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   Chapter 11 You Bastard

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Leona's body stiffened at once. Her chest pounded, and she felt like her heart was about to jump out of it. No one had ever called her "little wild kitten" aside from Greg. Why was he here?

Before she could do anything, Greg had already pulled her down. As Leona fell down on him, Greg inhaled her fresh scent. He couldn't understand why he suddenly felt exhilarated. In his eyes, she was a woman of easy virtue. But why did he seem to have a crush on her? Was it because it had been a long time since he had been intimate with a woman?

Leona looked so pure. She had those innocent eyes. It seemed that she was not the type of woman who wandered around with different kinds of men. But still, Greg tried to convince himself that Leona was only good at playing tricks to make a man fall for her. She must really be capable of hooking up with any man.

Leona was so terrified. She struggled to break free from Greg's grip, but she failed. Her big frightened eyes were now filled with tears. She wondered why Greg, who was her sister's boyfriend, always treated her like this.

"What are you doing? Let go of me. Or else, I will call for help," Leona shouted in panic, still struggling with all her might. However, her strength was no match for Greg.

"Well, well, well. I'm hurt. You forget me so soon, little wild kitten. But me? I remember you all the time. Have you forgotten what you did to me last time? All of my life, no woman has ever hit me, but only you. And I've told you, you will pay for it. Remember me now?" Greg then pressed Leona's head down and locked her in his arms.

"Oh, my God! Greg, let me go! It was you who did something to me... Go away from me!" Leona was so scared that she almost bit her tongue. She couldn't understand how her future brother-in-law could do this to her.

Evan, who was sitting next to them, was already holding Olivia in his arms. Actually, they were already tangled up. But when he heard what Greg had said, he was so surprised. He couldn't help staring at Leona with disbelief written all over his face. Never did he think that she dared to slap Greg. Greg had gained a black belt in karate. Even men were scared of him.

And as far as he could remember, except one particular woman, Greg had only met two types of women in his life. First were the women who loved chasing him. These women would do everything to ingratiate themselves with Greg. They were willing to try every means to sleep with him. After all, Greg was known to be generous to women around him.

The second type were those women who immediately got intimidated once they saw Greg's poker face. They easily got frightened and didn't dare to make a move at all. For the first time, Evan had met a woman who dared to slap Greg. He couldn't help staring at Leona with new eyes.

"Now, tell me. What did I do to you last time?" Greg said with a playful smile on his face. But it didn't reach his eyes, as they still remained cold.

"Last time, you..." Leona was too scared to finish her sentence. How could she say in front of Olivia and Greg's friend that he kissed her last time? She pressed her lips tightly as she didn

't know what to say.

All her life, she had never been harassed by any man like this. She felt embarrassed and angry at the same time. All of a sudden, Leona thought of a way to break free from Greg. She suddenly lowered her head and bit his arm as hard as she could.

As soon as the taste of blood spread through her tongue, she thought that it was easier to escape from him. But she was wrong. Much to her dismay, Greg had no intention of letting her go.

Greg pulled Leona's hair with his other hand, so she would stop biting his arm. It seemed like he didn't feel any pain at all.

"Wild little kitten, do you think this method works all the time? Don't act so innocent. You're just playing hard to get," Greg said angrily and bit Leona.

"Ouch! It hurts. You bastard! Let go of me! I... I'll tell Jasmine!" After pondering for a while, Leona still couldn't come up with any threatening words. This private room was soundproof. And it was also too noisy outside. Even if she screamed at the top of her lungs, no one would hear her cry for help.

Apparently, Olivia didn't care about her too. So left with no choice, she used Jasmine to threaten Greg. She thought that he didn't know her relationship with Jasmine at all, so she didn't mention that Jasmine was her sister.

Greg looked at Leona with a devilish grin on his face. She already looked so helpless, but she still didn't want to admit that she was a member of the Ling family. Leona was too naive to threaten him with Jasmine and to think that he didn't know their relationship. But since she didn't want to reveal her identity, he would play along with her.

"All right. Tell Jasmine then. Let's see if she will believe you. Maybe she will even think that you are deliberately seducing me." This time, Leona looked at Greg with her bloodthirsty eyes.

"Let go of me. You're hurting me. You are a bastard, so Jasmine will never believe you." She sounded so firm, but deep in her heart, she had no confidence in her words at all. Leona didn't expect that Greg would just ignore her threat. It was as if he already knew that Jasmine would always believe in him. Perhaps even if Jasmine saw the situation now, Jasmine would still believe him no matter what he said.

"Call Jasmine now and ask her to come here. She must see what is going on. What do you think?" Greg challenged her. "And remember, my name is Greg Wei. No matter how many men you have hooked up with, I will be your only man from now on." Obviously, Greg wanted to own her. He would keep her as his woman while he was in a relationship with Jasmine. When Leona didn't make a move, Greg took the initiative to take out his phone and was about to call Jasmine.

Leona's face turned deathly pale at once. She couldn't let Jasmine know what was happening. Jasmine was the only person who had been nice to her in the Ling family. She couldn't hurt Jasmine's feelings. Panic-stricken, Leona tried hard to grab the phone from Greg. But since her hands were tightly encircled behind her back, she couldn't move freely.

She was so worried that she cried out desperately, "I beg you, please don't call Jasmine."

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