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   Chapter 6 Leona's First Kiss

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Greg was invited to come to the house of the Ling family again today. He felt a little annoyed under the flattery of Jonson and Cynthia, and Jasmine's anthomaniac look. Greg happened to go out to breathe while answering a phone call. When he unconsciously came to the backyard, he saw a slender figure coming in from the small doors of the backyard. The person, who did not seem to see him, directly bumped into him.

Greg could smell a strong odor of cigarette. It's different from the pungent perfume smell that came from Jasmine. So this Leona even smoked? For a moment, Greg left a bad impression on Leona. She was really a promiscuous girl. But the soft feeling around him made his mind blank for a moment. He couldn't help but tighten his arms and lowered his head to press the other side.

"Oh my God HMM... " Leona was taken advantage of by an unknown man unexpectedly. She stiffened all over her body and instinctively struggled violently. But his arms were like iron arms, which were too strong for her to struggle. In a moment of desperation, she slapped him on the face.

"Clap!" A crisp sound came, and both Leona and Greg froze.

"I... I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. You I will! " Leona stammered, not knowing what to say. Just now, she had recognized this man as her sister's boyfriend. But why was he here and treated her like this? What should she do now?

"You are the first woman who dares to slap me. I remember you. You have to pay for what you did tonight!" As Greg spoke, he pulled Leona closer to him, pinched her face with her big hand and lowered her head again. It was so painful that she almost cried.

Leona was truly frightened. It was the first time that she had encountered such a thing, and the other party was in such a status. What if someone saw it?

"Hey, where are you? Have you picked up your phone? " Jasmine's voice came from afar. Leona got worried and pushed Greg away when he was in a trance. Leona didn't dare to look at Greg again and turned around hastily running back to her room.

Looking at Leona's back, Greg thought she smelled like smoke, but it was strangely nice. Why? A devilish smile rested on his face as he watched Leona leaving in panic.

At this time, Jasmine came over and had a smile on her face as soon as she saw Greg. She reached out and held Greg's arm, and said, "Dad let me see if you have answered the phone. It's summer, but it's still very cold at night."

"Okay, let's go back!" Jasmine walked into the living room with Greg, and saw a small room with light on in the corner, where Leona must be hiding.

Leona rushed back to her room and felt her chest was still pounding. What happened just now made her feel sick and her face reddened. Of course, it was not shyness. It was because she was angry and frightened. She covered her swollen mouth and whimpered. She had never experienced such a thing in the past 19 years. This thing was left to her lover, but she did not expect to be taken away by that man.

After finishing the work in the restaurant, Leona was supposed to work as a waiter in the bar. Although she did not like that kind of place very much, which was always filled with smoke, and from time to time she would avoid the harassment of drunkards. At night time, only bars needed extra

hands to help and they paid a lot, even more than the salary she earned in the restaurant. In order to earn enough tuition and save money to leave here as soon as possible, Leona must work hard and make money.

But she didn't expect that there would be such a thing tonight, and it was her sister's boyfriend. If Cynthia knew it, she would beat and scold Leona. In particular, when Jasmine knew what happened, she didn't dare to imagine the consequences. Jasmine had always been nice to her. Leona couldn't hurt her heart, and this would also made herself the type who flirts as Cynthia thought she was.

Finally, Leona cried enough. She took her clothes and went to the bathroom to wash her mouth hard. She wanted to wash away his smell, and she didn't stop until her mouth was already red and swollen with blood.

York and Samuel held a glass of wine in the bar. With a smile, Samuel asked, "How did it go? What a good strategy! Otherwise, with your gentle personality and the ostrich mind of Leona, I'm afraid you won't have a chance to win in the rest of your lives. Sometimes, we have to pay attention to the strategy in chasing girls. We can't just wait like that, or we might be beaten up by others! "

York gave him a stare and knew it must be Samuel. Although he had just walked a step into the relationship with Leona, he really didn't want to do something that was not presentable. "I know you meant well, but I really don't need it. Don't do it again. I can handle it myself!"

"Damn it. I knew you would say that. I'm worried too much. I still haven't paid for it, but those two guys are way out of line. Anyway, I shouldn't have hurt her! " Samuel said indifferently.

"I didn't mean that!" Said York.

"We have been friends for so many years. I know you well! But I have to remind you that she is beautiful and many people want to marry her. Besides, her personality is not so easy to be softened. If you don't work harder, you will regret! " Samuel said after taking a sip of wine.

"I know what I am doing!" When York looked at the dark yellow liquid in his glass, he seemed to see the resolve in Leona's eyes.

The next day, as always, Leona was the first to appear in the campus. In the distance, there were many students entering the campus. Behind her, three girls were talking about it, "have you heard it? Leona now was York's girlfriend. I didn't expect that he would fall in love with her since he was such an excellent man? Apart from her pretty face, what else is good about her? "

When these three girls were talking, they just saw Leona. They did not stop talking. Instead, they spoke loudly, "I think it must be her who followed Mr. Zhao shamelessly. I heard that she was still in the bar late at night. Maybe she was looking for the rich. York is just playing her. It won't be long before he dump her... "

However, Leona did not want to argue with them for this kind of thing as the saying goes, "the wise man knows he knows nothing." It was useless for her to argue with them on purpose. Leona didn't want to waste her time here. What had happened last night made her firmly believe that she had to save enough money and leave the Ling family as soon as possible. Otherwise, no one knew what horrible things would happen in the future.

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