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   Chapter 13 Turn From A Sparrow To A Phoenix

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The girl's name was Helin. She worked in this bar as a waitress, and she got along well with Leona. She also didn't like Olivia who thought it was better to be a prostitute than to be a waitress.

Helin had seen sand and Leona went into a private room one after another. But later, Olivia went away with a man who looked evil.

Although Helin didn't know what Olivia would do with that man, she could guess it based on her understanding about Olivia.

But Leona did not come out. Helin knew that there were two men in the No.1 private room and one of them was coming out at this time. Obviously, Leona was still in the room with another man. Wouldn't it be very dangerous for Leona?

Helin was certain that something bad would happen since they were in the same room alone. But she was just a waitress. Helin was not allowed to enter a private room without guest's call. Although she was worried about Leona's safety, there was nothing she could do.

Just then, Helin raised her head and saw York walking in from the door. She quickly walked towards him. She knew that York had a fight with someone because of Leona. Although Leona had told her that the man in front of her was just a senior, she could see that he was in love with her. It was a good time for him to be the hero to save Leona in distress.

"Nice to meet you. You are York, aren't you? Leona were in the No.1 room. She has been in there for a long time. We usually serve drinks in the hall, but today she hasn't come out yet. I'm afraid she will be bullied. Please come in and have a look, OK?" Helin said to York anxiously.

Hearing this, York became anxious. No wonder he couldn't find Leona after searching for a long time. It turned out that she was in a private room. Although York seldom came to this kind of place, he knew that private rooms were usually carried directly by young ladies. He wondered what would happen inside. Fortunately, he came here today, otherwise Leona would be bullied again.

York rushed to the door of the private booth with several big strides. Before he could push the door open, he could vaguely hear the cry for help from inside. York raised his leg and slammed the door open. The scene before him made him even angrier.

At this moment, Leona was lying on the sofa with tear stains on her small face. There was blood streak around her neck.

"What are you doing? Let her go!" As York spoke, he had moved close to them and pushed away Greg saving out Leona who had no power to fight back. York quickly took off his coat and covered it on Leona. With one arm protecting her, he walked out quickly.

"Stop! Who are you? Who let you in? " She shouted angrily as she saw Kevin was about to take her away as if nothing had happened.

"I'm her boyfriend. She's just a waitress here, not a barmaid. You can't do this to her!" York turned back and yelled back. York hadn't lost his temper yet, and this man was shouting. Who did he think he was?

"So what's the difference? How could a girl of a good family work in such a place? I think you are the toy boy they are talking about. I'd better give you a suggestion. Don't be deceived by her appearance. She is just a disgraceful woman. I don't think your family will agree you to be with her!" Greg

said that deliberately as if nothing had happened.

His desire to be dominated just now disappeared, and he grabbed his expensive suit and put it on. Before leaving, she glanced scornfully at Leona's tear stained face, and deliberately approached her ear and whispered in a voice that the two of them could hear, "wild kitten, we're not done yet, and I'm looking forward to meeting you next time!"

"Humph, Leona wasn't the girl you said. What's wrong with her loving herself? Don't look at her in that dirty way! " York scolded Greg loudly for what Greg did to Leona.

York thought even if his mother didn't like Leona, he didn't care. He was looking for a girlfriend, not a mother. It was up to himself to decide who he would be with.

"Well, let's wait and see!" Said Greg as he turned around and left.

"You..." York was so angry that he still wanted to argue with him. Leona pulled the corner of his clothes, wiped the tears on her face and said softly, "forget it. It's no use arguing with that kind of person. I'll go change my clothes first!" Then she went to the dressing room.

Leona didn't want to put York in a difficult position. Although she didn't know how big his company was, from the eagerness of Jonson and Cynthia, it wasn't hard to guess that it was a very big company. It was at least bigger than the Ling group, or they wouldn't have made such a compromise.

Of course Leona knew that York was the future owner of the Zhao Group, but he was still a student, and he was no match for such a cunning woman as Greg. Leona had no evidence to prove it, but her intuition told her that Greg was very scary.

After that incident, it was really an undeniable obligation for York to serve as a bodyguard as her boyfriend. However, Leona insisted she go to school by herself every morning on the bicycle, because she didn't want others to misunderstand her.

After school, York insisted on driving her to the restaurant or the bar to work, because he was worried since she would work in that kind of place for a long time. He didn't want Leona to go, but she wouldn't listen. York could only insist on accompanying her in the bar till she got off work.

Leona protested for several times, but obviously it didn't work. Finally, she had to let him do what he wanted. At the same time, the relationship between them was almost set. Gradually, Leona began to like York. After all, although York had an influential family background, he would never take advantage of his power to bully people. Moreover, he would be obedient to Leona, and she could not find a boyfriend like him.

The two of them being together could be seen everywhere in the campus. Faced with the ridicule of everyone, Leona tried her best not to take it to heart.

According to the rules, they couldn't go to fancy restaurants but to have dinner in a small restaurant or a big restaurant and they had to go dutch.

Leona didn't want others to say that she went to get along with York just because she was interested in York's money. York wouldn't object these rules. He knew that she was a tough girl, so he had no choice but to listen to her. For a time, a rumor had been spreading all over H University that Leona wanted to turn from a sparrow to a phoenix.

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