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   Chapter 452 Extra Story A Bully Girl Who Met Love 45

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After a few days' journey, Olivia was very tired. She took her doll, buried her body into the quilt and fell asleep deeply.

When she woke up, the room was dark with an orange light on. The bedroom was quiet. There was nobody in the room. Olivia got out of bed and walked to the window. It was already dark outside, and the dim street lamps were dim in the heavy snow.

Raising her hand and putting it on the glass window, the cold air was oozing from her palm. Olivia lowered her eyelids, and then she suddenly thought of Galen.

The new year's Eve was coming.

She recalled the mid-autumn festival they used to celebrate together. When her family reunited, he was alone. Is he going to spend the festival on his own now?

Olivia closed her eyes. The ten-year-old Galen's image was clear in front of her eyes. At that time, he was looking at her family happily. His cold face always showed loneliness.

At that time, she was too young to figure out how Galen felt. Only when she remembered now could she understand how he felt. He had been alone since he was a child.

She felt a little sad. Olivia put her hands on her eyes. They were already wet.

When the bedroom's door was opened, Kate opened the door and came in. At the sight of this, Olivia hastily turned around to hide her emotions, and smiled at her, "Mommy, it's snowing heavily this year. We can go out to have a snow war tomorrow."

"Yes." Kate put the hot soup on the table in Olivia's bedroom and smiled: "come and have some soup."

Olivia nodded and sat next to Kate. She held the soup in her hands and drank it slowly.

"My silly girl, why don't you ask Galen to go home with you?" Kate sighed. She felt sorry for her daughter, but she could do nothing about it.

Olivia lowered her head, stared at the soup, and slowly said, "I told Chuck to bring him home this year, and he agreed."

"Some memories are wonderful, but they are only suitable for recalling. People should look forward. Life is not too long, nor too short. Everyone's growth is the process of losing and getting. But you have to believe that what you get will always be better and more perfect than losing. " Said Kate gently.

She knew that Olivia might not know her heart now, but she had to keep the dream which could never be reached. But Kate believed that there would be no absolute answer in the world.

"Honey, be brave to pursue the happiness you want. Don't think too much about love, or you will find that love is complete." Kate touched Olivia's head.

It was a long time before Olivia replied with a muffled "Hmm".

When Kate and Olivia went downstairs for dinner, Jordan, Antonio and Eric were playing computer games in the hall. Charles sat between Colin and Brian. William sat quietly beside Colin. The four were watching TV and chatting. Lily was sitting at the table and waiting for them to eat.

As usual, their home was filled with harmony and happiness. Sitting next to Brian, Olivia held the arm of the prison closely and said in a spoiled manner, "Daddy, godfather! Do you know I'm back? "

Brian reached out a hand to rub her soft hair, and said with a smile, "yes, I know. Daddy visited you when you were sleeping, and I didn't wake you up because you slept like a piggy

little about dancing, piano, painting, unique skills, and even fighting The so-called a little was not much. She couldn't help but sigh softly, "I just find that all of you are so powerful. I'm really useless."

"Silly girl, it's nothing to be depressed about. Your godmother was still a college student when I was twenty-three years old. You know that. Now I am also a famous cartoon painter." Lily picked up a piece of red cooked pork to Olivia. With a broad smile, she said, "you can learn these stuff very soon. Besides, your parents don't force you to find a job."

With a smile, Olivia remembered that scene before. She complained to Chuck, "why is he so good at everything?"? At that time, he touched her head and said, "you're so picky about food. You only choose those expensive food. If I don't work hard, how can I feed you in the future?"

At that time, Olivia shot a scornful glance at him, as if she was difficult for her to grow up

As she pondered for a few seconds, she quickly picked up the chopsticks and took a few bites. She tasted Lily's new dish and gave a thumbs up. "Godmother, you are more and more awesome."

Kate couldn't help laughing. Then, Eric picked up a piece of fish and gave it to Kate, "Mommy, let's just enjoy it. Come on, have more."

Brian, who was sitting beside Kate, could not help but chuckle. Kate stealthily stepped on his foot, raised her eyebrows and snorted.

The atmosphere at the dining table was harmonious and lively. Every one's face was brimming with happy smiles. Seeing them like this, Shelly felt happy for them, but She still felt a little sad in her heart.

There were so many people around her who loved and cared for her. She returned to her warmest home, but How about Galen? He was still working overtime at the company. Would he catch a cold? Have he had dinner?

She thought she could finally relax and enjoy her freedom after running away?

Nobody asked her things about Chuck and Galen. Olivia understood their concern, so she decided to drop the topic.

With a big grin on her face, Olivia lowered her head to eat. From time to time, she would put on a smile and talked to her family.

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