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   Chapter 11 You Bastard

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Leona could clearly hear the strong and powerful heartbeat sound from nearby. Her body stiffened at once. The only person who could call her wild cat was Jasmine's boyfriend. Why was he here?

Before Leona could react, she had been pulled down by Greg and there was a fresh aroma from Leona. Greg didn't understand why he would have a crush on such a woman of easy virtue? Was it because he hadn't touched a woman for a long time?

Besides, her eyes were clear, without any impurity, and there was no sense of dust in the eyes of the woman who often wandered around all kinds of men. This must be what Leona was capable of and that must be a trick she played to cheat a man. Greg made such a conclusion in his heart.

Terrified and struggling, Leona tried to break herself free but failed. Her big frightened eyes were filled with tears. Leona wondered why her sister's boyfriend always treated her like this.

"What are you going to do? Let go of me, or I will call someone!" Leona shouted in panic. She had struggled for quite a long time but still failed to get out.

"Well, well, well. You forget me so soon, you little wild cat? I remember you all the time. Do you still remember what you did to me last time? You are the first woman who dares to hit me in my life. I told you that you would pay for it. Don't you forget it so soon? " As soon as he said, Greg pressed her head down and enveloped Leona under the shadow.

"Oh my God Go away! It was you Otherwise, I won't beat you! " Leona was so scared that she nearly bit her tongue. How could this guy do this to her?

Next to her, Evan was holding Olivia in his arms, and they were already tangling together. Evan was surprised to hear what Leona said. He cast a glance at the girl. She was the one who slapped Greg last time? Greg is a Karate Black Belt. Ordinary people can't approach him.

As far as Evan remembered, there were only two kinds of women that Greg had met. One is the kind who would do everything to ingratiate herself with Greg. They would try every means to sleep with him. It was well known that Greg was always generous to women around him.

But as soon as these girls saw Greg's poker face, they were frightened and didn't dare to move at all. However, now this woman dared to slap him, Evan couldn't help but look at her with new eyes.

"What did I do to you last time? Tell me!" Greg wore a playful smile on his face, but it didn't reach his eyes. There was only endless coldness in his eyes.

"Last time you..." Leona was too scared to say a word. How could she, a girl, say something like that? She didn't know what to say. There were two people watching.

The two of them were in an embarrassing situation. It was the first time that someone had done this to her since sh

e was a kid. Leona was both shy and angry. Suddenly, Leona saw Greg's arm was very close. So she grabbed it, put it in her mouth and bit it hard.

As soon as the thick smell of blood spread through her mouth, Leona had thought that it was easier for her to break out. But to her surprise, Greg had no intention of letting her go

At the same time, Greg held her with one arm, and grabbed her cheeks with the other, forcing her to release the mouth that tightly bit his arm.

"Wild pussycat, do you think this method would work every time? Don't act so innocent in front of me. You can't play cat and mouse with me! " As Greg said angrily, he bit Leona.

"Oh my God It hurts. You bastard, let go of me, or I, I I'll tell her! " Leona still couldn't come up with any threatening words after she pondered for a long time. Because of the good sound insulation equipment of the box. Besides, it was a bar and it was noisy outside. No one would hear the cry for help from inside.

Apparently, Olivia in the other side didn't care about Leona at all. Then Leona remembered that Cynthia told her not to call her "aunt" last night. Perhaps Jasmine's boyfriend didn't know her existence at all. So she didn't mention sister. Instead, she referred to "sister" as if she didn't know who she was referring to. And that was why she brought it up herself.

Greg looked at the helpless woman in front of him with a playful smile on his face. She still didn't want to admit that she was a member of the Mu family. Fine, he could play with her as long as she wanted to. But she was too naive to threaten his with Jasmine.

"All right. Then tell Jasmine. Let's see if she will believe you or not. Maybe she will think that you are deliberately seducing me!" There was a bloodthirsty expression in her eyes.

"Let go of me. It hurts so much. Jasmine will never believe you bastard!" Although Leona said that in a firm tone, she was not confident in her heart. Leona didn't expect Greg to ignore Jasmine. Maybe as he said, if Jasmine really saw what was happening, she would believe him.

"Then call her and ask her to come in person to have a look. What do you think? And remember my name is Greg. No matter how many men you have been with, I'm your only man from now on!" Greg wanted to claim his ownership. At the same time, Greg took out his phone and wanted to call Jasmine in front of Leona.

Her face went pale with fear. She couldn't let her sister know that she was the only family member that was nice to her. She couldn't hurt her sister's feelings. Leona tried very hard to grab the phone from Greg, but her hands were tightly encircled behind her back and she couldn't move at all.

Leona was so worried that she cried out, "no, I beg you not to call Jasmine..."

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