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   Chapter 441 Extra Story The Bully Girl Who Met Love 37

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Olivia looked at the document in confusion. In a daze, it was a prenuptial agreement.

The Lu group had been acquired.

"What happened?" Olivia asked Galen.

Galen pursed his lips and gave a little chuckle. "Silly girl, can you ask me questions after reading?"

Olivia could only read it out with her head bowed, "Party A is to OMC and Party B is to Lu group."

OMC? Olivia's eyes widened in disbelief. Every word of the agreement was written on the paper. It was OMC who bought the Lu group.

Did Galen do it? He helped her fulfill her wish in this way.

A few minutes later, Olivia finished reading the long agreement. She looked up at him and asked, "are you the CEO of OMC?"

Galen nodded. Although the Leng hall was a group of killers, it actually had a large group to be run by the members of the Leng hall as the funds for the Leng hall.

One third of the internal finance of the Lu group had been transferred by Susie. And next, Galen put some money into OMC, and developed some small companies to improve its position in C City. Besides, the Lu group had a lot of its own followers, so it was very easy for them to acquire the Lu group.

At the beginning, Galen could have changed the Lu group's name. But after all, the engagement ceremony was very important, and he had adopted a way of acquisition, perhaps out of revenge.

"So, from today on, it's not in the Lu group any more?" Olivia got up excitedly.

Galen nodded.

Olivia was so excited that she jumped up and down. She had forgotten that Galen was an abominable rascal. She held Galen's hand and said, "It's not the Lu group at last. And I don't need to work for the Lu Group anymore! So, Galen, I think you do a right thing finally. "

"OMC, I love this name so much!" She jumped to him and held Kelsey's hand tightly.

Looking at her unconcealed excitement, the smile on Galen's face froze, and then she shook her head gently. When he fell in love with her, he knew that she had someone in her heart, and that person was someone he could not hate or jealous.

The news that the Lu group was acquired spread across C City in an instant, which let the Lu family's relatives, who still wanted to take back power, completely disappointed. Galen knew that this was not the final result he wanted.

Fourteen years ago, the Fu family didn't harm the Leng family; if it wasn't for Lydia's kidnapping, the Leng family wouldn't have been swallowed up. If he stayed in the Leng family all the time, he would pick up Chuck and his mother when he had the ability.

But there was no if in the world.

He swore to himself that he would make the Fu family pay for what they had done to him 14 years ago.

"Galen, I want to invite you and Kelsey to my house for dinner. Will you go with me?" In a good mood, Olivia came close to Galen and invited.

At the same time, Kelsey waved her hand. "No, thank you. Mater would go." She must be the third wheel.

"It doesn't matter. I am in a good mood today, so I will cook a delicious dinner for you." Leisurely, Olivia clapped Kelsey's shoulder and laughed in a casual manner.

"It's not necessary to cook by yourself. If you want to reward me, you'd b

ned around and reached out his hand to Olivia, "I'm Langston Fu, the CEO of the Fu group. You must be the little princess of the Li family."

Olivia nodded and was about to stretch out her hand, but was stopped halfway by Galen. He smiled dotingly at her and said, "aren't you hungry?"

As he spoke, he held Olivia's hand and took her to his seat.

Everyone could see that Galen was protecting Olivia.

Susie threw a few cold glances at Olivia. She had suffered from Olivia several times and she wanted to win the race as long as there was a chance.

"I remember that Miss Li is Chuck's girlfriend, while Mr. Leng is Chuck's brother of the same mother but a different father. Seeing you so close, others can't help but think, have you known each other before?" There was a smile in Susie's eyes and the meaning of mockery was very obvious. "Chuck didn't expect that his brother had cheated on hi."

"Well, I can only say that the Lu family doesn't have a good reputation. Isn't there someone who cheated Conrad?" "Mr. Fu, I hope you're the last boyfriend for Miss Susie," said Galen, after throwing a mocking and meaningful glance at Langston

What he said relentlessly.

Susie was too angry to say a word. A woman, who had been silent all the time, looked at Olivia for a long while, but Olivia didn't understand why she was looking at her. She also raised her head and stared at the woman.

Few people could be as shameless as Olivia. Apparently, a bully was a bully.

"Olivia, don't you remember this aunt?" Galen asked softly, rubbing Olivia's head.

Olivia blinked and wondered whether she should know this woman?

"This is Lydia Fu. She is the vice president of the Fu group." The woman introduced herself.

Lydia Fu? And there was a strange sense of familiarity for Olivia.

"If I remember correctly, you were kidnapped by her fourteen years ago." Galen told the truth slowly.

Olivia was shocked for a few seconds. Had she been kidnapped by this woman fourteen years ago. Why?

Lydia smiled awkwardly, trying to change the subject, "Olivia, aren't you hungry? Come and eat something. "

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