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   Chapter 14 Joyce's instigation

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As time went by, Leona and York had been together for several months. During these days, Leona had a crush on him. After all, she should be satisfied with such a perfect and obedient boyfriend around her.

Seeing that Leona was walking with York in the campus and they were talking and laughing with each other, Joyce clenched her teeth out of hatred. Joyce thought she was so excellent. In terms of face and figure, she was better than Leona. However, it turned out that in York's eyes, there was only a woman named Leona. Joyce was green with envy.

Joyce showed up at York's home after school. Her mother, Barbara, greeted Joyce to sit down warmly and said, "It's Joyce. You always take so many tonics with you. Don't do that again. Don't regard me as a stranger. By the way, Joyce, why haven't you come to visit me for so long? How are your parents? York isn't at home. I don't know what he is busy with all day long. He doesn't come back until midnight. I almost forget that I have a son. It's better to have a daughter!"

Joyce laid down the gifts she brought with her on the table, politely sat on the sofa and said to Barbara, "recently, I was a little stressed by school, so I came to see you whenever I had time. York is very busy. He should send his girlfriend to the bar every day. No, no, No. I said nothing. Barbara, forget what I said. " Joyce immediately covered her mouth, pretending to have accidentally spilled the beans.

Seeing Joyce's reaction, Barbara was confused. She looked at her and said, "Joyce, what did you say? York has a girlfriend. And this girl is in the bar. Why would a good girl go to that kind of place? When did our York make a girlfriend? Why didn't I know? Tell me his girlfriend's name and what does her family do. I am so worried! "

"I I don't dare to say it. York will be angry if he knows that I'm just speaking ill of him behind his back. I think I'd better go home first. And Barbara, please don't ask York about it. Just ignore me. " Joyce immediately pretended to go, stood up and intended to go out.

"Joyce, do you think I am an outsider?" Asked Barbara, taking Joyce's hand

"Of course not. I think you are just my own mother. How could you be an outsider? But I... " Joyce lowered her head, as if it was hard for her to say it out. In fact, she was overjoyed in her heart. That was exactly what she wanted. If she asked Barbara to advise York, then he wouldn't be able to see Leona even if he was reluctant.

"Since you don't think I'm an outsider, you'd better tell me the truth. What was going on with York's girlfriend?" Barbara asked Joyce impatiently.

"Then, I will told you, don't tell York that I told you that, or he'll be angry with me!" Joyce looked at Barbara and said with an awkward expression.

" I'm so worried. Just tell me. Your promise not to tell it to York!" Barbara kept urging Joyce to tell about York.

"Here is the thing. You know a girl named Leona in the school. Her family background isn't known to all in our school, but it seems that she comes from a humble family. I just know that she goes to the bar every day by riding an old bicycle and works every evening. I heard that York would pick her up and down every day. That's all I know. Mom, please don't say that I told

you! " Joyce blurted out the whole story.

She knew Barbara well. Barbara looked down upon those who were from humble families. She said that on purpose to piss off Barbara.

As expected, after hearing Joyce's words, Barbara seemed to be upset and shouted, "what? How can our York be with that kind of disreputable girl? Wait, did you say the girl's name is Leona? " It suddenly occurred to Barbara that she thought York was hit in the middle of the night because of that girl. And she was right.

"I'm not blaming you, Joyce. But why didn't you stop York from doing something stupid? Those disrespectful girls outside dated with our York and knew exactly what it meant. They were after our Zhao Family's wealth. Previously, your uncle Zhao and your parents had been trying to make a match between you two. Although you haven't engaged yet, we are only afraid of affecting your studies. We hope that after you graduate, you should always remind York not to be seduced by bad women outside! "

Joyce immediately pretended to be aggrieved and said, "You know York's temper. If I tell him, he will definitely be angry with me. I'm afraid that he will not talk to me anymore. Last time when I went to see Leona and asked her to stay away from York, she asked me who I was and said that I could only talk about this after I became York's wife. I've tried my best. After all, I'm only a friend to York, and nothing more. No wonder Leona's so arrogant. At our school, York is not the only one who's with her. People say that she goes out with many boys at the same time... "

"This bad woman must have her own ulterior motives. I will call York and ask him to come back as soon as possible. Staying with that kind of girl all day long will have a bad impact on him. You go back first, Joyce. I'll discuss with your uncle Zhao and your parents as soon as possible to advance your engagement ceremony, so that if Leona dares to pester us again, you can drive her away as York's fiancee! " Barbara seemed to have made up her mind.

"Well, I'll go back then. If York comes back and sees me here, he'll be angry with me." When Joyce saw that she had achieved her goal, she immediately said goodbye and left.

It had been a happy time for York recently. Finally, he had fallen in love with Leona and became her guardian angel. Today, he specially left his convertible sports car at home and went to the school on a white heavy motorcycle he just bought. The gust of wind and the white racing suit made him look more handsome and cool, which attracted the screams of countless girls on the way.

"Oh, my God! I didn't expect that York could be so handsome when he wear something like a racing driver!"

"Oh my god That's senior York? Where was his convertible? Cool! "

Seeing York's heavy motorbike, Leona was surprised with her mouth shaped like an "O" and confused. She asked, "what are you doing?"

Without saying a word, York threw a helmet to Leona, and then bent beside the motorcycle, bending his left hand and bending his right hand at the back of the left hand and making a gentleman salute. York said in a cool voice, "this is my new ride. From now on, its name is white horse. I am the prince of your white horse. My princess, please ride on the horse!"

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