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   Chapter 412 Extra Story A Bully Girl Who Met Love 14

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 9582

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"Chuck." She came closer to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, rubbing his neck with her burning face.

Chuck smiled bitterly. What a silly girl

Before he had time to think more, the evil Olivia tried to unbutton his clothes with her hands and feet, but failed. She was angrily sliding over his belt, curling in his arms and carefully pulled his belt.

All men would be seduced, let alone the girl he loved so much. How could he have no reaction at all

She was pinned down by Chuck, who now had a strong sexual desire and Olivia under him was still moving.

Holding her hot face in his arms for a long time, Chuck leaned over and whispered in her ear, "you little fool, I love you, more than myself." After a pause, he said softly, "you are my belief, and the God that no one shall offend."

With these words, he released her and took some medicine from the cupboard in his bedroom. He mixed the medicine and made a bowl of it. He then took it to her and held her in his arms, coaxing her softly, "honey, open your mouth. You'll feel better after drinking it."

Olivia shook her head and struggled in his arms. She refused to listen to him. Chuck had no choice but to take a sip by himself, then he put the medicine into her mouth gently, kissing her on the back of her head.

She took sips until she drank all the pills.

After taking the medicine, Olivia vomited all of a sudden, making the yellow dress very dirty. What's worse, she vomited all over Chuck's body. So Chuck had to take off her clothes and get some hot water to wipe her body. When he came back, she fell asleep quickly.

After that, Chuck was a little tired. He lay beside her, held her in his arms and fell asleep.

"Chuck Haha I caught you... " In her dream, Olivia giggled.

When she opened her eyes again, it was already dawn. Olivia looked up and saw Chuck lying beside her, then the upper part of his body, then her naked body.

Last night 'maybe She really do something with Chuck? Blood clotted all over her body. Olivia was at a loss what to do She had no memory at all, and did Chuck kiss her? She couldn't remember. She shouldn't have taken that medicine. She wanted to remember everything

Chuck beside her also woke up. Looking down, he saw the little girl staring blankly with an attractive red face.

"What? Do you regret it?" Chuck wanted to tease her.

With a redder face, Olivia held his thin waist and tucked her head in his arms.

"I don't remember what happened last night. I really don't remember." Olivia almost assured him.

Chuck looked at her and smiled, "if you don't remember, I can remind you."

Then he leaned forward and put his hands on both sides of her head, pressing her lips on his. His lips were soft and cold, but hers was hot. It was the second time Olivia remembered that he had kissed her.

She had already put her a

the fragrance in her mouth with overbearing and rude manner.

I love you.

He had hidden her love for more than a year from her, which had been burning thoroughly in his heart in one day. What else could be more heartbreaking than love?

Olivia had never known that Chuck was such a good kisser. Oh, no, he was a good kisser, not that skilled this morning This guy

"Chuck, you have potential to be a wolf." That was a wonderful evaluation from Olivia.

"Thank you for your cultivation." Chuck made no secret of his lechery and answered seriously.

Olivia took away the big hand on her chest and sat on his laps. She looked at him and reached out to take off his shirt. She didn't notice this morning, and she seemed to remember that there was a serious wound on his body.

Chuck didn't refuse this time.

Olivia was shocked when he took off his shirt. His body was covered with deep scars, new, old.

They were knife marks, whip marks, marks They were densely packed together, all the way down.

What exactly did he have to suffer to leave so many scars?

"Chuck?" Originally, Olivia wanted to ask, but didn't dare to.

Chuck held her in his arms and smiled helplessly. "I'm sorry to scare you."

Olivia shook her head and held back her tears, "no, I'm not." She just felt hurt for him.

"These injuries were left by Conrad." Chuck rubbed her head and said, "I have hided a lot of things from you, but you never ask me. I dare not say them. I'm afraid that you'll hate me and feel sick."

"I won't." Olivia argued. She would never dislike Chuck.

"You little fool, don't promise anything. Even if you hate me, I won't blame you." Chuck put his hands on her mouth. It was all his fault.

"Chuck, I love you." Olivia murmured in his arms.

It was her first time to love a person. And it was also the first time that she loved a person so much that she could give up everything.

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