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   Chapter 445 Extra Story A Bully Girl Who Met Love 40 (Part Two)

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The audience burst into an uproar.

Olivia also gazed at him on TV in astonishment What was he talking about? Was she his fiancee?

Comparing with Olivia's severe shock, Galen on TV was still calm and collected. Even though he was asked questions, he didn't get flustered. As an indifferent man, he tried to answer in the shortest possible way. He didn't say a word, and went straight to the point.

He was so elegant and cool.

It was undeniable that Olivia's anger was alleviated a lot, but she didn't want him to live so well. Well, he had deceived her for so long! 'you treat me as a sick cat if I don't take my revenge!' Olivia thought.

At the thought of this, Olivia walked into the bedroom to tidy herself up. Then she grabbed her bag and rushed out. Although she was non-existent in "OMC" and Galen told her that she didn't have to go to the company these days, she had to show up as a member of OMC.

It was surprising that the popular Lu group was acquired by a newcomer from nowhere.

As soon as Olivia arrived at the company, she found that the Lu Group hanging in the center of the building had been changed into a shining name.


Olivia Missed Chuck.

Olivia looked up at the elegant and unique words, and found that she was not as excited as she thought. It seemed that something had squeezed into her heart and put her longing for Chuck away.

She dared not face her heart, nor admit that when she had been with Galen, she seldom thought of Chuck, and rarely

Her nose twitched. She touched the corners of her eyes, but her fingertips were wet. She couldn't tell why she was crying.

For Chuck or Galen, or for herself between the past and the future.

Just in a moment, Olivia had adjusted her state of mind and walked into the building in her red high heels.

The usherettes were neatly arranged in front of the building. With her head held high

rate? Why do you pretend to care about me? "

She said to those she hated mercilessly.

"Halide, even if I don't like Chuck and he is just a stranger to me, I would think the person who spread that video is worse than a beast," Raising her eyebrows, Olivia stared at the man who had stood up and said in a cold voice, "as a friend of him who grew up together with him, you should know how hard he worked to study and how hard he lived. What were you doing when he was studying? You're such a playboy and you don't need to envy him. "

Then she turned around and left without looking back. In her heart, Chuck was the best man in the world.

Halide's voice still spread into her ears. "I know I was wrong, but it's only a matter of time before it happens. Everything he has done is for revenge, and the only goal of his life is to revenge. You've only seen his soft and kind side. But do you know how Carl died? He was poisoned, with teeth marks of a poisonous snake on his neck. Do you know how Chuck's mother died? She was pushed down by Chuck accidentally and her head hit the corner of the table. He killed his parents and then killed his half-brother. Olivia, do you know such Chuck? "

Olivia did not look back and left the dark passage quickly.

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