bicycle..." Slowly watching her bicycle, Leona said slowly.

"Leave it alone. You can get in the car first, or it will be too late!" York rushed out of the cab, grabbed Leona's arm and rushed to the cab.

"What happened?" It was not until Leona got in the taxi that she looked at the breathless York. He was in a panic with sweat on his forehead. Leona quickly took out a handkerchief from her pocket and carefully helped him wipe the sweat off his forehead. At the same time, she asked nervously.

"Leona, would you like to go with me? Let's go to a place where no one knows us. From now on, I promise I will love you and take care of you forever! " Regardless of the sweat on his face, York pulled down Leona's little hand that were helping him wipe the sweat, and said affectionately while holding her hand in his.

"What happened? Why did you say that? " Leona asked worriedly as she noticed that York looked weird.

"My family is forcing me to get engaged to Joyce Shen. We'll get married as soon as we graduate from college. Besides, my father applied for us to study abroad and asked me to go with Joyce. You are the only one in my heart. How can I marry her? I have been locked up at home for more than half a month and even my mobile phone has been confiscated. Today is the day of my engagement, so they let me out. I took this opportunity to jump out of the restroom's window. This is the whole story. Are you willing to go with me? I promise I'll be good to you all my life!" York told her what had happened eagerly and briefly.

Leona hesitated. She didn't want to make York against his parents because of her friendship with him. But at the same time, she was moved by the way York looked at her. Leona knew how kind of person York was. He had grown up in a greenhouse. It was not easy for him to abandon everything for her sake?

Seeing that Leona was still hesitating, York simply made her look into his eyes and said affectionately, "if you believe me, I will only be with you in this life. I won't marry any other woman except you. Can you go with me? Are you still willing to stay in this city? We can apply for studying in another place. I won't let you suffer from injustice!"

Hearing York's powerful heartbeat, Leona really wanted to say yes to him. "But what abou

t your parents if we leave? You are the only child in your family. It's impossible that we don't come back all our lives! "

"It doesn't matter. We registered for marriage a few years later and we have a child together," York said soulfully, looking into Leona's eyes. If my parents still refuse to accept my marriage, I will never come back. But, our time is limited. Can you promise me? I've taken everything with me!" As he spoke, York took out a leather suitcase. Inside the suitcase, there was his passport, a variety of identification cards, as well as a large amount of cash.

York knew his parents would freeze his bank account as soon as they found him missing. Even if it was not frozen, as long as York paid in other countries, his father would easily find out where he was.

Then all the credit cards would be useless. So before coming here, York went to the bank and withdrew all the money he could. After all, they were now running away. It was no good if they had no money with them. Before York settled down, all these money was the necessity for his life with Leona.

"I..." Leona hesitated. She was afraid of hurting York, which would be a serious sin for her.

"Leona, is there anything else in this city worth of your love? I have read your profile secretly. You don't have any family here, so just come with me. I believe I will be good to you all my life!" York said sincerely.

"Have you really made up your mind? Once we leave, we can't go back. I don't want you to regret your decision today!" But in fact, Leona heart was softened by York's words. It was true that she had no feelings for this city.

Not to mention the Ling family, her father didn't care about her life at all, and the aunt hated her to the core. The only one who was nice to Leona was Jasmine. But they couldn't see each other for once in a month because Cynthia would always scold and hit Leona when she found out.

As for the mother that Leona just met, although to be honest, Leona had an invisible sense of familiarity with Bess. But after all, they didn't live together from childhood and they weren't affectionate to each other.

Besides, Bess wears quite well and she doesn't need me to take care of her. Perhaps she doesn't love me at all. Leona mulled. Otherwise, why Bess hadn't come to find her until so many years had passed.

And last but not least, Leona knew that as long as she stayed with the Ling family, she could meet Greg at any time. Although Leona didn't know why Greg liked to bully her, she always felt that there was something she couldn't see through his eyes.

That man was so horrible. If possible, Leona wouldn't want to have anything to do with him anymore. And York loved her so much. So what if she took the chance? Leona had nothing. Why no waste her youth on.

At this moment, Leona strongly nodded and said, "Okay, but I have to go home first. All my ID cards are at home!"

"It will be so great. I know you will go with me!" York hugged Leona excitedly, imagining the happy and sweet life of the two, but they didn't know that there was a huge storm waiting for them.

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