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   Chapter 1 A Handsome Senior (Part One)

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"Buzz." The final bell rang at H University. Leona Ling was already prepared to leave the classroom. She had her schoolbag tidied up way in advance as there was very little time left in her hands to reach the fast-food restaurant where she worked part-time. Just as she was about to walk out, she was stopped by a tall and handsome boy.

Leona Ling, all of 19 years was a sophomore at H University in C City. She had a petite frame and long black hair that added to her subtle grace. She was wearing white jeans and a T-shirt that she had just picked up from a street stall. Her moist almond-shaped eyes looked like a deep submerged pool on her oval face. Her face had a mark of innocence mixed with a spark of intelligence that attracted people towards her.

The Ling family was quite rich and well known in C City. Her father, Jonson Ling, was running a company that employed dozens of people. Ideally, Leona Ling should have lived a privileged life befitting the second daughter of the wealthy businessman family like the Ling family. However, she used to pull off all her living expenses including her tuition fee through her part-time jobs. The fact was that Leona's mother Bess Shen was not Jonson Ling's real wife but his mistress. As a result, Leona was never given due respect as a real daughter of the Ling family.

Jonson Ling married Cynthia Mu, the only child of the owner of the Mu Company. Before they got married, Jonson was just an ordinary worker in the company. However, he successfully took over the Mu Company after they got married. Cynthia lived a very pampered and privileged life supported by her own family even after she married Jonson. She was more like a queen at home. She had only one daughter called Jasmine Ling after her marriage with Jonson. After that, Cynthia couldn't have another child.

Jonson had no status in the Mu family. Over and above, he had to put up with his dominating wife. He always wanted to have a son which he could not accomplish from his marriage with Cynthia. As a result, Jonson remained depressed and life seemed to be tough. Then, there came a time, when he became close to his secretary, Bess. In a short time, Bess became pregnant. Jonson rested a lot of hope on Bess to have a baby boy. But much to his disappointment, even Bess gave birth to a girl child. And that was none other than Leona.

Jonson lost all his hope and became heartbroken. This affected him in such a way that it led him to be at the verge of bankruptcy because of his inappropriate business decision. Meanwhile, Leona's mother, Bess was also aware that she couldn't become a real member of the Ling family and fell in love with another man. In Jonson's eyes, Leona just brought him bad luck. Bess went absconding leaving the newborn Leona at the disposal of her father. Initially, Jonson had planned to leave Leona in the orphanage. However, a rumor had been spread in C City about his illegitimate daughter. Out of fear of losing his reputation, he had no choice but to take Leona back to his own home and raise her.

Leona was supported by the Ling family for most of her growing years until she got into the university. Now that she had entered the university, she had to fund her education on her own. For Jonson's wife, Cynthia, Leona

was a thorn in the flesh. More so because Leona resembled her mother Bess. Every time Leona came in front of Cynthia, she would be reminded of her husband's adultery. As a result, her hatred for Leona would be aggravated. Leona was made to stay in a servant's room of the Ling family and even ate her food with the servants. Cynthia's daughter, Jasmine was three years elder to Leona.

Even though Leona's half-sister was kind to her, Cynthia didn't allow Jasmine to get in touch with Leona. Every time she saw them together, she would either scold or beat Leona ruthlessly. Leona often got bruises all over her body. Although Jasmine always felt that her mother was going too far, she could not stop her mother from abusing Leona. Left with no other choice, Jasmine had to try her best not to be with Leona. Leona appreciated her sister's consideration.

"Hey, look I bought some Bentos. I'll drive you to the fast-food restaurant. Have some Bentos in the car before you go to work? I promise I won't let you be late! " York Zhao stopped Leona by the door. He looked at her with a smile on his face. York had a bright smile and an impressive personality which made many girls swoon over him.

York was the successor of the Zhao Company. He was a year older than Leona and was a junior student at H University. York was the president of the student union. He had a sunny and handsome face. At the same time, he was also the head of the Basketball Club and quite popular in H University. Evidently, he was the prince charming in many girls' hearts.

Ever since Leona entered the campus of H University, she caught his attention because she was different from other girls. He had been firmly attracted by her. In the past two years, York had done a complete background check on her. When he came to know about her background and the fact that she had to do a double job daily, he felt for her. At the same time, he had developed a liking for her as well. When all other girls of her age spent their time on high fashion attires, makeups and enjoyed themselves with their friends, Leona had to slog at her job. Leona's sense of self-respect and integrity made York's fondness for her grow even stronger.

York had given several hints to Leona indicating that he was willing to help her if she was in trouble. But Leona refused every time because she wanted to finished college all by herself.

Slowly, York realized that Leona had a strong persistence in her bones even though she looked weak. Hence, York didn't mention it anymore. However, York could not give up the idea of helping her in some way or the other. Hence he put a lot of effort to find the address of the fast-food restaurant that Leona worked for. After class, York directly came to Leona's classroom and wanted to give her a drop to her workplace.

York had a tall and well-built stature, which almost blocked the door of the classroom. Leona couldn't get out as long as York didn't give her the way through the door. Though Leona was moved by York's gesture, in her heart, she knew that both their lives were poles apart. For Leona, the only relationship that she had to be true to, was that with the Ling family because she carried their surname. She did not have the luxury to think of anything else.

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