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   Chapter 5 I See

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"Yes, you are right. We will never dare to do it again !" Renzo and Dillon hurriedly ran away.

York turned around and walked up to Leona. Stroking her hair, he looked at the red and swollen face and the wounds on her arm and said, "those two bastards deserve more punches. Come on. I'll take you to the infirmary to apply medicine."

"No, it's okay. The class is about to begin..." Leona's weak voice came from behind. But York didn't listen to it. York took Leona's arm and pulled her to the infirmary.

York was cursing Samuel in his heart as he took Leona by the hand. Especially when he saw the wounds on Leona's face, he gritted his teeth with hatred. It must be planned by that annoying man. It turned out that his best friend Samuel, who had grown up together with him, told York mysteriously that York needed to go to the back door of the school as soon as York arrived at the school this morning.

When York asked him what had happened, Samuel just looked at him with a wicked smile and said, "You will know as long as you go. Don't blame me for not reminding you. This is your best chance. If you miss it, I can't help you any more!"

At that time, a bad premonition arose in York's heart. His father and Samuel's father were business friends, and the two families were very close. He and Samuel had been good friends since childhood. In fact, York knew Samuel very well and knew he was good at hitting on girls. He was known for being fast in changing girlfriends. He usually dated with this girl this week and dumped her the next week. According to him, their love could last only for a week.

Now Samuel said these words inexplicably. With years of understanding of Samuel, York was sure that there was something strange about him. As expected, when York arrived here, he happened to see Leona running in a hurry. He immediately realized that it must be Samuel who had planned the whole thing. But Samuel had gone too far on this plan. How could he hurt Leona?

However, there was a trace of gratitude in the heart of York. If it weren't for Samuel, how could he be able to hold Leona's hand? To be honest, York did not agree with Samuel's behavior. Although Samuel successfully narrowed the distance between him and Leona, York still wanted to pursuit her in an open and aboveboard way. York could not accept this kind of dirty tricks. He would warn Samuel that he couldn't do it again.

After addressing the wound on Leona's body in the infirmary, York was afraid that she would have any further infection and forced her to have an intravenous drip to eliminate inflammation. In order to wait for her finishing the drip, York simply did not go to school and sat on the edge of the bed to watch her.

"York, you really don't have to do this. It's only a small wound. I really don't mind!" Leona had suffered a lot from serious injuries like this ever since she was a child. She was used to those minor injuries that Cynthia did to her from time to time. She would be fine after applying some bandages.

"How can I just leave? If it is infected, there will be inflammation. I don't mind being here. If you are bored, you can sleep for a while. I will stay here to watch the infusion. And don't call me senior any more. We are closer than that. Just call me York! " Said York, looking at Leona gently.

"Senior.. "York, I..."

Before Leona could finish her sentence, she saw that York was pretending to be angry. She corrected herself. She had something else to say. Leona had heard clearly what York had said to the two evildoers. He had said that she was his girlfriend, but in fact she wasn't. She didn't want anyone to gossip about her and York, as it would do both of them no good.

"I was just threatening them. After all, if I didn't say that, they might dare to bully you again in the future. I can't guarantee that I will appear in time every time. Then maybe they will think twice before harassing you. If you feel that this will embarrass you, I will tell the truth! " York said with a bitter smile with a downcast look on his face. He was smart enough to see through what Leona wanted to say.

Having known each other for more than one year, he had more or less known a bit about Leona. Unlike other ordinary girls, she felt nothing about his strong family background and those outstanding titles. He finally got a little closer to her, and he didn't want to distant himself from her again. Sometimes, to retreat is to progress for the sake of love.

After hearing York's words, Leona naturally didn't want to be pretentious, which would make her seem ungrateful. She stammered, " I'm just afraid that your girlfriend will be angry !" In a moment of desperation, Leona could only find an excuse to prevaricate, but she regretted immediately after saying that. Now everyone knew that York had always been pursuing her and had no girlfriend. She was digging a hole for herself by saying so?

"You little fool, you don't know if I have a girlfriend? Now the whole school knows who I like. It's just that silly girl who's playing the fool. " York gave a bitter smile, and the loneliness in his eyes was evident.

"I I'm sorry! " Of course, Leona knew that York was referring to her, but she really didn't want to be with him. In her heart, they were in two totally different worlds and could not intersect.

"Honey, I was just kidding. Don't take it seriously. Take a rest and I'll watch the drip for you!" York knew when to stop and scrapped her nose. He gave Leona a bright smile, indicating that he didn't care at all.

Leona didn't know what to do, either. She felt embarrassed, so she just closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. At this moment, she was telling an ostrich mind. She fell asleep quickly. Having worked part time in the past few days and attending classes, she was really exhausted. The dark circles under her eyes indicated that she didn't get enough sleep. She slept safe and sound.

Leona fall asleep deeply in front of York. At this moment, he was abnormally calm. He couldn't help thinking to watch her like this till the end of the life. York knew that he couldn't help but fall in love with Leona. He only hoped that she could understand his feelings as soon as possible. He tucked her in the quilt and gently removed the IV drip for her. Before Leona woke up, York directly climbed on the edge of her bed and fell asleep with her.

In the evening, Leona came home tiredly. As soon as she entered the small entrance of the backyard, a black shadow suddenly appeared on the opposite side and said, "little wild kitten, welcome back!"

"Ah!" Startled, Leona threw away her bicycle suddenly. She turned around and ran into someone.

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