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   Chapter 382 Extra Story The Lover Prisoned By The King Of The Underworld 33 (Part One)

Falling For You By Feng Zhikui Characters: 5963

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Although Elmore did not reply to Eleven, on the next day, he showed up in the Black Soil with Sherry. Their appearance made everyone stunned. In the face of so many people, Sherry did not show any emotion, and her eyes seemed to be unable to see anything.

Elmore had made an appointment with master Huo to gamble today.

The noisy Black Soil suddenly became silent the moment Elmore appeared. Seeing Elmore, the third leaders of the Mafia walked towards him casually. They cast a glance at Sherry beside Elmore and chuckled, "Mr. Ye, is this the legendary favorite Brad?"

"Fuck off." Elmore said coldly without raising his eyelids.

All the people on the scene took a deep breath. Though the Mafia had not been in Z City for a long time, it was witnessed by all for its cruelty and mercilessness. They had gained a place in this city at once.

The third leader were also shocked by Elmore's aura. They braced themselves and smiled arrogantly. They looked at Elmore in a sombre way and said, "Mr. Ye, could you please explain to me what happened to our fourth leaders, Ryan Chen?"

He thought that with the power of the Mafia, Elmore wouldn't dare to do anything to him. As soon as he finished speaking, Elmore punched him in the face. Elmore didn't control her strength, and the third leader directly flew three meters away, without even a chance to fight back.

At the same time, the members of the disabled night Gang surrounded the members of the Mafia. Lying on the ground, the third leader wanted to take out their guns, but his hand was hit by Eleven. Eleven shot him some more guns. These people dared to make trouble in the Black Soil and were arrogant in front of Elmore. They were simply too impatient.

"Capture him alive and use him as a live target." Eleven

t when Elmore needed help, he would spare no effort to help him. They had a lot of secret arms trading.

Eleven entered the room and saw Elmore sitting on the sofa drinking alone. He shook his head and walked over, "when will you take action, Elmo?"

Hearing Eleven's words, Elmore looked up and threw the crystal goblet on the ground with a light smile. The red wine spread over the floor and a cold, indifferent voice rang in the lonely room, "now."

Eleven curled up his lips and answered elegantly, "yes, my master."

The bonfire was dazzling, and there was no doubt about the faction dispute.

After returning to the headquarters, Elmore was not in a hurry to take Sherry back. In Z City, very few people dared to provoke master Ye, and Ryan was just an accident, an arrogant accident.

After the battle, Elmore did not celebrate with the gang members, but stays in a private room and drinks with Brian. Brian slightly frowned as he saw Elmore drink mouthful of wine.

At last, after Elmore drank the wine and got confused, Brian asked his men to move him back to the villa, but he sighed heavily. It was the first time he saw his brother be so decadent because of love.

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