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   Chapter 7 Endless Troubles

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Leona ignored those gossips and walked directly to her class. Two girls stopped her way. One of them was Joyce Shen, the most gifted girl in the school. The other was her good friend Edith Li. Joyce was the apple of the eyes of the president of the Shen Group. In H, she were one of the few students who came from very rich family, and had many suitors.

But Joyce just liked York. This time she heard that York had publicly admitted that Leona was his girlfriend. Joyce could no longer wait and came with her good friend to provoke Leona.

Joyce stopped Leona, who was about to walk into the classroom, and after looking Leona up and down, Joyce said, "come on? Nothing special. You are just an ordinary girl. Why would York like a girl like you? Did you hook him up with some tricks? I'm telling you, don't ever think about it. After all, you won't be accepted by York's family. He doesn't have a place in his family for people who are as humble as you. You'd better give up on the idea as soon as possible! "

"That's right. York's father and Joyce's father are good friends, and they are both trying to make a match between them. In the future, the wife of the future chairman of the Zhao Business Company must be Joyce. You'd better be clear about the reality!" Edith, who came together with Joyce, said and looked at Leona with disdain.

Hearing this, Leona glanced at them helplessly and said, "I'm afraid that you're finding the wrong person. I have no say in who York likes. And who are you? Mrs. Zhao, the wife of the future chairman of the Zhao Business Company? Let's wait until you become it! " Then Leona walked away without looking back.

Leona didn't have an improper desire for York and knew that the gap between them was too big. Even if they were together, it wouldn't be a good result. Although Leona was softer in character, it didn't mean that everyone could bully her. She would fight back at critical moments.

"Who the hell are you? How dare you talk to me like that? I must teach you a good lesson! " It was out of Joyce's expectation that such a seemingly weak girl like Leona would behave so differently only by a few words. Immediately, Joyce became angry from embarrassment as she glared at Leona's back.

"Since she dares to talk to you like that, you should teach her a lesson. Haven't Mr. Jia been chasing you lately, Joyce? I'm sure that he'll teach Leona a lesson to Leona as long as you tell him about it! " With that, Edith added more fuel to the fire

After the classes were over, Leona went to the back door of the school to pick up her bicycle, but what she saw irritated her a lot. Now the previously perfect bicycle had been destroyed randomly. She wondered who would be so boring? She had bought this bicycle with a month's salary. Although she had rode it for a few years and some parts of were worn out, it was a means for her to travel between the University and her work places. Now that it was damaged, how could she go to work?

When she was about to run out of time, she heard footsteps from behind all of a sudden. Turning her head, Leona found that it was York.

"But, why didn't you wait for me today? I went to your classroom just now and found that you had already come out! " Since he found that Leona was bullied by two gangsters at the back door of her school last time, he had always been worried about her. Every day, he had to accompany her to come here together after school. At the same time, he wanted to spend more time alone with her. He would rather drive following her to the fast food restaurant that she worked later.

When York came, he found that Leona had left. Therefore, he had quickly caught up with her when she had arrived here. However, York had found that Leona's bicycle had been damaged. He wondered who did this? However, fortunately, this time, it was just a bicycle, and Leona woul

d not be bullied. Therefore, he asked, "who did this?"

"I don't know. It was already like this when I came here." Looking at the bicycle beyond recognition, Leona felt very annoyed. She had come here earlier today to escape from York Zhao. Since the two of them didn't be together, they shouldn't make others think they are. Leona just didn't expect that such a thing would happen.

When York got to know the matter, he didn't say anything. Instead, York dragged Leona's hand and walked towards his sports car, which was also parked at the back door of the school. He said, "since your bicycle is Broken, I'm going to drive you to work!"

"But I..." However, on the other hand, Leona was still a little hesitant. She was not used to ride such a luxury sports car. In that case, her efforts to draw a clear line with York would be in vain. She wondered what gossip would be spread at school tomorrow morning.

"It's already too late! Why don't you just stay here and let's have dinner together? " While saying that, York turned his head back to look at Leona with a smile on his face. He felt grateful to the person who had destroyed her bicycle, otherwise he would not have had this chance.

"I... okay!" Knowing that the time was running out, Leona could do nothing but follow York towards his sports car.

With great care, York opened the door for her and said with a smile, "my dear princess, please get on the horse!"

Hearing this, Leona could not help but burst into laughter. "It's a car! What kind of horse is it?"

"If you like riding a horse, I can give you a ride on a white one next time." York said to Leona with a bright smile

At 8 o'clock in the evening, Leona walked out of the restaurant and found that York's sports car was still there. As soon as she came out, he happily ran over to her and said, "if you're off duty now, can I invite you to dinner?"

Leona looked at his eyes full of hope and said shyly, "sorry, I can't go with you. I have to work in another place!"

"It's eight o'clock. Don't you need to eat? Look at yourself! You are so thin! " York said incredulously. He was filled with joy to invite, but he didn't expect such a result.

"It's really too late!" Leona said haltingly.

"Okay, I'll drive you there." Seeing that Leona looked tired, York didn't want to force her.

When the car stopped in front of a bar, York stared at her with wide eyes and asked, "do you have to work in such a place?"

Leona nodded and ran into the hotel after saying thanks.

A girl with heavy makeup couldn't help saying when she saw Leona get out of a sports car, "Leona, do you find a rich boyfriend? You are already taking a sports car. What are you doing here? " Said Olivia. Both of them worked in the bar.

But Leona just ignored her and ran straight inside. Those girls can say whatever they like. Anyway, she could not stop them from talking.

York followed Leona into the room. He knew she was busy, but he didn't expect her to be so busy. Sitting on the sofa, York watched that Leona shuttled back and forth in the working clothes of a prostitute, and his eyes never left her slim figure.

Leona was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of jeans before. So he didn't expect this dress to be surprisingly beautiful. The bunny suit showed out her perfect figure. Her breast skin were exposed a lot and the black stockings made her look more slender. Seeing that many people were staring at Leona, York wanted to gouge their eyes out.

Leona was busy bringing wines to every customer. After a few words with Olivia, the customer at a distant table put a stack of 100 dollar bill on her chest. And then, with a flattering smile, Olivia took one bottle of wine to Leona and said, "If you can, please help me send this bottle of wine to the customer at that table. I suddenly have a stomachache and I want to go to the bathroom!"

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