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   Chapter 436 Extra Story The Bully Girl Who Met Love 33

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After saying goodbye to the other two people, Olivia went directly to the company. Galen was not in the CEO's office, and only Kelsey was busy. She quietly approached the sexy woman and blew a breath in her neck.

Kelsey stopped sorting through the documents. With her back straight, she was a little taller than Olivia, and gazing at the girl who resembled a little girl and was as willful as a little girl, she said playfully, "Miss Li, you look casual."

"Yes, what can I do for you?" Olivia sat in her boss chair and turned around.

"Then come and help me with the files." Kelsey raised the documents in her hand. Olivia nodded and came to help her.

When Olivia raised her head and focused her attention on Kelsey, she asked, "Kelsey, did you work for Galen for a long time?"

Kelsey nodded at her and tittered inside. The girl came to help her with purpose. Anyway, she was still a lovely girl.

"Yes. So far, it has been ten years." Kelsey replied.

"Ten years! How could you be with him for ten years? Kelsey, you don't die because of his coldness! " Olivia looked at Kelsey in amazement.

Kelsey laughed silently. After seriously thinking for a moment, she said, "I will try my best to stay away from him in winter and stay close to him in summer. Then it will be warm in winter and cool in summer."

"……" Olivia didn't realize that Galen had been treated as an air conditioner.

"Where did he go today?" Olivia sounded casual, but actually a little care.

"I don't know, either. I hardly care about master's personal affairs." Kelsey replied.

Before Olivia could ask more, Kelsey put down the documents, turned around and stood in front of her. With a pair of inquiring eyes, she said, "Olivia, you have a crush on my young master?"

"Ahem!" Olivia coughed violently and Kelsey slightly clapped her back.

Resting her arms on the desk, Olivia raised her head to look at Kelsey and asked with a frown, "do you think it possible? He and I are the most unmatchable people in the world. "

"I think you two make a good match. Not everyone can fall in love with someone. If you meet him, you should cherish him. Most of the people in the world will get married with someone he doesn't love and live all life Kelsey sighed.

With her eyes wide open, Olivia poked her shoulder and said, "Kelsey, I think you're right? Have you experienced something. Tell me. "

"No." The simple words from Kelsey brought Olivia out of fantasy. Kelsey raised her head and met Olivia's eyes which meant she didn't believe it. Kelsey said, "I read a book and read it."

"Haha!" Somebody laughed wildly. Olivia touched her mouth to make sure she was not laughing.

Turning around to look at the source of the voice, he saw a person fell down from the air-conditioner. It was not until that person fell down that he laughed weirdly with his hands on his stomach.

Kelsey glared at that man, walked over to him and gave him a hard kick as if venting her anger. Then, she strolled back to Olivia, and continued to sort out the documents.

cross the masked man and he chuckled. "I wonder what you can find there."

"Leader, why don't you just ask me directly? Have you found the underworld token?" The man's voice was clear, with a hint of mockery and taunt.

"Master is so frank that I don't want to cover it up. You know, my goal at the beginning is to obtain the token." Stoney exhaled a smoke ring, staring at the man wearing a mask. His eyes were as cold as those of a snake.

The masked man sneered, "I'm afraid I won't be able to leave here unless I hand over the token."

"You have to think like this." Stoney smiled, "you're right."

The masked man swept his gaze through the hall. There were well prepared forces everywhere. Maybe from the very beginning, Stoney didn't plan to let him go out alive.

"It is said that young master's five colored marble is very powerful. I wonder what it will be compared with my ax." Stoney pressed down the cigarette end and drew an ax from the back. The blade of the ax was as red as the fire that just came out of a furnace.

The man in the mask slightly turned his five colored ring with his slender fingers, and five colorful marble beads in different colors immediately surrounded him.

The ax and the marbles were all internal weapons. The ax ranked 19 in the list of weapons, and the five colored marble list just reached 10.

A war was approaching.

Stoney raised the axe, and the five colored marble beads turned into five different fires. The man stepped back a little and opened his arms. Five flames of different colors, like arrows, rushed to Stoney swiftly.

Stoney waved his axe and was about to fight back. Four flames suddenly turned around and flew towards the hall which was full of people. A red flame hit his axe and then came back to the man wearing a mask.

The man wearing a mask threw a punch at Stoney. Stoney jumped away and a fierce near battle was started immediately.

At the same time, the door was opened and his men rushed in.

It was in chaos and looked quite bizarre.

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