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   Chapter 10 Meeting In The Bar

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For the first time, Cynthia stayed up all night. It was because she accidentally checked his husband's cell phone and saw a message that made her mad. It read, "Jonson, we haven't seen each other for years. How is our daughter?" There was no signature below the message. But the only one who could use that tone is Leona's biological mother, Bess Shen. There was no other person who had a daughter with Jonson.

At the moment, Cynthia was hysterically bickering with Jonson. Cynthia didn't stop until Jonson couldn't stand it anymore and slammed the door open. Sitting alone in the bedroom, Cynthia got angrier and angrier. That woman nearly ruined her family. Now that they couldn't find Bess, Cynthia decided to vent her anger on Leona first? She would let Bess know that Leona was in her hand and Leona would never have a chance to live happily.

Cynthia's words drove Cynthia crazy. She dashed into Leona's bedroom, but to her surprise, she didn't see Leona, and on the contrary, Leona was not home yet. Cynthia said with resentment, "you're just as dissolute as Bess and just as good as seducing other men. You've learned to stay out all night from such an early age!"

Just then, there was a faint sound at the small door of the backyard. Cynthia looked up and saw Leona come in. Cynthia rushed madly to slap Leona across her face Then Cynthia shouted, "you little bitch! You are just as dissolute as your mother. You have learned to sleep outside at such a young age. I don't think you are a good girl!"

"No, aunt, i..." It was not what Cynthia thought. Leona had came back this last because she was worried about York.

"Shut up! Don't call me that? Your mother Bess is that shameless woman. She calls me Mrs. Ling. I know you are just like your mother. You even have the same appearance as your mother. You know what? You always win no man's heart no matter what you do! " As she spoke, Cynthia grabbed Leona's hair and gave her a heavy beat. It was not until Leona fell to the ground with blood all over her body that Cynthia stopped and gasped for a breath.

Tears streamed down Leona's face as she watched her receding figure. 'Mom, you abandoned me, then why did you give birth to me? And why did she always say that you hooked up with dad? Why did you do that?

At night, Leona appeared at the bar again, shuttling nervously among the guests in her dressing as a bunny girl. She had been very busy in the past few days, and had to spare some time to go to the hospital to see York in the daytime. In addition, she must take advantage of his mother's absence, otherwise, his mother wouldn't allow her to take a look at him. Leona took part-time jobs at night and lost a lot of weight within half a month.

Two men who were over 1.8 meters tall and pretty attracted lots of women when they entered the room. The two men seemed to have completely different feelings. One of them was smiling, with soft hair on his face. His skin was so fair that even women would be amazed. There was tenderness in his long peach blossom eyes.

Wearing a pure white casual dress, Evan exuded a noble air from his every move. He smiled at everyone. This was the best friend of Greg had played with from childhood, Evan mu. Then Evan looked at the woman manager walking towards the

m and said lazily, "Amelia, prepare a room for us!"

"Nice to meet you again, Mr Mu." Amelia smiled courteously and led the two to a private room.

The man next to Evan was totally different from Evan. His firm and masculine face was like heavy water, and his tightly pressed thin lips were like ice that had been frozen for thousands of years. People could not help but wonder if he would smile or not? His deep eyes showed that he was a man with neither smile nor speech. Wearing a formal Armani suit, he followed Evan seriously inside. If Leona was here, she would definitely recognize him as her sister's boyfriend, Greg.

That night, Evan dragged Greg to this pub. Greg didn't like to come to such kind of place in usual times. Now, he saw that Leona was delivering wine with a plate on her hands, and his eyes were like eagle's eyes, tightly staring at her slim figure.

He recognized Leona. She was the second daughter of the Ling family. She came home so late every day and was full of the smell of smoke. It seemed that she liked this kind of occasion. Greg wondered if she was hooking up rich men?

Evan replied casually, "I've been here twice, and it's a nice pub, especially with beautiful waitresses." With his beautiful eyes shuttling through the waitresses, Evan showed a playful smile.

Then, Evan ordered a bottle of wine and a plate. Sitting on the sofa, Greg pointed at Leona who was standing near the door and said, "let her in and take care of me."

Beside them, Amelia said with an embarrassed look, "she is just a waitress, not a lady!"

"I know. I just asked her to bring wine here. And there's a girl named Olivia in your restaurant. Ask her to come too!" Evan noticed that his friend was very interested in that girl, so he interrupted Amelia's words at once. Evan had encountered Olivia on purpose when he came here yesterday. They were on good terms so he came here to see her today.

When Amelia found Leona and asked her to bring a bottle of expensive foreign wine to the No.1 private room, Leona hesitated. Generally speaking, the ladies would enter the private rooms directly. They were responsible for delivering wine in the hall.

Seeing Leona's hesitation, Amelia immediately said, "It doesn't matter. I just want you to send wine to the guests. Olivia will join us!"

Hearing that, Leona felt a little relieved. She took the tray from Amelia's hand and walked towards room No. 1. After she opened the door, she indistinctly saw two men sitting on the sofa. It was as dark as the outside but much quieter and more luxurious than the outside.

When Leona saw Olivia sitting beside a man, she was relieved. 'It's strange. We are just waitresses. It's lady's duty to drink with our guests. Why does Olivia sit there?

Perhaps it was her friend. Without thinking too much, Leona put the wine on the table and turned around to walk out.

A familiar voice came from behind, and then a big hand reached out and pulled Leona, who had not yet realized what happened. Greg pulled Leona in front of himself and said in a low voice, "little wild kitten, I didn't expect to see you here again. It seems that we are destined to meet!"

Hearing this, Leona got increasingly nervous. There was only one person who would call her like that.

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