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   Chapter 442 Extra Story A Bully Girl Who Met Love 38

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All guests present were successful businessmen, except Olivia who was a teenage girl.

"The Lu clan and the Fu clan are on good terms. The Fu clan hope to cooperate with the Lu clan. I hope you can think it twice about the investment in that construction site." Langston poured a glass of wine for Galen. His handsome face was full of hypocrisy.

With a disdainful and scornful look on his face, Galen inadvertently looked up at Langston and slowly said, "I remember that the Lu group no longer exists."

Hearing this, Langston and his partners were all stunned. They had already heard the news that OMC had purchased the Lu Group, but when they heard the contempt and revenge from Galen, they had a different mood.

But only a few seconds later, the ambience at the table was back to normal. With her head down, Olivia was secretly counting the time.

They seemed to be talking about a cooperation plan. Last time, because of Olivia, the Lu group suffered a defeat in the Fu group. This time, Galen would surely take back all the losses.

In the mist of drinking and talking, conspiracy began to play. Hidden under the smiling mask was a complicated heart.

That was all that Olivia could not understand. Humans were never as simple as pets. When they were good to the pets, the pets would have the purest heart without hesitation to repay their masters, while humans would want nothing in return and how to maximize benefits.

During this period, Langston kept toasting to Olivia. In order not to let Galen be attacked again, Olivia had to raise her glass, showing a fake standard smile, and toast to Langston.

In fact, the etiquette and action of Olivia were in line with rich lady. She was born into a noble family. Although her family did not set rules for her, she was influenced by what she did. The reason why she didn't stay in Z city was that she wanted to be free and unrestrained, because she didn't want to accompany those so-called rich young ladies to act in the movie every day.

In Z City, she had no choice but to do so. She didn't want to lose the face of the Li family, and she couldn't refuse the invitation of those noble ladies. Only when she left Z City and far away from Li family could she live the life she wanted.

She didn't have to pretend to be a good girl at school, but at these critical moments, she had to pretend.

"Miss Li, you are the cutest princess I have ever seen. You are a sophomore student, still young and promising." Langston exclaimed.

"Thank you." "Mr. Langston is much better than me in the future. You've taken over the family at such a young age." Olivia said politely with a smile.

The confused face of Olivia was completely disappeared from her face. She sounded witted. Galen didn't expect that Olivia would say that. He pursed her lips and thought, 'it seems that I've underestimated her.'.

The result of the competition was not pleasant. No one was willing to give away five percent. It was a big project. Even five percent would symbolize tens of millions.

When they left the table, they still kept smiling, shook their hands and said goodbye to each other. Galen had secretly put Olivia behind him. Langston was a little unhappy, but the rela

t her red hickeys and grabbed her messy hair when she saw herself in the mirror opposite the bathtub. Her heart raced uncontrollably. 'ah! What on earth does Galen want to do? What do I want to do?' she cried in her mind!

It took her more than an hour to finally get out of the bathtub. To her surprise, instead of bringing her clothes in, Olivia had already thrown them into the washing machine.

It was absolutely impossible to ask Eric to help her.

Tilting her head, Olivia was very anxious. She couldn't stay in the bathroom for the whole night. She gritted her teeth and wrapped herself tightly with her bath towel. Then she whispered in a low voice, "Galen, are you still there? Are you still there, Galen? "

Her voice was too low to be heard clearly.

As she finished speaking, Olivia raised her head and took a few deep breaths. Then, she tightened the bath towel around her body a little more to make sure that there was no place for her to be seen. After making sure that everything was hidden behind the bathtub, she yelled at the top of her lungs, "Galen, bring some clothes for me!"

There was no echo outside. But Olivia was still wondering whether he had left.

That's true. He looked very angry just now.

Reluctantly, Olivia sighed sadly. Slowly, she opened the door of the bathroom and looked around. Her eyes fell on her bed, and on the bed, Galen was lying on her bed.

Olivia shot him a few fierce stare, but he slept well and had no intention of getting up. She had intended to walk around the bed and look for clothes on the other side, but when she saw someone's extremely handsome face, she stopped and went to Galen.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she looked at her carefully. Indeed, he looked like Chuck, but he didn't feel like him at all. One was as gentle as jade, as flat as the lake, the other was as cold as ice, like a blade that could be used to see blood.

In this way, he lay on the bed quite calmly. After taking off his coat, he was only wearing a white shirt inside. The chest under the white shirt was visible. She knew that his chest was not very warm, but it was solid as a mountain.

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