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   Chapter 454 Extra Story A Bully Girl Who Met Love 47

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On the highway, the car sped up. Looking at the sleepy girl, Charles said in a soft voice, "take a thin blanket over yourself and have a good rest."

"Brother, do you think I'm stupid?" Olivia turned to look at him.

"You are so silly and cute." Charles gave an honest answer.

Olivia recalled that when she was a little girl, Charles always looked at her as if she was an idiot, but Leila always gave all the good things to her. Such a brother was very awkward.

"I think you are stupid, silly and funny." The next second, Olivia giggled.

When he heard her laugh, Charles's stiff handsome face relaxed a little. He said, "although dad has recognized it he must be very unhappy. Baby, if you don't want to see Galen, I will take you home immediately."

Olivia was amused. If Eric were here, he would push her to Galen. But if it were Charles, he wouldn't let her out.

"Don't you want to see your childhood playmates?" Olivia ridiculed her.

"There is nothing worth seeing." Charles frowned and felt a little unhappy. "Baby, you are still young. It's not late for you to have a relationship a few years later. Besides, Galen is not the best."

To be honest, Charles didn't want to his sister have a boyfriend so soon.

"I just want to see him. I'm not in a relationship with him." Olivia said back.

Charles gently sighed, but said nothing. As he drove, he covered the thin blanket in the back seat on her. With a thin blanket wrapped tightly, Olivia closed his eyes and fell asleep in comfort.

As Charles drove very fast, the distance of twelve hours was shortened by more than half by him. They arrived in C City at eleven o'clock.

Slowly, Olivia woke up. She called Kelsey to congratulate her on the new year's day and ask where Galen had been. Kelsey was surprised to receive her call and asked about Galen's situation.

"Master has been outside all day. I guess he's in the cemetery of Purple Mountain, the cold hall." "Olivia, where are you now? I'll pick you up and take you back to master's private villa, which is not far from the graveyard. Master has lived there during these days." said Kelsey

"Yes." Olivia agreed

Galen went to the cemetery, and it was easy for Olivia to guess whom he was going to see.

Of course, Charles didn't let Olivia get in Kelsey's car and drove her to the villa of Galen. At the door of the villa, the three of them got out of the car. Kelsey looked at the man who was as domineering as their young master. If Olivia hadn't told her that he was her brother, Kelsey would have thought that he was a rival in love of her young master.

When Kelsey went to pick up Olivia, she called Galen and asked him about it. To leave them alone, Kelsey said 'Happy New Year' to Olivia before leaving, leaving Olivia and Charles standing where they were.

But Charles didn't mean to leave.

A few minutes later, Galen's domineering black Hummer stopped at the door of the villa, and the door was pushed open rudely. In front of the car, Olivia saw Galen whom she hadn't seen for a long time. Galen wore a black cloak. In the world of snow, he was the only focus.

He strode towards her and held her tightly in his arms before Olivia could

ia, you always appear in my worst times, and so did you when I was a child. I can't forget that you, a Wimpy Kid, stood in front of the children with your hands on your hips, and solemnly ordered them to release him. 'Those kids didn't listen to you. Later, we three had a fight with them. "

"At that time, I actually didn't care if someone could really help me win that fight. Without you, I wouldn't lose either. But when you joined me, I found that I was not alone. "

"After fourteen years, I find that in fact, I still remember everything you have said. You held my arm and said we could go home together. At that time, I sometimes doubted whether it was a mistake to push Tim to the so-called prosperous and wealthy family. "

"Now I'm wondering if I have asked him to stay, would everything change?"

Olivia looked at his handsome face and felt heartbroken. It turned out that he had been blaming himself for not protecting his brother well.

"This is the second time we met each other. You took me back to you dormitory." "I don't know if it's my luck or not. You always show up in time and tell me that you're going home with me," said Galen, holding her little hand tighter

"Of course you are lucky!" "It's your honor to know me!" Olivia retorted proudly.

She rolled her black eyes and snickered, "for the sake that I have helped you so many times, you can't bully me in the future."

"Silly girl, I have told you that I will wait until you kick Chuck out of your heart." Said Galen, stretching one of his hands to rub her soft black hair.

"Yes." Olivia felt her impulsion tonight was well worth it.

Even when she was sleeping, her mouth was still curved crescent shape, small and cute, Galen bent down and imprinted a shallow kiss on her lip corner. Then he stared at her for ten minutes before he got up and walked out of the bedroom in a courteous manner.

Although Charles was a few years younger than him, but in terms of seniority Galen knew that Charles was Olivia's brother, so if he took Olivia away from Charles, he had to show some respect. Otherwise, he would suffer more in the future.

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