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   Chapter 4 The Hero Rescuing The Damsels In Distress

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The next day, Leona got up early and helped Nancy make breakfast as the sun rose. In the eyes of the Ling couple, if Leona wanted to stay in this house, she had to work hard and she'd better no to let them see it. However, Leona didn't care much about that. She had been accustomed to helping Nancy cook for many years. After a quick bite, she launched a bicycle to run towards the school.

"Lady rosy, you don't have to get up so early every morning to help me cook. I haven't told the master and ladyship that I will keep the secret!" Nancy looked at Leona with concern. In her eyes, Leona was just a little girl who should act like a spoiled child in her mother's arms. Nancy had watched Leona grow up and witnessed how much injustice Leona had suffered in this family, which made her heart ache.

"It doesn't matter, Nancy. Anyway, I have to learn these sooner or later, lest there is no place for me to learn when I want to learn in the future. And please don't call me Miss Leona from now on. Just call me Leona. " As the second daughter of the Ling family, Leona had never treated herself as the second daughter. She felt very uncomfortable when she heard Nancy call her in this way.

"Yes, yes, you're right. I won't next time!" Although Nancy promised Leona every time, she never acted in this way. In her eyes, if she didn't call Leona Miss Leona, Leona was really becoming a servant of the Ling family. Only this title could prove her identity.

When she rode a bicycle, she got to the school straight. After parking her bicycle, she walked quickly towards the direction of the classroom. Suddenly two ruffians in T-shirts and jeans stood in front of her, blocking her way. One of them was chewing gum. Leona recognized that they were also students in the school. One was called Renzo, and the other was called Dillon. The two boys were notorious rascals in the school, who often fought against others and never did what a student should do. They had already been punished by the school once. Leona didn't expect that they would block her way today.

"Leona, how about making a friend with me? Do you know how hard it is for you to go to school every day riding a bicycle? You don't need to work as long as you become my girlfriend. I will drive to pick you up to school every day. You don't need to do part-time jobs. I will support you." Renzo stretched out his arms to hold Leona's shoulder, while Dillon walked behind her to block her way.

Now Leona was sandwiched between Renzo and Dillon, at a loss for what to do. Although a lot of boys had been very attentive to her since her childhood, and some even followed her after school secretly. However, Leona had never experienced such a situation today. With her heart pounding, she tried to avoid the claws of Renzo who stretched to Leona, but a hand behind her had already grabbed her body.

Leona was so frightened that her face turned red. She struggled to get rid of the two guys while shouting, "go away! I don't know you at all! Let me go! Or I will scream!"

"My little beauty, didn't I just tell you to call me ''Renzo" just now? Now that we know ea

ch other, this is the back door of the school. Except you, very few people pass here. Even if you shout yourself hoarse, it is useless. Just stay with me! " With that, Renzo grabbed Leona with his hands again.

"You, you bad man, let go of me Help! "Cried Leona. She was so scared that tears ran down her cheeks. Now that the man behind her had placed his hand on her, she screamed and instinctively scratched back with one hand. With a sudden scratch in Dillon's cheek, blood immediately oozed out.

"Ah, bitch, you dare to touch my face. Let me teach you a lesson!" Dillon didn't expect that the seemingly weak Leona would actually scratched him. He immediately became furious and gave her a hard slap on her face Hearing the crisp sound, Leona was knocked to the ground, and her face was quickly swollen with a five finger print.

Leona immediately felt a sharp pain on her face. She covered her face with one hand, and fell backwards with the support of the other hand. The sharp stone on the ground scratched her hand, but she did not notice it. Leona still stepped back in horror.

"You are not as obedient as I thought. But I like it. It's more fun to play with. Come on! Let me care for you! " Renzo looked at Leona with a dirty smile.

"don't come any closer. I will scream for help!" She trembled and got up from the ground quickly and ran backward, regardless of the sharp pain on her hand.

"Ha ha ha, just scream as you wish. The louder you scream, the more excited Renzo is!" Then he quickly caught up with her and reached out to touch her body once again.

It was the backdoor of the school. As they said, few people would come to this direction other than herself usually. Other students wouldn't choose the back door when they went to school. She liked the back door because it was too crowded at the front gate. She didn't expect to meet such a situation. If she had known this earlier, she would have taken another detour to get here. But it was too late to regret now.

While Leona was praying that there would be someone to pass by, the God seemed to hear her pray and she ran into someone.

"Stop! Who allowed you to bully a girl here? Get out of here! " Suddenly an angry roar sounded above Leona's head. Leona looked up and found that it was York. She was relieved at once, and then tears came out of her eyes. She was truly frightened just now.

When York lifted Leona's face and saw the red fingerprint on it, half of her face was swollen, he was furious. He pulled Leona behind him, turned around and shouted at Renzo and Dillon, "you two bastards !" Suddenly, York kicked at Renzo's stomach with one leg. Then he punched Dillon in the face, knocking him to the ground.

After that, York kicked Renzo in the stomach and Renzo vomited his breakfast out. When York turned around and saw that Dillon was about to run, he immediately rushed behind Dillon and kicked him at the waist. Bang! Dillon was also kicked to the ground. York beat them in a few seconds. York pointed at them and said, "You'd better watch it. If I find that you bully Leona again, I'll beat you every time I see you!"

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