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   Chapter 6 Leona's First Kiss

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Greg Wei was invited by the Ling family for dinner again today. But he got bored and a little annoyed by Jonson's and Cynthia's too much flattery as well as Jasmine's coquettish look. Fortunately, his phone suddenly rang. He secretly breathed a sigh of relief as he excused himself to answer the call outside. Subconsciously, he walked towards the backyard while talking with someone on his phone. There, he saw a slender figure coming in from the small gate. The person didn't seem to notice his presence and directly bumped into him.

Greg Wei recognized Leona. But his brows furrowed when he smelled a strong odor of cigarette from her. It was totally different from the pungent perfume that he smelled from Jasmine. He couldn't help wondering if Leona smoked. Because of it, he had a bad impression of Leona. He thought that she was really a promiscuous girl. However, when he felt her soft skin, his mind went blank for a moment. He couldn't help holding her tighter and lowering his head to press on her.

"Ahhh!" Leona was shocked. An unknown man unexpectedly took advantage of her in the dark. Her body stiffened and she instinctively struggled violently. But the man's arms were as hard as iron. He was too strong for her. Feeling desperate, she suddenly slapped him on the face.

Pak! Both Leona and Greg Wei froze when they heard a crisp sound from Leona's slap.

"I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I didn't know it was you, so I..." When Leona recognized Greg Wei, she stammered as she couldn't find the right words to say. She slapped Jasmine's boyfriend just now. Leona was panic-stricken at once. What should she do now? Obviously, she didn't expect Greg Wei to be in the backyard and held her in his arms like that.

"Don't you know that you are the first woman who dares to slap me? I will never forget what you have done. And I'll make sure to make you pay for it." After he spoke, Greg Wei pulled Leona closer to him and cupped her little face with his big hands. He lowered his head and kissed her without any warning. The kiss was fierce and merciless that Leona almost cried.

She was scared to death. It was her first kiss, and she had never expected that she would experience it with his future brother-in-law. Thinking that someone might possibly see what happened made her hair stand up on the back of her neck.

"Greg? Where are you? Have you finished taking the call?" All of a sudden, they heard Jasmine's voice not too far from them. Overwhelmed by worries and fear, Leona pushed Greg Wei away, who was in a trance. She didn't dare to meet Greg Wei's eyes again. Before Jasmine could get closer, she hastily turned around and ran towards the house.

Greg Wei watched Leona's receding back absentmindedly. He felt so strange. He smelled cigarette smoke all over her, but she smelled so nice when he kissed her. His lips curved into a devilish smile as he remembered the panic on her face just now.

This time, Jasmine had already seen Greg Wei. With a sweet smile on her face, she walked towards him, held his arm, and said, "Dad asked me to check if you are already finished with your phone call. He's worried about you staying long outside. You know, it's still a bit cold although it's a summer night."

"Yes, I'm done. Let's go back inside now." Still clinging to his arm, Jasmine walked with Greg Wei to the living room. His eyes caught sight of a small room in the corner with a light on. He thought that Leona must be hiding in there.

Inside her room, Leona's chest was still pounding. What happened just now made her feel sick, and her face flushed. She blushed not because of shyness but because of fear and anger. She was whimpering, so she tightly covered her mouth with her hand to avoid making some noise. At the age of nineteen, Leona had never been kissed before. She had preserved the purity of her lips for her first boyfriend. Never did she expect that it would only be stolen by Greg Wei.

Leona suddenly felt more exhausted. Actually, after her work in the restaurant, she moved to the bar to work as a waitress. She disliked working in such kind of place because it was always noisy and filled with cigarette smoke. And sometimes, she had to protect herself

from the harassment of some drunkards. But she had no choice. Only bars needed extra hands to help at night. Moreover, she could earn more there. Her salary in the bar was way much higher than her salary in the restaurant. Leona must work hard to earn more money. It was not only for her tuition fee, but she was also saving some money so she could leave their house as soon as possible. She wanted to run away from her own family and become free.

But as they said, always expect the unexpected. Who would have thought that Greg Wei, who was her sister's boyfriend, would dare to kiss her? If Cynthia found out, she would definitely be scolded and beaten again. If Jasmine knew about it too, Leona couldn't imagine the consequences. Jasmine had always been nice to her, and she couldn't hurt Jasmine's heart. What happened would only prove to Jasmine that Cynthia was right all along, calling Leona a flirt.

After a long while of crying, Leona's tears finally dried up. She took her clothes from the cabinet and went to the bathroom. She brushed her mouth so hard, trying to wash away the smell of Greg Wei's breath. She didn't stop until her mouth was already red, swollen, and bloody.

Meanwhile, York and Samuel were in a bar. Holding a glass of wine, Samuel said, "How did it go? It was a good strategy, wasn't it? You know, if I didn't think of that method, you would never have the chance to win Leona. With your gentle personality and her evasive attitude, you would never be together for the rest of your lives. Sometimes, a strategy is also important in chasing girls. You couldn't just wait at the side. Otherwise, you would be beaten by the others."

York glared at Samuel. His hunch was right. Samuel was behind everything that happened this morning. Although it helped him take a step in pursuing Leona, he still didn't agree with what Samuel did. For him, it was something unpresentable. "I know what you mean, and I appreciate your efforts in helping me. But I really don't need it. Don't do it again. I can handle this by myself."

"Damn it! I knew you would say that. As a matter of fact, I worried a lot too. I paid those guys for nothing, and they even went overboard. They shouldn't have hurt her," Samuel said indifferently.

"That's not what I meant," York countered.

"York, we have been friends for so many years. I know you too well. But let me just remind you. Leona is a beautiful girl, and so many boys in school have a crush on her. And she has a different personality compared to other girls. She's not so easy to soften. If you don't work harder, you will surely regret," Samuel said after taking a sip of his wine.

"I know what I am doing." When York looked at the brownish liquid in his glass, he seemed to see Leona's resolved eyes.

The next day, Leona was the first to arrive on the campus as usual. A few moments later, students had started entering the school gate as well. She was on her way to her classroom when she overheard three girls talking behind her. "Have you heard the latest news? Leona is York Zhao's girlfriend now. It is unexpected, isn't it? How can an excellent man like him fall in love with someone like Leona? What else is good about her aside from her pretty face?"

The three girls had already seen Leona in front of them. But instead of stopping, they continued talking and even loudened their voices deliberately. "Well, she's a cheap girl. I think it was she who stuck to Mr. Zhao shamelessly. I heard that she stays in the bar until late at night. She might be looking for some rich men. I'm sure that Mr. Zhao is just playing with her. It won't be long before he dumps her."

Leona clearly heard everything, but she chose to ignore them. She didn't intend to argue with them for this kind of thing. Anyway, she had a clear conscience. Since they had already judged her, it was useless for her to fight with them. After all, she didn't want to waste her time on trivial people like them. She needed to focus more on earning and saving money. What happened in the backyard last night made her more determined to leave the Ling family the soonest time possible. Otherwise, no one knew what kind of horrible things could happen in the future.

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