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   Chapter 456 Extra Story A Bully Girl Who Met Love 49

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The three roommates, along with Angela, gathered together to talk, but Daisy still felt a little dizzy. "Olivia, are you really in a relationship with Mr. Galen?"

"Sort of." She accepted his confession in silence.

"That's good. No matter what we have been through, as long as we are happy now, we are happy." Being with cute senior, Angela looked like an older sister, which made people feel that she was in love with a brother.

Turning her head, Olivia asked Daisy, "what about you, just forgive him? He has done so many terrible things to you before. "

"I still like him. What else can I do if I don't forgive him? Besides, he has divorced. " Daisy said with a smile. There was an indescribable mood on his lips.

Even if it was Olivia, she would not forgive what Lucien had done before. But so what? Daisy decided to continue the entanglement with him.

"True love is not a fairy tale, it's not perfect. But if you really love someone, just accept it. Don't be a coward or regret it." As Angela spoke, she looked at Olivia with deep feelings in her eyes. Olivia understood what she meant.

These words sounded a little heavy, and Daisy turned the topic to Tina: "Tina, you have to take care of Halide in the future, lest he is still coveting Olivia."

Hearing this, Tina smiled and took off her black frame glasses. Her oval face looked delicate and pretty. "I have my own ways to cure him."

Everyone in the room burst into laughter. Olivia put her hand on her cheeks and gave Tina a compliment. "Tina, you look gorgeous after taking off your glasses."

"Sure, sure! Tina is a beautiful girl. " Daisy shouted and pulled Tina into his arms.

As the main character of the role, Tina was very calm.

Olivia took a sip of her milk tea. Her face reflected in the cup. She suddenly felt very satisfied. She was good, and the people around her were good.

When the party was over, it was nearly dusk. The women who did not drink much dragged the drunken men away. Before they left, they said happy new year to each other. And Olivia was the last one to leave.

She stood at the door of No. 9 street bar and watched them walk into the private cars in pairs. Her beautiful eyes were like crescent moons. She smiled and blessed them silently in her heart. "Wish everyone can find his own happiness in the new year."

After watching them go far away, Olivia turned around and looked at Galen, who was still standing behind her and didn't drink much.

"Why are you here for such a boring party?" Olivia asked, tilting her head.

"My girlfriend's friends. Shouldn't I know them?" Galen raised his eyebrows and asked proudly.

Well, just say it to declare his sovereignty. Say so many beautiful reasons to frighten who

"Are we going back to the villa now?" Olivia turned her head and looked at the orange sunset behind the buildings, worrying about the coming long night.

With his arms around her waist, Galen rested her chin on her shoulder and whispered, "I'll take you back to my home."

His home? Olivia was stun

u can't promise me such a small request. I won't marry you anymore."

Lowering his head and kissing her small nose, Galen said in a low and magnetic voice, "silly girl."

"Hello I'm still here. " Seeing that both of them were so intimate as if no one was around, Gordon raised his hand silently.

Looking up at his father, with a little smile on his handsome face, Galen said indifferently, "Dad, it's time for you to find me a mother. The woman you met last time was nice. Think about it. If we hold a wedding ceremony together, we will save a lot of money."

After giving him another glare, Gordon touched his chin and thoughtfully nodded, "well, it does save some money."

"……" Aren't you super rich people who are so poor that only have money? Shocked by the two ridiculous questions, Olivia felt relaxed. She had thought that as a killer, Galen's father would be an indifferent old man, but she didn't expect him to be such an easygoing person.

After the new year's dinner, Galen took her back to his own bedroom. It was decorated in a same style, and even its decorations were almost the same. Being nervous, Olivia suddenly stood at the door and stared at a kingsize bed that was able to sleep six her Would she sleep with him tonight?

"Where is my room?" Olivia coughed, pretending to ask casually.

"Here." Replied Galen.

"What about your room?" Olivia asked.

"Here." With a smile on his face, Galen looked down at the girl who was blushing and said, "baby, are you looking forward to that?"

Damn you! Olivia stepped on him with all her strength, and then walked into the bathroom with the clothes that a servant brought in. Olivia closed her eyes comfortably, and her lips curled into a happy smile.

Suddenly, it occurred to her that the scene White poured cold water on her, that she competed Chuck's love with White, that everything she did with White, that the first kiss was taken by White.

At that time, she thought that White was a five-year-old boy, so she didn't care much about it

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