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   Chapter 3 I Bumped Into Someone I Shouldn't Have

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The Ling family was one of the accomplished families in C City. Their swanky independent villa sprawled over more than 1000 square meters of land, surrounded by a large manicured garden area in a tony neighborhood in C City. Leona languidly passed her bicycle through a small door at the corner of the garden. After parking her bicycle at its designated place, Leona headed towards the kitchen. Nancy had prepared a lot of food for Leona. All the servants working in the Ling household treated Leona very well. Especially for Nancy, Leona occupied a very special place in her heart. She treated Leona like she is her own daughter and tended to Leona every time she went into the kitchen!

However, just when Leona was walking towards the kitchen, she heard a strange sound behind the rockery. Out of curiosity, she looked towards the direction. The moment she turned her head towards the place from where she heard the sound, she went completely red in her face. Leona found herself awkwardly standing right in front of a man and a woman who were kissing each other. The sound that she heard was the voice of the girl. Leona's eyes widened as she recognized the girl from the back. It was Jasmine. However, she could not recognize the man.

It happened in such haste that Leona did not even have the time to move away. Though unwilling, she witnessed an act of passionate love when Jasmine put her arms around the man's neck, standing on tiptoe and trying to hold back on him. Since it was already past midnight and the man was under the light, Leona couldn't see his face clearly. It seemed like an angular face.

After recovering from the initial embarrassment, Leona suddenly spotted something that was not proper in such a scenario. She had seen several couples embracing each other at H University. Yet there was something weird between the couple here, in front of her. What particularly caught her attention was that, in general, boys are found to have their arms around the girls' waist. However, in this case, the man had his hands buried inside his pants pockets. It looked like it was Jasmine who took the initiative.

After a moment of standing there in utter indecisiveness and amazement, it occurred to Leona that Jasmine might have recently met this young man who owned a company bigger than the Ling family's company. Jonson was very particular about and gave a lot of importance to this prospective son-in-law. He was trying by all his means to arrange Jasmine's marriage with this man. Hence, this must be Jasmine's new boyfriend.

Suddenly, it dawned upon Leona that it was improper for her to peek into their private moment. Jasmine would be deeply embarrassed if she saw Leona at this moment. What was more, Leona would be dammed if Cynthia discovered her. The very thought of Cynthia's wrath made Leona's heart tremble in fear. She made haste to move out of the place as soon as she could. But as luck would have it, she was tripped by a stone. Dong! She made a slight sound.

"Who?" Jasmine Ling said in a sweet voice as they separated immediately after hearing the sound. Both Jasmine and her boyfriend looked in the direction from where the sound came. Jasmine's eyes widened in annoyance and embarrassment. 'Who is that to spoil such a good plan of mine?' Jasmine thought in her mind. As it was very difficult to convince Greg Wei to agree to have dinner at home tonight, Jasmine dressed up for a long time and did a spa this afternoon only to be able to spend some quality time with Greg Wei.

Greg Wei was the CEO of the Wei International Trade Company. It was a much bigger company than the Mu Company. Greg had done his Master's Degree from Harvard. He set up the Wei International Trade Company which was running successfully in America. He came to China in recent years. It was said that Greg had started the Wei Group when he was still in college. Slowly he developed a small company into a big international company within a matter of five or six years.

All of 28, Greg was the most eligible bachelor in town and essentially a very good catch for Jonson. So he had made great efforts to hook up with Greg at a party and introduced Jasmine to him. Since then, Jasmine had fallen in love with Greg. She would go to any cocktail party he

attended. Further, Jonson even tried to encourage her to take the initiative. After all, they can't allow such a golden bachelor to slip out of their hands. And if Jasmine waited for Greg to propose her, it may be late. It could even risk Greg being taken away by other women.

Since they started to meet very often, Jasmine took Greg's politeness for his liking towards her. Although Greg always pulled a long face, Jasmine believed that as long as she was more considerate, she could win Greg's heart sooner or later. Jonson had even suggested that since Jasmine and Greg had a favorable impression on each other and were of similar ages and family backgrounds, they should be engaged as soon as possible. Although the Ling family's business was far from being even close to the huge business of the Wei family's, Lings owned just a medium-sized company in C City. Nevertheless, it was a golden opportunity for Jonson to up his ante by establishing a relationship with the Wei family.

Initially, Jasmine and her parents were nervous to the point that they had their hearts in their throats. They spent several sleepless nights fearing that Greg might think that they were trying to force him to marry Jasmine. But much beyond their expectation, he agreed. Greg had committed to them that he would hold the engagement ceremony as soon as he finished the few big business deals that he was busy with. Jasmine's happiness knew no bounds. She felt that she was in a dream. In excitement, she ended up gulping down some wine to calm the adrenaline rush. However, in the process, she became dizzy as she was not used to drinking.

What happened between Jasmine and Greg just now, was merely the influence of alcohol that made her take the initiative to become intimate with Greg. However, she didn't expect that she would be interrupted in such an awkward manner. Jasmine turned in the direction where that voice came from. Had it not been for Greg's presence at that moment, she would have even let out a curse. Having spotted Leona standing there, Jasmine became more furious.

But Greg had a certain nonchalance on his face. He had seen Leona when she entered the yard a few moments back. As Leona rode her bicycle, the wind brushed against her face and blew up the hair on her slender waist, and she looked like a fairy in the moonlight. Even at this moment, when Leona was caught intruding into their private moment, the way she came out looking guilty, just like a kitten, she looked very cute.

Being aware of the situation of the Ling family, Greg immediately knew that this girl was probably the second daughter of the Ling family. However, what intrigued Greg's inquisitiveness was that this girl came in from the back door at midnight and was even pushing a bicycle silently like a thief. On one thought, it looked like she was a night owl that liked hanging out at night. However, the innocent look on her face defied that judgment. Greg had seen a lot of such girls before.

Leona's face turned red. She apologized to them immediately, "I... I'm sorry. I didn't see anything. I... I'm leaving!" Then she ran back to her room in a hurry, forgetting even to have dinner in the kitchen.

"How come a girl comes back home so late?" Greg exclaimed on purpose.

"Yeah, I seldom see her at night. Only at noon when she just wakes up. Forget it. We'd better not talk about her behind her back!" Jasmine lied point-blank to mislead Greg to think of Leona as a promiscuous girl, and quickly avoided this subject. She didn't want him to notice Leona. Leona did not have to try too hard to get attention from men. It had been quite easy for her. She had been chased by boys since she was in primary school, and it had remained that way all through these years.

Men fell for her very easily, especially with that pair of eyes that mirrored the purity of her soul. Jasmine would sneak out to find Leona on purpose whenever Cynthia was not around. Then, as soon a Cynthia found her out, Leona would be at the receiving end of her mother's wrath. Cynthia would pinch and beat Leona at that time. And Jasmine would pretend to be innocent and persuaded her mother not to beat her. Jasmine pretended to be a good sister in front of Leona, but smirked at Leona in her heart.

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