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   Chapter 458 Extra Story A Bully Girl Who Met Love The End (Part Two)

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 5767

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As expected, when the car drove into C University, Olivia's eyebrows furrowed into a frown, and she asked confusedly, "why do you come here?"

The car stopped at the gate of their former apartment and Galen didn't answer her question.

Standing at the door of her apartment, Olivia was in a daze and all the memories of her past came to her mind, sweet, bitter And filled her brain one by one.

"This place will be taken down a few days later." Said Galen, indifferently.

Will it be removed? Was the apartment between the lake and the forest about to disappear? Her memories with Chuck would disappear together

She didn't know how she felt. She didn't want to leave, but she was relieved. In the end, she didn't say anything against it.

Then, Galen held Olivia's hand and led her into the apartment. There was nothing else in the apartment now. About the academic research materials, Angela and her instructor came to sort them out. The pets keeping in the apartment were all gone.

Standing in the nearly empty apartment, tears started to brim in Olivia's eyes. Everything had changed, and she couldn't get them back.

"What is that?" Then Olivia saw Galen coming out of his study with an album and she took it from his hand.

Some of the photos were still very old, but they were carefully collected.

The five-year-old White, elm, it should be a five-year-old Galen, Chuck in his infancy, a beautiful mother, and a handsome father.

Chuck at the age of five and Galen at the age of nine. Galen's face was covered with cream. Chuck rode on his neck and laughed happily.

The records by photo stopped when Chuck was six years old. After fourteen years, the people on the phone were Chuck, her and James

idn't forget to ridicule her, "Eric is right. You are a bully."

"How dare Eric speak ill of me behind my back! He has even more shortcomings than me." Said Olivia unhappily.

"Are you sure?" It really made Galen suspicious.

"Yes! I must be better than Eric. " Olivia rolled her eyes and snorted. Then, she suddenly remembered something and whispered in Galen's ear, "Galen, what do you like about me?"

The implication was that she wanted n Galen to find out the merits of her human nature.

"I made a mistake." Replied Galen.

"Galen!" Olivia shouted in anger.

Hearing that, Galen pursed his lips into a thin smile. Slowly, he said, "I have no choice. I can only support you all my life."

In a daze for a long while, Olivia buried her head into Galen's neck and murmured, "we have agreed on it. It's a lifetime."

The snow started to fall in the clear sky. Olivia closed her eyes and felt it falling on her body and her hat. The deep footprints on the snow was soon buried in the snow, leaving no trace.

A perfect God would always return to the place where the God should go. The happy people would always be happy.


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