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   Chapter 16 The Real Mother

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After getting along with York for a few months, Leona had become accustomed to the life of being with him. Moreover, since there were rumors that York was about to get engaged, she also became the topic of conversation during her classmates' leisure time.

"Have you heard that York is getting engaged? I told you that he couldn't be with a woman of humble status like Leona. Now, the result indicates!"

"That's right. Leona is just a toy for him. York is too excellent to marry her. Only a girl like Joyce is worthy of him!" Rumors about it spread around in the campus. But Leona pretended not to hear it, and went to the restaurant and bar to work as usual.

In fact, Leona had already believed in this matter. After all, York and she were from two different worlds, and she had long known this. She had been deceiving herself before. Now it was time to come to her sense. But even if York was going to get engaged to someone else, at least he should tell her clearly. Otherwise she would feel that she was waiting for him like a clown.

Obviously, Leona became thinner. Everyone could tell that she had something on her mind. But she had no friend at all. She had been alone for all these years, so what she could do now was just swallowing her own sorrow.

One day, before Leona went to school in the morning, she happened to meet a middle-aged woman at the door. The woman looked well preserved and dressed well. Although she was in her 40s and 50s, she still had a charming figure. And there was a strange sense of familiarity about her.

"Are you Leona?" The middle-aged woman asked in a trembling voice, with tears flickering in her eyes. When she saw Leona, she quickly walked over to her side.

"Who are you?" Startled by the woman's excited expression, Leona subconsciously stepped back and escaped from the middle-aged woman's hand which was reaching for Leona.

"I'm sorry. I'm a little excited. Can I have a talk with you? By the way, are you going to school now? I can wait until you finish your lunch or at night. We can have a talk, okay? Don't worry. I mean no harm! " The middle-aged woman wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and said in a different tone.

Hearing her words, Leona had nothing to say but nodded her head. She found that it was still some time before the class started, so she followed the middle-aged woman to a cafe.

The middle-aged woman attentively pushed all kinds of desserts in front of Leona, with endless tenderness in her eyes, and said, "if you can eat more, I don't know what you like to eat, but I can only order every one of them. Look at you, you are thinner!"

Sitting opposite the woman, Leona looked at the table full of various kinds of desserts. Leona was even more at a loss for what to do. She looked at the middle-aged woman and said, "Lady, what do you want to say? I have to go to school now. It's too late!"

Hearing this, the middle-aged woman shed tears immediately, which made Leona more panic. Leona quickly took out a piece of tissue and passed it to her to wipe the tears. At the same time, Leona asked in a panic, "what's wrong with you? Are you all right? Do you need a driver to take you to the hospital? "

The middle-aged woman took the tissue from Leona, wiped her tears gently and said, "I'm sorry, miss. I made a mistake. I was just a little excited when I didn't see you for a long time. By the way, I haven't introduced myself yet. Actually, I am your mother, Bess Shen! "

The middle-aged woman's words shocked Leona. Bess? She knew that this name was her mother. In Leona's impression, this name was not only a taboo to her father, but also a taboo to the Ling family. Not only her father, but also her mother Cynthia would go crazy as soon as she heard the name.

And Leona didn't like this name, because Bess hadn't taken the responsibility that she should. Moreover, the idea of "mother" felt so unrealistic for Leona. In Leona's own world, her mother was just a name, and there was no real existence at all. But today, this middle-aged woman actually said that she was her mother after Leona became an adult. Wasn't it a satiric thing?

Bess's heart sank when she saw how indifferent Leona was. But she had no choice but to leave her little daughter. After all, Bess had been pregnant for ten months to give birth to Leona. How could she not feel sorry for her daughter?

But Bess also had her own difficulties. She was too young at that time, following Jonson without recognition. She thought she had found her true love. But in the end, Bess finally knew that Jonson did not really love her. He just wanted a son, and she was just a tool for him to use.

Jonson's wife Cynthia couldn't have another child after she gave birth to a daughter, Jasmine. And Jonson wanted to have a son. And Bess happened to appear at that time, so the following thing happened. Bess gave birth to Leona and then Jonson turned a deaf ear to her as he knew that it wasn't a boy. Leona had to stay in the hospital alone in the first month after the delivery.

In that month, Jonson did not appear at all except the day when Jonson gave birth to his child. At that time, Jonson's company also encountered a crisis. After Bess recuperated and found him, he unexpectedly said that she was a jinx. Without her, his company would not have encountered a crisis.

Bess knew that it was just an excuse of Jonson. He couldn't divorce his wife for Bess. On the one hand, he wanted to have a son. On the other hand, Jonson didn't want to be responsible for a daughter. At that time, Bess was only 22 years old. She had no family and could not bring up her daughter alone. Bess could resist hunger and hunger alone, but she couldn't let her daughter suffer with her. Leona might not live a happy life with Jonson, but at least she would not be hungry.

In the end, Bess was so heartbroken that she left Leona to Jonson. But in order to prevent him from abandoning Leona, Jonson spread the news that he had an illegitimate daughter. That's why Jonson had to take Leona home.

Bess knew that she had let Leona down, but she couldn't do anything to help Leona all these years. Bess told what happened to Leona. And Bess was sobbing. She could not help saying to Leona, "I'm sorry, my dear. It's all my fault. I'm not a qualified mother. If God gives me another chance, I will take you with me even if I'm starving. "

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