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   Chapter 12 The Tough Time

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"Since you don't want me to call her, you have to be obedient. Otherwise, I can't guarantee that my finger won't dial the number!" She heard that evil voice from behind, and she had a cold, ruthless and scornful smile on her face.

In Greg's opinion, it was just a way that Leona could play cat and mouse. He would not be deceived by her innocent appearance. He had been in the business field for nearly ten years and had made the small Wei Group become the Wei International Group today. He had met many different people.

Although it seemed that Leona was telling the truth and there were tears in her innocent eyes, Greg took it as a performance first.

Olivia, who sat beside them, watched Leona struggling in Greg's arms. And when Leona looked at Olivia for help, Olivia didn't seem to want to help at all. Instead, she exaggerated, "if so, I think Mr. Wei is much better than the toy boy who sent here a few days ago. Greg is obviously a successful man, not like the guy who looks like a punk. You'd better have a good chat with Greg!"

Olivia said that deliberately. She was very jealous. Why could Leona attract the attention of so many men? 'just because Leona is more beautiful so doesn't mean Leona is more charming than me. I am average in terms of figure and appearance, but the security guys and manager here treat Leona better.'

Leona sold more drinks at the bar, and many people came here for her. Before Leona came here, Olivia was widely acknowledged as the most beautiful woman sitting there. But now, she had moved to the second place. Olivia was not reconciled.

Hearing Olivia's words, Greg's eyes darkened. He knew Leona was restless. No wonder she liked to work at this kind of place. It seemed that his guess was right.

"Wild pussycat, I didn't expect you to be popular among men. Tell me, how many men have you seduced here?" He wanted to teach Leona a lesson.

Leona struggled hard and kept begging. She shook her head and said, "No, that's not true. And you're Jasmine's boyfriend. Why did you do this to me? What on earth did I do wrong? "

Leona was full of anger and sadness. What bad luck! Why all the bad things happened to her? As for the man in front of her, Leona only met him three times counting this, but she was molested twice in a row. She warned herself in the heart that she must stay away from this man in the future.

"You're such a good girl. It's all your fault. Since you like men so much, let me satisfy you!" As Greg spoke, he approached her again.

"Get off me, you bastard! Let me go!" Seeing that, Leona cried out in panic as she really felt scared. At the same time, she exerted all her strength to slap on Greg.

"Aren't you a whore? Stop playing innocent? If you serve me well, I'll give you whatever you want. Let me see what you have learned

from other men!" On the other side, Leona could see the man's face darkened. At this moment, Greg couldn't even control his desire for her.

Greg was irritated by his feelings. He had always been proud of his self-control. But now he was wrong. This was the last thing he could tolerate.

As Leona struggled hard, she suddenly felt something against her back and trembled all over. Although she had never seen such a feeling, she had learned it in the physiological class. She knew that she would be in danger if she continued to struggle.

"Well, wild pussycat. If you continue to move like this, I'm not sure if I'll come straight here!" Greg said with a muffled grunt and his eyes darkened.

At that moment, Leona was really scared. She sat there still, thinking that besides them, there were also his friend and Olivia. Was he really that kind of bastard who made trouble here? Thinking of this, she felt a little relieved.

At this moment, Greg frowned. He just wanted to put out the fire as soon as possible. Then he glanced at Evan next to him, and the man stood up immediately and said, "I think we'd better go to another place. Don't disturb Mr. Wei!"

Then Evan turned to said to Greg and Leona, "we're leaving. You guys have fun here. Bye, wild cat." Then Evan showed an understanding smile to Leona and walked out with Olivia.

"No! Don't go!" If they were all gone, she and Greg were left alone here. She couldn't imagine what crazy things he would do to her.

However, no matter how loudly Leona yelled, Evan still walked out with Olivia. Before leaving, he gave her a wink, with the intention obvious in his eyes.

When the door was closed behind her, her heart sank to the bottom. What if Greg was rude to her?

Before Leona could turn around, Greg had pounced on her impatiently.

Olivia and Evan walked outside the room and looked into the room viciously. They knew that Leona couldn't escape tonight. Then Olivia walked out of the room with Evan, and a malicious smile appeared on her face.

After being in the hospital for nearly half a month, the doctor finally announced that York could be discharged. Having stayed in the hospital for such a long time, he felt that his entire body was filled with the smell of disinfectant.

For the past two weeks, Leona came to the hospital to spend a little time with him almost every day, but he still felt it was not enough. If possible, York wanted to see her by his side every moment.

At night, York was thinking about Leona. Although he had seen her in the daytime, he still wanted to see her now. He drove his sports car out of the garage and headed for the bar.

When York walked into the noisy bar, he didn't see the person he was familiar with. While he was looking for Leona, a girl in bunny girl's clothes came to him.

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