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   Chapter 9 York Zhao Was Injured

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"What?" Before Leona could figure out what had happened, she felt the sky and the earth were spinning. Then she fell to the ground under the protection of York. Just as York's back was about to hit the ground, he suddenly turned over. As a result, Leona fell on his body.

York pushed Leona away. Then five or six men came out of nowhere, each holding sticks in their hands, and hit hard on his head and body.

At this moment, even if York had eight stages of Taekwondo, he was not a match for the other party. He could only protect his head with both hands and curl up his body to give his back to the other party. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! With the sound of wood hitting on the body, a large pool of blood appeared on the ground in the blink of an eye.

"Help! Someone is murdering! Help!" Terrified, Leona immediately began to shout out loud. Several security guards rushed out of the bar and scared those hooligans who had just beat York.

Leona rushed to York and cried with her face full of tears, "wake up, York. Don't scare me!"

"If so, he was seriously injured. Call an ambulance and send him to the hospital." The guard next to Leona recognized her and had a good impression of this quiet girl. So he reminded her.

"Oh yes, thank you so much, brother Zhang!" Only then did Leona remember this. She immediately took out her old phone and called an ambulance.

While waiting for the ambulance, York opened his eyes. His head was hit by a stick, and his face and body were stained with blood. His white shirt was dyed scarlet, which looked shocking. He arduously lifted his bloody hand to wipe off the blood on Leona's face, and managed to show a smile. He said in a weak voice, "you silly girl, don't cry. I'm fine. It's just a minor wound. I'm still alive. I won't die. Don't worry..."

Hearing this, Leona put his hand on her face and choked with sobs. She thought to herself, 'he has already been so weak, but he still doesn't want me to worry about him. Why is he so silly?'? Thinking that York was injured because of her, Leona felt more guilty and her tears could not help rolling down.

With great difficulty, York put his hand into his trouser pocket and fumbled for a long time before he took out a small box. He pressed a button, and then took out a handmade bracelet and raised it in front of Leona. York said weakly, "today is your birthday. It's not yet 12 o'clock yet. This is my gift to you. It's my birthday present for you. I know you won't accept expensive gifts. So I made this by myself. Would you like to take it? "

Leona received the bloody bracelet with a heart-shaped pendant, which was tied with a series of small beads, shining in the light of the street lamps. Although the workmanship was somewhat rough, it could be seen that whoever made it has spent a lot of energy on it. At that moment, Leona could not help but burst into tears. Today was her birthday. Even she did not remember it. She did not expect that York could remember it clearly.

"How... How do you know my birthday?" Leona asked while crying. No one knew her birthday except herself.

"I, I saw it in the student file. You... I'll put it on for you!" York looked at Leona hopefully.

"Okay, I'll put it on. Stop talking. The ambulance is coming!" With tears in her eyes, Leona was now wearing the bracelet around her wrist. At this moment, the sound of an ambulance came from afar. After saying the last sentence, York lay in her arms and fell into a coma.

"Wake up, York. Don't scare me. The ambulance is coming. You'll be fine.

Wake up!" Leona yelled with fear.

Finally she arrived at the hospital. Regardless of the bloodstain on her body, she had been sitting in the corridor, waiting for York to receive the surgery. Leona lowered her head to look at the bracelet on her wrist. She knew what it meant, because once she wore it, it would acknowledge their relationship, but she didn't regret.

This man almost lost his life for her, and this kind of man was worthy of her trust. Even if they couldn't be together one day, at least she had an unforgettable relationship.

"How's my York?" From the corridor of the hospital came some hurried footsteps, accompanied by the scream of a middle-aged woman. The woman was none other than York Zhao's mother. A middle-aged man followed her. He looked a bit similar to York. It was obvious that he was York's father.

Leona stood up and said politely, "nice to meet you, uncle and aunt. I'm York's classmate, Leona. He is still in surgery."

"Why would York fight with someone else? Did he get hit because of you? " His mother, Barbara Li, had an intuition that his son being injured in the middle of the night must have something to do with the girl in front of her. She pointed at Leona's nose and shouted at her angrily.

"Honey, don't do this. Let's hear her out first!" Arthur Zhao, the father of York Zhao, was rather calm. He took hold of his wife to hint to Leona to tell what had happened.

After Leona briefly explained the whole story, Barbara pointed at her nose and cursed, "I've told you that my York would never go to that kind of place. If it weren't for you, how could he be injured? I don't know whether he will have any disability or not. It's all your fault. If something bad happens to him, I won't let you off! "

"Don't get this wrong, Barbara. It's not Leona's fault. I know that York can't tolerate bullying between classmates," said Arthur. Arthur persuaded Barbara while holding her hands.

"If it weren't for her, how could York go to that kind of dubious place? She doesn't look like a good girl from the first sight. She looks pure, but actually she is not like that underneath. Our York must have been seduced by her! " Barbara was convinced that it must have something to do with Leona, so she ignored her husband's advice and was going to take action.

"Leona, it's very late now. You'd better go home first. Otherwise, your parents will be very worried about you." Seeing that his wife could not be persuaded, Arthur turned to ask Leona to go back first.

"I'm sorry, uncle Zhao. York was injured because of me. I want to stay here until he is safe. Can I?" Though terrified as she at the moment, Leona could not feel easy until she saw York to be safe. Thus, she looked to Arthur for help.

"I don't need you to pretend to be kind. If something happens to my York, it's because of you. Just get out of here!" Yelled Barbara loudly.

The lights in the operating room suddenly went off and York was out. Unable to scold anymore, Barbara dashed to her son's bed and shouted, "wake up, York. I'm your mom!"

"Lady, your son is not in danger now. It's just the effect of the anesthetic hasn't gone yet. He can stay in the hospital for a few more days for observation after he wakes up!" A nurse pushed the wheelchair out of the room.

Not far away, when Leona saw that York was fine, she walked out with relief and hurried back to the Ling's house. It was already dawn. Leona sneaked into the house through the corner door and met with Cynthia, who was seldom up at this early time.

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