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   Chapter 15 York Zhao's Engagement

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Looking at York's look, Leona burst into laughter, but her heart was full of gratitude. She knew that he was just accommodating her. Knowing that she didn't like his cool convertible car, York changed his motorbike. Happiness filled Leona's heart at this moment. No matter what would happen in the future between her and York, she wouldn't regret it.

She then took the helmet from York and put it on, saying with a spoiled look, "be careful, my prince. Or I won't dare to ride it."

"Yes, your highness. I will protect you for the rest of your life!" York then sat on his motorbike and drove away from the campus, leaving behind only the exhaust gas.

In the distance, Joyce looked at the two people disappearing from her sight resentfully. But then a hint of hatred flashed across her face. "let's see how long you can be so arrogant. York is doomed to be my man."

When York's motorbike stopped in front of the bar and he was about to follow behind Leona into the bar, his phone suddenly rang. York took out his phone. It was a call from his home. "Hello, mom. What's up?"

"Where are you, York? Did you go to the bar with that immoral girl again? Come back now. I have something important to tell you." At this time, Barbara's heart was beating with rage. No wonder York had been back so late these days. It turned out that he had been seduced by that girl.

"Mom, what are you talking about? Leona wasn't the dubious girl. She was a good girl. You have met her before, haven't you? I have something to do now. I'll talk about it when I get back!" As he spoke, York was about to hang up the phone. He had been worried about Leona since the last time she met Greg in the bar. He needed to protect her in person.

"No, you can't do that. You won't listen to your mother for that Leona. I warn you to come back right now, or else you won't be allowed to enter this house! " Then Barbara hung up the phone.

Leona looked at the embarrassed York and said, "You can go back first. I will be fine. There must be something important to talk with you at home."

"But I can't leave you alone here!" York still hesitated. He still had a lingering fear after what happened last time, fearing that Leona would meet that wretched Greg again.

"It's okay. Greg hasn't been here for so long. I don't think he will come. Besides, I have told Amelia that I will never go to a private room!" Leona didn't want to see her York fight with his family because of her. If so, she would be regarded as a bad girl.

"Okay. Be careful. Call me after work!" York then reluctantly got on his motorbike and left.

When York returned home, his mother, Barbara, and father, Arthur had already been waiting for him in the living room. Arthur came straight to the point and said, "York, your mother, uncle Shen and aunt Shen have decided to hold an engagement ceremony for you and Joyce at the beginning of next month. Before that, you have to get along well with her!"

"What? How can you decide my marriage without my consent? No way. I have a girl I like. I don't like Joyc

e Shen. I won't get engaged to her! " York shouted intensely.

"You jerk! Is that how you talk to your father? I'm telling you, it has been decided, and it's not up to you whether to accept or not. We had a deal when you were young. It's just that I want you to develop a good relationship with Joyce over the years. It seems that it's unnecessary now. As for your girlfriend, you'd better break up with her before long. By the way, don't go to school from today on. After your engagement, I will arrange you to go abroad with Joyce to focus on your study. Then, you can come back and take over my company! "

"I don't agree. How could you decide my future life?" York shouted with dissatisfaction. Why did that kind father suddenly become so unreasonable?

Her mother, Barbara, persuaded her son, "listen to your father, our Zhao Company must cooperate with the Shen Group to carry on its prosperity. You grew up with Joyce. She is beautiful, sensible and nice. She is better than your girlfriend in every respect. This is the best choice for your future wife. Dad and mom will think the best for you! "

"Without the investment from Shen Group, I can also develop our company well. Why do I have to rely on this nepotism?" York couldn't accept that his parents were so snobbish and even threatened him with their future.

"I've made a decision on this matter. You're not allowed to mess around. Remember to get engaged to Joyce and me. And then chuck and Kerr will send the young master back to his room. He can't go out without my permission!" Arthur asked his two subordinates to take York back to his room directly, and then he turned around and went back to his study.

"You can't imprison me here. It's against the law. I don't agree..." No matter how hard York tried to call him, Arthur wouldn't listen to him. York was dragged back to his room by two strong men, and afterward they took away his phone and cut out the telephone line. It seemed that Arthur was determined to lock him up.

York's yelling in the room didn't change the result. If Leona didn't know his own situation, how could he tell her such an important thing? Leona was the only woman in his heart, and there was absolutely no place for another woman. But now, York had been locked, and the door was locked. Moreover, the window was temporary replaced. Like a beast in a cage, York couldn't do anything about it.

Time flied. After York left that night, Leona had not seen him even once. And he hadn't gone to school for so many days. Would something happen to him?

Leona knew that even if she was worried, there was nothing she could do. She didn't know where York's home was, and even if she did, she wouldn't have gone. Leona knew that York's mother didn't like her. She would have disgraced herself if she had come.

There had been a rumor in the school these days that York would soon be engaged to Joyce, his childhood sweetheart. Although Leona did not believe these words, it seemed that York had not appeared to verify it intangibly. If so, what should she do?

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