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   Chapter 438 Extra Story A Bully Girl Who Met Love 35 (Part One)

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There was the last number left. Olivia looked at the name of Galen. He called her and asked her to save this number in her phone.

Wiping her tears, Olivia took a deep breath and comforted herself, "he's just an ordinary friend. I've called so many people. It won't be a big deal to call him."

He was absolutely not unique for her.

With that in mind, Olivia felt a little better. Slowly, she dialed his number. As the phone had rang for a long while, she felt nervous. On the one hand, she hoped that he could answer the phone as soon as possible, on the other hand, she hoped that he hadn't seen her calling him.

Finally, Galen answered the phone.

"Hello, what's up?" The voice was the same as usual, neither fast nor slow.

"Nothing Kelsey said you were injured. " Olivia paused for a few seconds, gritted her teeth, and deliberately ferociously asked, "is it serious? If not, come back to the company right now. It's not only my company. Don't you know how busy I am? "

In a daze for a moment, Galen said with a slight smile, "it's very serious. Please take care of the company for a while."

"You are in the hospital? I have a close friend who is in the hospital now. I can visit you by the way when I visit him. " Olivia said casually.

Hearing that, Galen pursed his lips. "Is it that friend who was pressed by you on the ground and hit by you crazily in the bar last time?"

"It's none of your business!" Olivia's face flushed bright red.

"Olivia, did your daddy know that you were like this?" Galen teased.

"Galen, don't change the topic!" Olivia snorted and replied ruthlessly.

Galen raised her eyebrows and said, "Oh, I see." then he laughed, "you are not that stupid."

As a matter of fact, he didn't answer Olivia's question. After he changed the topic for several times, Olivia asked in despair, "d

e would rather go to the top floor to enjoy the sunrise than toss and turn on the bed. With a sigh, Olivia lifted the quilt and got out of bed. Then she put on a thick down jacket and climbed up to the top floor of the villa.

There were only two floors in the villa and it was not high. But Olivia felt it was nice to watch the sunrise in this way. In the blue and cloudless sky, the orange sunlight shot through countless tall buildings and gently hit her body. The cold in her face slowly faded away, and her body began to warm up.

She watched the sunrise a few times. For the first time, she watched it with her family. At that time, Olivia was only 12 or 13 years old, and Eric was only a few years old. As time passed by, her memory was blurred.

The most impressive thing about her was the day when she built a tent by the sea with Chuck. That day, she was dragged out of the tent by him. The sea wind entered their noses with the salty smell. They watched the red ball slowly rising from the distant horizon. Half of the red ball was in the sea, and half was hugged by the sky. Sky was dyed brightly orange, and seagulls were circling in the air. The fishermen who were fishing on the sea also began to exercise.

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