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   Chapter 7 Endless Troubles

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Leona directly ignored the students gossiping behind her and just continued walking. However, two girls on the opposite side approached her and blocked her way. One of them was Joyce Shen, who came from a well-off family. The other one was Joyce Shen's good friend, Edith Li. Joyce Shen was the apple of the eye of the president of the Shen Group. And since she was one of the few girls who came from a very wealthy family, many boys in their university tried to pursue her.

However, Joyce Shen had always been indifferent to all the boys on their campus. She only liked York. And now that York had publicly announced that Leona was his girlfriend, she couldn't just accept it. So she asked her friend Edith Li to help her provoke Leona.

Joyce Shen stopped Leona, who was about to walk into the classroom. She looked at Leona up and down and said, "York must be kidding me. How can he like an ordinary girl like you? You must have done some tricks on him. If you think that you can win York, stop dreaming. After all, his family definitely won't accept you. People like you have no place in their family. Before you get hurt, you'd better give up on him."

"That's right. York's father is a good friend of Joyce's father. They are even trying to matchmake York and Joyce. In short, the wife of the future chairman of the Zhao Group is Joyce. You must be aware of that reality," Edith Li added as she looked at Leona disdainfully.

Since her way was blocked, Leona had no choice but to look at them. She sighed helplessly and said to Joyce Shen, "I'm afraid that you are talking to the wrong person. Whoever York likes, it has nothing to do with me. And what did your friend just say? You are the future wife of the future chairman of the Zhao Group. Then why don't you just come back to me after you officially become York's wife?" Leona then turned and walked away without looking back.

She had never thought of having a relationship with York. From the very beginning, she already knew that the gap between them was too big. Even if they could be together, they would not have a happy ending. But although Leona was known to be timid and gentle, it didn't mean that she would just allow anyone to bully her. She also knew how to fight back when in a crucial situation.

"Who do you think you are? How dare you talk to me like that! I will teach you a lesson!" Joyce Shen had not expected that someone like Leona would talk back and turn away from her. All the while, she thought that Leona was a weakling. Feeling embarrassed, she became furious in an instant. However, Leona just ignored her. All she could do was glare at Leona's back.

"Joyce, you must teach that girl a lesson. By the way, Mr. Jia has been chasing you lately, right? I'm sure he can help you make Leona pay for what she has done to you. Whatever you ask from him, he will never refuse." Edith Li was really good at adding fuel to the fire.

After her class, Leona went to the back gate to get her bicycle. But she was so annoyed by what she saw. As far as she could remember, her bicycle was in good condition when she parked it here this morning. But right now, it was torn into pieces. She wondered who could do such a thing. Her bicycle was worth her one month salary. Although it was a bit old and some parts were already worn out, it was her only means of transportation to school, work, and back home. Now that it was broken, what would she use?

Leona couldn't help feeling worried because she would be late for work. All of a sudden, she heard some footsteps approaching. When she turned around, she saw York walking towards her.

"Leona, why didn't you wait for me? I went to your classroom just now, but you had already left." Ever since Leona was bullied by Renzo and Dillon at the back gate, York had always been worried about her. Every day, he insisted on accompanying her to the back gate after school. It was also his way of spending more time alone with her. He even followed her to the fast-food restaurant where she was working.

So when York found out just now that Leona had already left her classroom, he hurriedly followed her to the back gate. There, he saw her standing in front of her broken bicycle. He also wondered who could have done it. Somehow, York felt relieved that nothing bad had happened to Leona this time. So he just asked, "Who do you think did this?"

"I don't know either. It was already like this when I arrived here." Leona couldn't hide the irritation on her face as she looked at her bicycle. Actually, she left their classroom earlier than usua

l to escape from York. She wanted to stay away from him to avoid more misunderstandings with the other students in their school. But she didn't expect that something like this would happen. Now, instead of running away from York, he even got a chance to come closer to her.

York didn't say anything more. He held Leona's hand and dragged her towards his sports car, which was also parked at the back gate. He then said, "Since your bicycle is broken, I will drive you to your work."

"But I..." Leona wanted to refuse. She was not used to sitting in such a luxurious sports car. Besides, if she rode his car, her efforts to draw a clear line between them would be in vain. If someone saw them right now, she could already imagine what kind of gossip would spread throughout the whole school tomorrow morning.

"You're too late for work now, aren't you? If you won't let me take you there now, I'm sure that your boss will scold you. Or, since you'll be late, how about you just ask for a leave and we can have dinner together?" While talking, York turned his head and looked at Leona with a smile. Although it wasn't right, he couldn't help but thank whoever it was who broke her bicycle. Otherwise, he wouldn't have this chance to spend time with her.

"I..." Leona was still hesitant. But after a little while, she said, "Okay, please drive me there." York was right. She was too late for work now. And she didn't want to be absent from work either. Left with no choice, she followed York to his sports car.

York carefully opened the car door and said with a smile, "My dear princess, please get on the horse now."

Leona couldn't help laughing upon hearing what he said. "This is a car. What horse are you talking about?"

"Just imagine you are riding a horse. But if you want to ride a real horse, I can help you ride a white one next time," York said with a bright smile on his face.

Leona finished her work at the fast-food restaurant at eight o'clock. As soon as she walked out of the restaurant, she saw that York's car was still there. When York saw her, he happily ran to her and said, "Are you off duty now? Can I invite you to dinner this time?"

Leona saw the hope in York's eyes. He must really be expecting she would say yes. However, she said shyly, "I'm sorry, York. I can't have dinner with you because I still have another work after this."

"But it's already eight o'clock. Are you not going to eat dinner first? No wonder you look so thin. You don't eat your meals properly," York said incredulously. He felt a little downcast that Leona refused his invitation.

"But I... will be late," Leona said haltingly.

"Okay. I'll just drive you there." Seeing the tiredness on her face, York didn't want to force her anymore.

When he stopped his car in front of a bar, York looked at Leona with wide eyes and asked, "Do you really have to work in this kind of place?"

Leona nodded and thanked him. She then ran into the bar, afraid that she would be late.

One of her coworkers saw her getting out of York's sports car and immediately asked her, "Leona, where did you find such a rich boyfriend? Someone with a sports car is already taking you here. Why do you still continue working?" It was Olivia.

Leona just ignored her and ran straight inside. Her coworkers could say whatever they wanted. Anyway, she could not stop them from talking.

York followed Leona into the bar because he wanted to see how her work there was. He knew that she must be busy. But he didn't expect that she would be so busy that she almost didn't stop moving here and there. Sitting on the sofa, York watched Leona shuttle back and forth, wearing a very revealing outfit. His eyes never left her slim figure.

She used to wear a t-shirt and a pair of jeans every day, so he didn't expect that she would look so beautiful tonight. The pink bunny suit she wore showed out her perfect figure, and she was surprisingly beautiful. Her cleavage was exposed, and the black stockings made her legs look more slender. When he noticed that a lot of men were staring at Leona, a sense of jealousy surged up in York's heart. He wanted to gouge out their eyes.

Leona was busy serving customers' orders. She didn't notice that one customer at the distant table said a few words to Olivia and put a stack of one hundred dollar bills in her chest. With a flattering smile, Olivia took a bottle of wine, walked up to Leona and gave it to her. "Leona, please help me serve this bottle of wine to that table. My stomach suddenly feels bad. I'll go to the bathroom first."

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