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   Chapter 4 The Hero Rescues The Damsel In Distress

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The next day, Leona was already awake before the sun could even rise from the east to help Nancy prepare breakfast. Jonson and Cynthia wanted her to do some household chores if she wanted to stay in their house, and it would be better if she avoided them when they were at home. So, she had to wake up early every day to do the housework. Leona was happy to help Nancy in cooking and she had been doing it for many years. And for her not to see her father and Cynthia when they woke up, she had planned to quickly eat breakfast and rode her bicycle to school.

"Lady Leona, you don't have to get up so early every morning to help me cook. Don't worry. I won't tattle," said Nancy as she looked at Leona with worries. In her eyes, Leona was just a little girl who should still be under the protection of her mother. Leona should live a carefree life. She had watched Leona grow up and witnessed the injustice that Leona had suffered from her family, which made her heart ache.

"It's all right, Nancy. Anyway, I'll have to learn this sooner or later, so it's better to do it now. This is also for my future. And please, don't call me Lady Leona anymore. How many times do I have to remind you of that? Just call me Leona," said Leona with a smile. She was the second daughter of the Ling family, but she had never treated herself as such. And every time Nancy called her "Lady Leona," she really felt uncomfortable.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I will remember it next time." Actually, Nancy had promised Leona many times about it, but she still couldn't do it. For her, if she called Leona by her first name, it meant that Leona had really become a servant in the Ling family. By calling Leona "lady" was the only way to prove Leona's identity.

When Leona arrived at school, she hurriedly parked her bicycle and quickly walked to her classroom. All of a sudden, two ruffians stood in front of her and blocked her way. They were wearing T-shirts and jeans. One of them was chewing gum. Leona recognized that they were also students in this school. They were Renzo Zhan and Dillon Li. These two boys were the notorious rascals in their school who never abided by the rules. They were also often involved in fights. Their school had already recorded numerous cases against them. Leona didn't expect that she would bump into them this morning.

"Hi, Leona. Are you riding your bicycle again? Why don't you just agree to be my girlfriend? I think it's really hard for you to go to school every day with your bicycle. If you become my girlfriend, you won't be riding your bicycle anymore. I will pick you up from your house every day and take you to school. Then I will also drive you back to your house after class. You don't even need to do part-time jobs. As your man, I will support you, honey," Renzo Zhan said as he stretched out his arms to hold Leona's shoulders. Dillon Li, on the other hand, walked behind her to make sure that she wouldn't turn back.

Now, Leona was trapped between Renzo Zhan and Dillon Li. She was at a loss in an instant. Since she was a child, there had been so many boys in school who tried to pursue her. Some of them even secretly followed her after school. But she had never experienced this kind of situation. With pounding heart, she tried to avoid Renzo Zhan's hands. But Dillon Li had already held her body from behind.

Leona's face flushed with both fear and embarrassment. She struggled to get rid of the two boys and shouted, "Go away! I don't know the two of you. Let me go, or I will scream."

"My little beauty, why don't you just call me honey? As I have said, I am willing to be your man. And don't you know that we are at the back gate of the school? Only you and a very few students pass by here. Even if

you scream at the top of your lungs, it's useless. You will only damage your vocal cord. Just stay with me, okay?" Renzo Zhan held Leona's chin and squeezed it lightly.

"You are despicable. Let go of me! She was so scared that she couldn't help crying. But she couldn't just let these boys bully her. Instinctively, she turned to Dillon Li, who was still holding her back and scratched his face. Dillon Li didn't see it coming. He only realized what had happened when he felt the blood oozing out from his cheek.

"Ahhh! Bitch! How dare you scratch my face! I will teach you a lesson!" Dillon Li couldn't believe that such a weakling like Leona would have the audacity to scratch him. He got furious at once and slapped Leona hard across the face. With a crisp sound, Leona fell to the ground. Her face quickly swelled, and Dillon Li's five fingers left a mark on it.

At first, she felt a sharp pain before it got numb. She covered her face with one hand and retreated on the ground with the help of her other hand. The ground was rough, and there were some pebbles, so her hand got scratched. But she didn't mind it. She continued to move backward in horror.

"Hmmm... I think I've underestimated you. It turns out, you are not as obedient as I thought. But I actually like it more. It's more fun to play. Come here, Leona. Let your man love you," Renzo Zhan said with a wicked smile on his face as he slowly got down on his knees.

"Don't you dare come closer to me! I will scream for help." Although she was trembling, Leona abruptly got up from the ground and ran backward, regardless of the sharp pain she felt on her hips and hands when she fell just now.

"Ha-ha! Scream as you wish, my little beauty. The louder you scream, the more excited I become." Renzo Zhan ran after Leona, and he easily caught up with her. He reached for her and grabbed her once again.

Leona was so terrified. Renzo Zhan was right. Almost no one went to this part of their school because when she looked around, she couldn't see even a single person nearby. Almost all students didn't want to use the back gate when going in and out of the school. In her case, she liked it here because it was not too crowded compared to the front gate. She had been using the back gate ever since she went to this school. It was only today that something unpleasant happened to her. If she had known that this would happen, she would have taken a different way to get here. But it was too late to regret now.

Feeling hopeless, Leona prayed that someone would suddenly pass by. And God was so good to answer her prayer in an instant.

"Hey! Who gave you the right to bully that girl? Stop that!" All of a sudden, an angry roar sounded above Leona's head. When she looked up, she found out that it was York. She was relieved at once. But because of too much fear, she couldn't help bursting into tears again.

York walked over to Leona and held her face. When he saw that it was swollen and there were red marks of fingers, he got very furious. He pulled Leona behind him, turned around, and shouted at Renzo Zhan and Dillon Li, "You two are bastards!" York kicked Renzo Zhan's stomach and punched Dillon Li in the face. Both boys were knocked on the ground.

Because of York's kick, Renzo Zhan spewed out the breakfast he had this morning. Dillon Li, on the other hand, was about to run away. But York saw him and immediately chased after him. Dillon Li fell to the ground with a loud thud as York kicked him on the waist. It only took York a few seconds to knock the two notorious students out. He pointed at them and said in a firm tone, "You'd better watch out. If I ever find out that you bully my girlfriend again, I'll beat you every time I see you."

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