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   Chapter 448 Extra Story A Bully Girl Who Met Love 42

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The next day, when Olivia drove to the company to sort out the documents needed in the negotiation, she suddenly heard a squeak.

The door of the CEO's office was opened. When Olivia raised her head, she saw Kelsey entering the office, followed by Galen. Yesterday, after his phone call with her, Olivia didn't want to talk to him.

'it's so ridiculous. The couple fell in love with each other in the morning, but they will turn against each other in the afternoon. People are indeed the most complicated creatures in the world, '

Seeing that Galen returned to his seat and ordered Kelsey to prepare for the meeting, Olivia quietly stood up and was about to leave the CEO's office on tiptoe. She didn't know why she wanted to leave the office, but she didn't want to see him now.

"Are you still angry?" Galen, who stayed behind Olivia, asked in a cold voice without any sincerity.

With her hand on the door handle, Olivia answered in a colder voice, "Yes."

With a mocking smile, Galen walked up to leisurely and stopped in front of Olivia. He looked down at her and said jokingly, "you're not acting like this in front of Chuck."

"Can you compete with him?" Raising her head, Olivia glared at him.

Olivia was spoiled by her parents since she was a child, and her temper was so bad that no one dared to get close to her. If she believed that it was someone else's fault, she wouldn't be allowed to give in. She would repay whoever treated her well a hundred times, and at the same time, she would repay whoever treated her badly a hundred times.

"Olivia!" When she was about to turn around and step out of the room, Olivia heard the roar of Galen behind her. In the next second, her wrist was gripped by him, and she was pressed against the wall. Her back was against the cold wall. When she saw that, she took a cold breath.

"What's up?" The knife was placed on her neck, but Olivia still didn't budge a little.

Gazing at her coldly for a while, Galen lowered his head suddenly and covered her small mouth which could speak.

Olivia, who was ready to fight with Galen, didn't expect such a situation. Her mind went blank for three seconds. When she realized what happened, she immediately struggled and was about to curse him severely. Unexpectedly, she was attacked by him.

Galen's domineering demeanor was incisive and vividly carved in his mind at this moment. Unable to resist, Olivia had to bite him hard on the lips. But still, the look in her eyes was even colder. Under his gaze, she only felt that she was in an iceberg, as if she was frozen to the bone.

After a long time, Galen finally let go of her. His lips were bit red by her, and so were her lips. With a glare, Olivia gritted her teeth, went to the desk, and wiped her lips with a tissue.

As if she had encountered something filthy.

Disgusted and repulsive.

Galen stood still, staring at her with a sneer.

Oh, Galen, there is something you can't get. He is not in her world, so she can hurt him anyway and trample on his dignity.

After wiping her lips, Olivia raised her head and saw the smile on his lips. She was a little stunned, and her heart was inexplicably uncomfortable and uneasy.

Bah, this man is hiding, lying to you, and not

imagine the disappointment in Elmore's eyes. What a narcissistic and self-conceited woman she is.

Outside the door, Eric sighed. It was lucky that Olivia didn't choose to be in the underworld with Elmore. Her character of this kind was not worth nine lives.

"Little girl, you are still a little weak." It was Lydia who pressed Olivia's forehead against hers.

Raising her hands obediently, Olivia suddenly locked her eyes on Lydia's chest and said with satisfaction, "sister, you have a nice figure. Your attractive breasts are even coveting me, why not let me touch them?"

Lydia stiffened up a little and all the men present also fixed their eyes on her chest.

"Olivia, if you don't want to die, be a good girl." Said Lydia, grinding her teeth.

Olivia smiled. Only then did she hear the explosion inside the church. Together with a puff of smoke, Lydia directly walked towards the door, holding Olivia, and was tripped by Eric, who was guarding at the door.

When Lydia stumbled back, Olivia grasped Lydia's wrist with her backhand, spun it once in the air and then hit the floor, laughing, "haha, I win again."

"Let's go, sister." In the mist, Eric took Olivia away.

Before they could walk out of the peach blossom forest, they were surrounded by a group of people from outside. Both of Eric and Olivia had no choice but to stop. They had no choice. There were the one group behind them or the other in front of them.

There were many people on the other side. Even Elmore could not escape from so many people's chase, not to mention the two little kids who were not good at Kung Fu. Thus, Eric gave up resisting and just sat on the ground.

"Sister, do you regret dying with me?" Eric looked up at the sky, and acted like a melancholy little prince.

Olivia looked at him in disgust, nodded and answered seriously, "I really regret it."

Then she muttered, "if I would die with you, I might choose to be with Galen."

"What did you say?" Eric pretended not to hear.

"I said I would like to be with Galen." Olivia glared at him and raised her voice.

Surrounded by robbers with guns, the two could chat in such a pleasant mood.

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