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   Chapter 17 York's Call

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Looking at Bess's tearful eyes, Leona felt a burst of sadness. She could imagine the hardships of a young woman bringing up a child without anything to depend on. But Leona was still very angry, since they all abandoned her, why would they give birth to her at that time? For the past 19 years, she had suffered from endless rolled eyes and cold words?

"However, I don't expect you to forgive me, and I don't expect you to call me mom. I know I don't deserve that. But please don't be sad about this. I wanted to take a look at you from a distance, but I couldn't help it. I want to say something to you, even just listen to your voice. And I will often come to see you in the future. If you don't like it, I can just stand in the distance and watch you, okay? If you meet any difficulties in the future, I will try my best to help you... " Said Bess, looking at Leona expectantly.

These years, after she gave birth to Leona, Bess couldn't get pregnant again. She didn't feel so eager when she was young, but as she grew older, Bess looked forward to seeing her child. But Bess wasn't sure whether Leona would forgive her after what she had done to her.

Leona was in a total mess. Although she always held a grudge against Bess, she had to admit that Bess was her biological mother. Blood was thicker than water. Seeing Bess crying like a child in front of her, Leona felt bad, too.

Realizing that Bess had left her without other choice at that time, Leona's heart was softened, but for a moment Leona was still unable to call out mom. Leona stuttered, "I, umm, don't cry. If you have time, you can come to see me at any time!"

Hearing her words, Bess looked up with tears in her eyes and asked in surprise, "really? Can I really come to see you? Are you willing to forgive me? "

Hearing that, Leona sighed slightly and said, "Since I've grown up, it's useless to care about those. Although I didn't totally understand you at that time, the most important thing right now is to cherish the present. Keeping thinking about what we have done is a torment for us! "

Bess looked at Leona and nodded. "Thank you. Thank you. I, I really didn't expect you to forgive me. This is my phone number. If you have anything urgent, just call me. I will come over at any time! "

After bidding farewell to Bess, Leona came to the school late for her first class. It was the first time she hadn't showed up in a class since college.

But at this moment, she couldn't care less. She hadn't seen York for more than a week, and when she called him, his phone had been switched off. This had never happened before. No matter what, even if he doesn't want to see me anymore, he should at least tell me before he suddenly disappears. '.

And the sudden appearance of her own mother also made her mind more messy. While Leona was lost in various fancies and conjectures, Joyce came from a distance and saw Leona standing in front of her with an upset look. Joyce wiggled and said to Leona in a condescending manner, "what's wrong? You haven't seen York for a long time. Do you miss him so much? "

Leona raised her head and found it was Joyce. She stood up immediate

ly and planned to leave as she knew that Joyce did not like her. Leona would rather go to the library to read than waste time arguing with Joyce here.

To Leona's surprise, Joyce stepped forward and blocked her way. Joyce said with a smug smile on her face, "It seems that I am right. I'm telling you, don't expect any more of York to be with you. Do you know why he hasn't come to school these days? Because he is preparing for our engagement ceremony. We have already settled this on purpose. I've told you a long time ago that for people with low status like you, York is only playing with you. You'd better be sober early! " Then Joyce left.

Time passed by muddleheaded. In the blink of an eye, York had disappeared for half a month. Leona had no choice but to make herself busy these days to stop thinking too much.

After school, Leona was about to go to the restaurant to work. As soon as she walked out of the school gate, she saw Joyce coming from the opposite side. Leona instinctively wanted to avoid her. But Joyce didn't want to let go of Leona. Joyce came over again and made sarcastic remarks before leaving with a winner's attitude.

Leona had been used to it. Because these days Leona had been "coincidentally" encountered with Joyce every day. Leona was sad but she had been numb to it. When Leona was about to ride a bicycle, Bess walked towards her and looked at her with caring eyes. Bess asked, "if so, what does she mean by saying that?"

"Nothing, don't ask about it!" Leona was in a hurry to work at the restaurant and she was too tired these days, so she blurted out.

Hearing what she said, Bess's eyes turned red and sobbed, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pried into your private life. I just want to care about you!"

When Leona heard what Bess said, Leona also felt bad. She couldn't help comforting Bess, "I didn't mean that. I'm just in a bad mood recently. It's nothing to do with you. Don't take it to heart."

Bess had lived for such a long time, and after she heard some of Joyce's words just now, she guessed the current situation of Leona. After hesitating for a while, Bess said, "in fact, as a girl, especially a girl at school, you should focus on your study. After all, this society is very realistic. Many rich young men, even if they love a girl, when they are really faced with the choice of marriage, it is still very realistic. I am the best example..."

After Bess left, Leona thought a lot and knew that what Bess said was true. In fact, when Leona had decided to date with York at the very beginning, she had known that it wouldn't end well, but she had been unwilling to face it.

Leona felt relieved when she finally made up her mind. Since things didn't happen as she had expected, she decided not to torture herself any more. But she still felt suffocated.

When Leona wearily walked back at night, her cell phone suddenly rang. It was an unfamiliar number. After hesitating for a long time, Leona finally picked up the phone. She heard a familiar and anxious voice on the other side of the phone, "It's me York, do you still stay in the bar now? Wait for me. Let's talk about it when we meet!"

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